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General discussion for the game Higurashi Daybreak and its expansions Higurashi Daybreak Kai, Higurashi Daybreak Portable and Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition. Please tag any story spoilers of other works - including Higurashi When They Cry - with the [spoiler] tag, providing adequate context in parenthesis.

When I seen there wasn’t already topic for this amazing game, I had to go and make one. I’ve spent plenty of hours battling it out in 4-player split-screen with friends and family members, and to me this is exactly what a fun, series-inspired game should be like. Who else plays this, on PC or PSP? What are your favourite characters or weapons?


I’ve played this both on PC and PSP. I tend to do best with characters where I can just mindlessly hit the opponent with a melee weapon, such as Rena or Keiichi.

But the strongest combination I ever made was me as mop Rika and the CP as Rena with the giant cleaver. My job was to a) not die, and b) shoot lasers at the opponents from far away. As long as I didn’t die, that meant the opponent had to kill giant-cleaver-Rena four times in order to win, and that’s…no easy feat.

It probably wouldn’t work against human players, but it was very effective against the CP. :stuck_out_tongue:


I played this long ago on PC and it was pretty fun, although it glitched at times since my computer at the time couldn’t handle it.

I remember being amazed that there was Higurashi fighting game and that I couldn’t help but play as my favorite characters - Keiichi & Rika as a duo. I never did finish the campaign mode, but I loved playing it when I could.

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This never got completely translated, did it? If someone could rip the scripts and such, I might give translating it a try.