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Did you know that the Famicom was invented in February in 1986? It wasn’t unthinkable that the Ushiromiya kids could’ve been playing Super Mario Bros or the Legend of Zelda back then, if their parents would’ve let them!

Let’s talk about video games! What games do you play, what do you love the most? What have you been playing recently? Use common sense to tag spoilers!


Lately I have somehow ended up playing mostly just Animal Crossing New Leaf. I hadn’t touched in in probably 2 years, but a friend wanted to go to my town and get cherries and since then I have been playing regularly.

I am kind of playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions, though I have kind of mixed feelings about it. I love the style, and the story hits every anime trope it feels like (which I don’t consider a bad thing) but so far, playing on normal it feels too easy? It is not really a complaint I normally make, but it felt like they had really good ideas for the mechanics, but just pushing forward you can basically max up the power of the characters easily and blow through the fights. I want to have to think when I play an RPG. I am going to keep at it a bit longer though.

I have Odin’s Sphere waiting patiently for me and GalGun on the way too.

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I’ve been all over the place, though I’m basically just playing Overwatch nowadays. Mercy too cute. Besides that, I also love strategy games & have been playing Hearts of Iron IV (and other Paradox games), as well as Civilization V (eagerly awaiting 6!) and some Company of Heroes 2.

Mostly Overwatch, though.

Also, I play some KanColle and a tad bit of Fate/Grand Order. Not that those are really multiplayer games.

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For me, 95% of my gaming time is spent either on Nintendo consoles or PC. When it comes to Playstation and Xbox, I can almost always find a superior experience of the same games on the PC. Yet whenever I play a Nintendo game, I’m always getting something unique that I can’t find anywhere else. And well, I’ve been a Nintendo nerd since I was a kid, so that’s not about to change any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Is anyone else looking at picking up No Man’s Sky? I’ve gone through a few phases with this game. The first reaction was “People will overhype this”, which they have. After that I’ve been “I’ve set my expectations low, so I won’t be disappointed.” But after watching some of the pre-release gameplay on the internet, I’m beginning to get genuinely excited by the concept. Biggest thing that worries me is that the Universe is so big that we’ll never find anyone, and I can’t really say anything about that until the game comes out. But I think, as a purely singleplayer experience, I could really really enjoy it. The trading gameplay could really tickle my Freelancer fancy, and the exploration of gigantic worlds and discovering things definitely appeals to me. Biggest question is how quick it will get old. But I’m pretty excited to dive in.


While waiting for the Umineko Episode 2 Tea Party to start, I got invested in the Touhou franchise through ZUN’s awesome compositions. The games themselves are pretty challenging, and they seem to get even more challenging with each installment. My favorite Touhou game(s) so far are the Phantasmagoria subseries, because I really like the idea of a survival sort of competitive shooter. Maybe one of these days I can play them with my IRL siblings. :slight_smile:

In a similar vein (but not quite relevant to Rokkenjima), I found a doujin shooter with Kanon characters called Feather Raid. It’s a horizontal shooter where you pick one of Kanon’s five (no love for Sayuri? ;; ) heroines and travel across stages to gain experience points in order to unlock the final level. The game is fairly challenging, as some stages have pretty devious enemy/bullet/obstacle patterns you have to avoid to continue through the stage. My personal favorite character to play as is obviously Ayu, since she is the most balanced and has some pretty good powerups. The game also has some nice remixes of Kanon music too, which is part of the reason I haven’t deleted the game out of boredom just yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

My siblings broke out my father’s old N64 recently, and I was able to relive some nostalgic memories with them. I got to play some Rayman 2 for a short while (even though our controller pak could no longer save the game properly), and I got to play some golf and Mario Kart with my little bro and imouto, respectively. It was quite fun. :blush:

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Gaming is a pretty big hobby of mine. I play mostly on my PC, but I always bring a portable console with me if I’m going away for even a day or two. My favortie genre is easily RPGs, but I like some FPS and strategy games. Lately I’ve been working so much that I haven’t been able to play anything but some Overwatch, but my schedule is starting to open up, hopefully, that’ll mean some more games and posting here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My favorite games of all time include Persona 3 FES, Tales of Xillia, Shadow of the Colossus, Virtue’s Last Reward, Mass Effect 2, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Fire Emblem (GBA). I’ve also become extremely addicted to Pokemon Go, which lead me to buying a N64 and a copy of Pokemon stadium… so that happened.

Been thinking about picking up Odin Sphere on PS4, but still on the fence about it…


I’ve games since before I can remember! I’m very good at Mario, since when I was in trouble, the only way out was to help my mom beat the levels. On the GBA, I LOOOOOVED the Golden Sun series to the point I kept a DS Lite around for so long to keep playing it, and I hope someday that Nintendo makes a sequel to Dark Dawn to pick up the cliffhanger. I loved Wind Waker for the GC as it had a captivating story and was just plain fun to play, even if the Triforce search was tedious. On the PSP, I’m tied between Disgaea and Persona 3 Portable as both are great games (and FeMC has best social links although MaMC has the best Hermit Link.) For the Vita, I’m partial to Persona 4 Golden for the characters, Dangan Another Episode, and Steins;Gate for the suffering. I have a WiiU and a PS3, and used to have an X Box 360. I like Mario Kart and Smash (can’t afford that DLC), and really want the remastered Wind Waker! I like the gameplay for Persona 4 Ultimax but the story is lazy, and I’m partial to Grand Theft Auto 5 as a simulator for going back to California (with more violence and less traffic). I want to pick up Catherine again but I am NOT good with puzzles. ^^; And I liked Alice: Madness Returns, and almost cleared all difficulties until I scratched the disc.

I also like Pokrmon but that’s for another thread.

Edit: I FORGOT TOUHOU!!! Oh gosh, Touhou! I’m awful at it but I love the characters so much! My fave playable girl (not including the fighting games) is Sanae (but I own a Marisa plushie), and my absolute fave is Sagume.


Delicious. That is a great game/series; hope you got the chance to play Ultra Despair Girls too! & the DR3 anime. Hyped for DRV3, as well.

Aw yis.

Fun story: my first week of 2nd year college was spent with the four of us (three best friends as roommates; best apartment to live in ever) crowded around the TV as we played Catherine, beat the puzzles, and wondered what on Earth was going on (the Hallelujah chorus was especially fun to listen to, along with the insane story). One guy, at the very beginning, called out a plot twist. None of us believed it (including him lol), but it ended up being true! All in all, a very ridiculous/fun experience.

I certainly have played it, and it was better than I expected story wise. (DR spoilers) I’m glad that they tied it in the with the DR 3 anime and didn’t just leave it as a stand alone entry. Maybe that will mean we see more of Komaru in the Hope arc? I’m up to date with both the animes and I’m loving both of them. Can’t wait for the next episode :slight_smile:

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Doooo itttttt. As long as you like that type of gameplay, the music, the story, the characters, the aesthetic, everything is brilliant

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I can grow to like gameplay if the story is good, and seeing as you said it was good, I guess that’ll be my next purchase :slight_smile:

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The story is apparently based around Norse mythology. Although, I wouldnt have been able to tell you that just from playing it, knowing next to nothing about Norse mythology outside of the Marvel Thor movies :stuck_out_tongue:

I really a sucker for any stories from multiple perspectives though, which it does really well. It also uses storybook theme in a cool way to add a bunch of little tidbits to the world and setting of the story with other “books”.

I find multiple perspectives interesting as well, if they are done right. Cause no story has one way of being told, and I feel more games should do that.

I’ve been meaning to play through Suikoden III which does that. I have it somewhere, just haven’t gotten around to playing it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the story is specifically based on Wagner’s Ring Cycle Opera. It is pretty cool. When it comes to Norse mythology in pop culture Der Ring des Nibelungen is often used as an influence.

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Well I just started Tales of Zestiria the other day and I really enjoy it so far! Really love Sorey and Mikleo’s interactions. Sorey is just awesome. :smiley:

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Is there any interest in a topic for the Kiseki series, I wonder? Seen a couple of people who are fans of it here.

Cool! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve been wanting to play it myself, but it’s pretty expensive on Steam, and I won’t have access to it on any other consoles. Are you hype for its prequel?

Makes me want to start another Tales thread akin to the one on Kazamatsuri. :smile:

There was a sale for steam keys a few weeks ago for it! It was going for $8 so I had to snatch it up.

Mm well this is really my first Tales game so I’m pretty much a newbie to the whole series. xD

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While I’d be hard pressed to pick a specific “favorite” game, LISA: The Painful would certainly be a top contender. I think that anyone who is a fan of well-written games (as most people on this forum probably are) should check out the LISA series. It’s available on Steam for 5 or 10 dollars.

The basic premise of LISA is a turn-based RPG set in a universe in which a nondescript apocalyptic event has wiped all human females out of existence. The main character, Brad, one day stumbles across a baby girl, presumed to be the only living girl in the world. Brad decides to keep her a secret, until one day she is stolen. The game follows Brad’s journey to find her, and also touches upon Brad’s life prior to the game as a martial arts instructor and drug addict.

Imagine Earthbound as a side-scroller set in a Mad-Max-esque world, completely barren with some readily apparent decay in human intelligence (which I’m almost certain is what would happen if men were the only ones left on the planet, haha).

Off-the-walls artstyle, a kickass soundtrack, strange and eclectic characters, and a rather deep combat system are all secondary to the game’s main draw; the story. It’ll jump from laugh-out-loud hilarious, to disturbing, to just outright depressing in the blink of an eye. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me feel uncomfortable in a way that no other game has really made me feel before.

I think anyone who enjoys a well crafted story deserves to experience this game.

… Wow… I’m sorry for writing an entire goddamn review in this forum topic… I hope I didn’t scare anyone away, lol

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I forgot to add I’m also looking forward to Quantum Break on steam~ Ever since I played Alan Wake I’ve wanted to play more games by Remedy. I’ll probably hunt down Max Payne series sometime too…