07th Expansion Cosplay

I searched back and saw there was no thread dedicated for cosplays from Ryukishi’s works, and as a cosplayer myself, I thought it would be nice to open a thread for it!

In this thread you can either post pictures from your own cosplay, or share pictures of Cosplayers you like (with a link to their page of course!)

Also, make sure to mark spoiler pictures!
Happy cosplaying!


That’s odd, I could’ve sworn we had one already :sweating:

I co-hosted a cosplay gathering

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Alright then, I will start then!

I actually made 8 copslays in total, 7 chiru cosplays and one from 1-4. I only post the pictures from the actually good cosplays (my old ones are from 2011-2012 and they were BAD)

I don’t have many pictures from my Ange cosplay I did last summer but-

This is from EP5-6, I did Beatrice the elder like 200 years ago and it was pretty awful, Erika, both normal and wedding version (although the normal version is also really bad which is why I’m not going to post it here, and Dlanor!

From EP7 I did Fanon Yasu and Lion. It was really fun and I had an Erika and Featherine too!

Also a bonus picture - I have a group of friends in Israel who love Umineko. We actually took a Jewish holiday and rewrote everything to be in an Umineko version and we meet every year to read it and celebrate it together! This is a group photo we did two years ago and is my absolute favorite (EP7 spoilers!)


And yes, this is my actual hair c:




My Bernkastel cosplay from a year ago. Ignore the red stick in the background.


The expression on the last picture is so so good!! I love it!!
Did you make it?

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Aaa, thank you! :happy:
I ordered this one, never been good at sewing


Last year at anime matsuri I cosplayed Asmodeus for fun cause haha older slightly obscure series, I was so suprised I ran into to other Umineko cosplayers! :grinning:


You look pretty good as wedding dress Erika.

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Really great! Thank you for sharing this :open_mouth:

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Just got a new picture from Ange shoots I did two days ago, I’m super excited and I hope I will get more pictures soon. I will post them as soon as I have them.

For now, take a terrified Ange, I really really like this shot.
Photographer: https://www.instagram.com/barakephoto/


Unfortunately I tend to take pictures of other cosplayers rather then my own, and when we did Umineko we took even less of ourselves. In 2015, I went as Battler, my wife went as Beato, my niece and nephew went as maria and Sakutarou. My niece made all our cosplays. My wife wears Beato every Halloween.

2012, My niece went as Rika and her friend as Rena.


Really pro! Also appreciate the backdrop you decided to go with!