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Quantum Break is alright (I own it on xBone), but Alan Wake was much better in my opinion. Quantum Break feels very cliche. It’s the kind of game we’ll look back on 20 or so years from now, chuckle and say “That game was so 2010’s!” in the same way we look back at certain 80’s and 90’s action movies. I don’t mean to crush your hype, though, it’s just my opinion. I still think it’s a good game.

I haven’t played the Max Payne series yet. It’s definitely on my wishlist. I just keep finding other games I’d rather buy first…

Ooh no problem at all. Thanks for the input! Hmm do you think it’s better to just wait for the Steam Sales then?

I’m the same way, I’m lagging on VNs and Games oops.

I haven’t played much that often in the past little while, but I still occasionally play some Pokemon and Smash bros on the WiiU with my younger brother every now and then. My times been mostly filled with reading VN’s and watching anime.

My favorite type of games to play would be RPGs. Some of my favorite games are: Fallout New Vegas, Kingdom Hearts II, The Legend of Zelda: wind waker, and Alan Wake.

I’m thinking about buying Danganronpa 2 and/or Contradiction, sometime in the near future.


Do it. It’s very good, esp. if you enjoyed DR1.

Lately I’ve been playing a Jedi Academy mod called MOVIE BATTLES 2.
I’ve been hosting several sessions with the community, feel free to join if you want to try it with us.
We’ve also played around a bit in SS13 while hosting our own servers.

I second the buying SDR2 if you are gonna buy it. The characters are better developed, the story is less predictable, the gameplay is improved (though I hope with the new V3, they remove the Anagram nonsense, IT’S NOT AN ANAGRAM). Overall an improvement on the first!

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I finished chapter 2 of Danganronpa over the weekend and am started on chapter 3 last night. I am really surprised and curious what the “series” plot ends up being to tie things together as right now it mostly feels like Saw meets Phoenix Wright, but at any rate it is great fun.

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Isn’t it great? I loved getting into bed, pulling out the Vita, and then finding myself still awake at 2 AM engrossed in the game lol. SDR2 is great fun.

I actually never played the first Danganronpa but because I’ve watched the first anime and watching a friend’s play through on youtube, I really want to get it and going to play it blind. I just don’t have that much spending money right now so I wasn’t sure whether to get it now or wait longer, but since you seem to think it’s such a good game I probably will buy it when I get the chance.

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Hmm do you think it’s better to just wait for the Steam Sales then?

Yeah, I would wait for a sale. I’d get it for $20 or so depending on how anxiously you’re waiting, but I wouldn’t pay $50.

Also, sorry for the late response.

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EDIT: I apologize for replying to you. I meant for this to be a general topic reply and I must have hit the wrong button! I’m on mobile and I don’t know how to change this. Sorry, aaaaaahh!

As far as legit PC games go, I got a few games through Humble Bundle like twoish months ago, but I have yet to touch them because I spend all my time on my PC drawing or reading Umineko. Of course it’s worth mentioning my prized possessions are my hard copies of Umineko, haha.

This isn’t game related, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning because it’s computer related and really important to me. I have been in love with a character named Kagamine Len for 5+ years now, and I own all 3 available versions of his software as hard copies. Roughly $600~ in value. Not a game, but definitely not something I could ever let go of.

Back to games.

For consoles, I’ve got:

  • my old N64 with a copy of Ocarina of Time. I have some other N64 games I used to play as ROMs, which I play on my PC with my N64 USB controller until I can find them for my N64 again. ((Some of the ROMs I have are expensive, like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, which I would LOVE to have in person once again.))
  • 3DS. I have only a few titles that are actually 3DS games though, namely Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Ocarina of Time 3D, and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. And my personal favorite for the handheld, Miral XD. All the other games I have on my 3DS are virtual console ones. Classic Zelda, Oracle of Ages, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Yellow.
  • PS3. I have Project Diva F 2nd, a Vocaloid rhythm game. ((Vocaloid was my favorite thing for years, and is still my favorite thing right after Umineko.)) I have been in love with one of the characters for a little over 5 years straight now. Call me crazy, haha. I play Project Diva more than any other console game I own. I also have Jstars Victory VS + as of last night, so I have yet to touch it. I’ve had GTA 5 but haven’t touched it once.
  • PS4 was bought last night, it was the Black Ops 3 bundle. Since I’m a huge Vocaloid fan, Project Diva X was purchased like a month in advance. I have yet to play it, though. Looking forward to it.

I’m curious, which plot twist did he call out if you still remember? (Obviously use spoiler tags)

Anyway, games, I play way too many of them to list all of them here, but I’m a big fan of the Quintet RPGs on the SNES that probably no one even knows here because it’s too long ago and the third wasn’t even released in the States. But if the names “Soul Blazer”, “Illusion of Gaia/Time” (depending on where you’re from) or “Terranigma” ring any bells, that’s the ones I’m talking about.

He called out that the flirty waitress girl was actually a guy. None of us saw it coming and just laughed when he suggested it.

But we could never disprove it.

And as the hints piled up, eventually showing he was right at the end of the game, we were in shock lol

Well right now I’m currently playing Bravely Default and re-playing Pokemon Heartgold.
Bravely Default is quite a lot of fun! I’m almost done with Chapter 2, and I had to backtrack after nearly clearing the last dungeon in order to get the Red Mage Asterik. DeRosa gave me major date rape vibes and i did not like him one bit.
Currently, I quite like my team. Agnes is the main mage with a White/Black mage setup, (gonna make her into a Red Mage after I get a few more JP in WM) Tiz is my other mage with a Time/White Mage setup, but he also is up to a level 7 monk, which means he’s good at magic and physical offense.
Edea is my tank, and the Knight/Spelfencer is perhaps my favorite combo in the game. After she gets a few more job points in those places, I’ll train her in the Valkyrie job. Ringabel is pretty much my all out offense- the Ranger job is godly and combined with Theif destroys all mages once Edea gets her special activated.
As for Heartgold, I decided to play as the boy this time around, since I like to roleplay a bit with Pokemon games. Whitney was easier than I remember but Bugsy actually proved quite a fun challenge. Right now my team is Quilava, Flaafy, and Scyther with a few HM slaves. I’m planning on getting Azumaril, Espeon, and Donphan later.

I personally liked the Ranger/Spellfencer combo a lot. Enchant your bow (or whatever) with your enemy’s elemental weakness, then use the Ranger’s type weakness hitting move. Always fun.

That does sound like fun. Though I’m wondering about what I should do for my Endgame setup since I’ve already been spoiled on the story.
I’m thinking about setting up Agnes with Red Mage and something else, Tiz can either go Time Mage/Spiritmaster or Monk/Spiritmaster, Edea can be Templar/Spellfencer or Valkyrie/Spellfencer, and Ringabel I’m mostly thinking about comboing Dark Knight/Vampire or Dark Knight/Ranger.
Any thoughts?

I personally liked to have a Performer (or how the job was called) in the party somewhere, although to be honest I didn’t do too much experimenting with the job system, so I can’t judge your ideas from personal experience. I do know from hearsay that a lot of stuff works, so if your setup is fun to play, go for it! I mean, it does sound balanced enough, basically all of them being in the same roles you described in your first post.

By the way, Dark Knight is another one that works good with Spell Fencer, as a Drain Blade makes all the HP cost of the Dark Knight’s abilities basically non-existent (unless you happen to fight something undead).

Outside of 07th works, I am an avid Vocaloid fan. I’m obsessed with Project Diva games, particularly Future Tone at this time (even though I have F 2nd, X, and Project Mirai DX). I can play Future Tone for hours if I’m in the mood. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, here’s someone else’s gameplay. I have been absolutely obsessed with Vocaloid since 2011, but it died down significantly when I discovered Umineko in 2015.

I also love Final Fantasy 15. I haven’t played it in a while but I used to play it nonstop.
I also really enjoy Minecraft, and another game called Trove.

Just about everything I play is on my PS4, haha.

I also play some DS games though, like Diamond, Platinum, Heartgold, and am playing through Blue with an emulator on my phone.

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I picked up Disgaea for the Switch and it ended up consuming my soul this weekend. The Switch is really the perfect vessel for Disgaea since you can enjoy the big beautiful art on your TV during big fights, but drag it around and chip away at the more grindy parts in handheld mode.

Poor Breath of the Wild…I’ll play it more eventually…probably…

I bought project diva game but after the first week, did not play it again. I also played FF15 till I beat it, but have not played the new episodes.

I have been too busy to play games, try to fit watching anime in my schedule so it leaves only time for games being break at work or during travel.
I play Final Fantasy Brave Exodus for mobile daily or Saki for the vita periodically.

I am hoping to buy Friday the 13th game after the summer. I have a ps4 pro and just need the headset for VR, right now it just gathering dust after holidays and playing FF15 to death during that time.