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I guess I’ll be the first to post here!

This is a little something I drew last year for Watanagashi!

Spoiler alert to those who haven’t seen Higurashi until the end

Link to original post: http://ladiesofdiscord.tumblr.com/post/122111498109/all-right-ill-play-a-game-with-this-endless


Everyone, this is your last chance to get in fanart of Higurashi Onikakushi for the tea party! Your art could be included in the podcast video!

@Aspirety How long do we have to submit fan art? Does is have to be a specific medium?

Anything is fine! You have until the 21st to submit fanworks.

Tested the new art stuff with a drawing of Rena! It turned out much better than I hoped. I guess this doubles as fanart for Onikakushi for the tea party?

Here’s the link to the post made on my tumblr about it.


Hey guys, this is very last-minute but here are my submissions for the Onikakushi-hen tea party! I hope they are alright and feel free to crop them as needed.

Also, would it be alright for me to post these on my personal tumblr? (And then provide the link, of course)


Haha, of course, it’s your art :stuck_out_tongue:

Incoming best girl fanart

(source: https://twitter.com/prprpnpn/status/741655396650123264)


Drew Satoko & Shion for Satoko’s birthday!


It’s Rika’s birthday today (8/21) and Mimori, the mangaka of Yoigoshi-hen, drew her and (EP7 spoilers) hanyuu. :slight_smile:


The Watangashi Tea Party has finally commenced! I hope to see some fanart of Mion and Shion from you guys! Though other creative works are welcome as well! Don’t forget, contributing something here will strongly improve your chances of winning the MVP title and a free Tatarigoroshi!

Some fanart I’ve commissioned from people:

By Thaichau

By mizonaki

By NoShio
(Tsumihoroboshi spoiler)


I wrote a little Rika POV introspective KeiMii fic the other day :mii: Full series spoilers apply.


Wrote another fic, KeiMiiRena this time but from Mion’s POV so mostly MiiRena and KeiMii. Full series spoilers apply.

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This person’s been posting a lot of amazing Higurashi fanart!

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I asked gogopri to draw something for the Himatsubushi Tea Party, resulting in the following wonderful Rika fanart~


Don’t forget guys, we’re awarding a prize to somebody who can contribute Meakashi Fanart for the Tea Party! Help us out!