07th Expansion Music Discussion

Core sticks out to me because of when it’s used. It almost works like Battler’s “Objection!” theme during the Question Arcs, if you’ve ever played any Phoenix Wright games.


Core is basically Dread of the Grave before Dread of the Grave. Also, is it just me, or does Dread of the Grave sound like something from Mario Kart?

Yeah, Dread of the Grave is Battler’s Pursuit theme and noone can tell me otherwise. Especially the More Fear Version.


Here’s an interesting question for all of you: Which arc do you think overall had the best new music?

For me, I’d have to say EP 5. Future, The Great Detective Knows, Totem Blume, Resurrected Replayer, The Girl’s Witch Hunt, Aci-L, Justice, Patchwork Chimera, Final Answer, and most importantly Discolor, are all fantastic tracks. 2nd Place goes to EP 8 and 3rd goes to EP 3.

For me it’s EP 8. Every new track added was amazing, especially Soar, Mysterious Divertimento, Lastendconductor, lixAxil, Revelations and Ricordando Il Passato.


EP 7 for me, hands down. There isn’t a single BGM from EP 7 that I find mediocre.

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Heh, then I’m interested how this is going to change for me once Chiru hits, as for now Ep 3 is the one I’d choose, but I’m an Question Arcs only child right now, so I only have half to choose from.

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EP 3 is a good choice. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

I found this playlist of classical remixes of some of ZTS’ pieces for Umineko, and I think y’all need this in your lives.

ZTS on Classics

My favorites of these have to be Goldenslaughterer and Witch in Gold. This Goldenslaughterer sounds a lot more polished than the original in my opinion, and the brass section of Witch in Gold makes the track have so much more impact than it has any right to have.


Wow. I would pay to read more of these. Please tell me that you’re continuing this.


That’s all absolutely accurate. Thanks for that lovely analysis. It’s always amazing to see how well Umineko’s music connects to its story.

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I love it <3


These always connect so well to the piece you’re analyzing! I really liked the comparison of the percussion to her boyfriend, and as a violin player, I can reaffirm that style and the way the instrument is played do matter. The trills in this piece scratch my orchestra itch.


Compiled my 10 favorite Umineko songs into a playlist. Making it was pretty difficult especially near the end. It especially pained me to drop Hope out of it when there were 11 left. Anyway, here it is. It’s from my favorite to my “least” favorite.


I’m really confused about something. Are Motoki Zakuro and M. Zakky the same person?


Here it lists M. Zakky as composer and Motoki Zakuro as performer. VGMDB treats them as completely separate people, but there’s nothing to definitively prove they’re not the same person, other than that they belong to separate organisations? Did this person just use two different aliases to credit them as a composer and vocalist?

Also not to be confused with Xaki, hahah

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While this probably isn’t enough information to guarantee the answer is yes, I did manage to find this.

It looks like M.Zakky was a composer for a visual novel called 少年オロカと不思議の森, “Shounen Oroka to Fushigi no Mori”. If you take a look at the developers, you’ll see Circletempo. According to this Youtube video, Motoki Zakuro is from a circle called Circletempo. However, that may have been a thing of the past, because I couldn’t find anything about her on their site. https://www.circletempo.net/

Despite this, I sorta do think M.Zakky is the same person as Motoki Zakuro. Even the name matches, in a way.

You probably did this research yourself, but I wanted to see too.

And yet, 07th Live lists them as separate performers

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I feel like you can make a tongue in cheek red truth out of this somehow.

I’m pretty sure M. Zakky and Motoki Zakuro are the same, but M. Zakky refers to her as a music composer, whereas Motoki Zakuro refers to her as a singer. Also, (assuming I’m correct in that assumption) she appears to still have been with Circletempo at the time of Umineko, as Circletempo are credited for Birth of a New Witch, which Motoki Zakuro sung.

I liked most of the soundtracks. I’m really obsessed with the PS3 openings of Umineko, but I just can’t tell what the chorus says. I’ve been wondering if anybody knows. I’ve looked at many lyrics websites, the beginning part is just not there. :expressionless: