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Welcome to our fragment! Glad you took our advice to heart. :smile:

You are a man of many nicknames, my friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having just finished Episode 1 myself, it’s certainly enjoyable to read. Hope you end up liking it, too. :wink:

Hello Rokkenjima. I’m a 21 y/o guy who’s currently living in the good ol’ US of A. I did use to live in Australia for about 11 years.

Higurashi was one of the first anime that I watched back in early 2014 and is the anime that is probably responsible for my unhealthy addiction. Thanks Ryukishi, you ruined my life. I was so happy when I heard that Higurashi had a ‘sequel’ of sorts and that both vns were going to get English adaptations on Steam. I’ve read most of the way through the first chapter of Higurashi and finished the first chapter of Umineko last night. I absolutely adore the Higurashi anime and wish more people watched it.

I found Rikkenjima through r/visualnovels I think. I saw that there was this discussion thread going on and was looking forward to reading it. Somehow that became me wanting to contribute

Outside of 07th Expansion I read some other vns, watch anime, read manga and play Osu! I’m also a pretty rabid Skyrim fan and love delving into that game at any opportunity.


Hi everybody, my name is Vijayagopal Krishnan, but I go by Inuconandoyle or Vijay / V.J. I’m a 21 year old Computer Science student living in the US. My experience with 07th Expansion is limited to the Higurashi anime (specifically Higurashi no naku koro ni and the second season, Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai), which is one of my favorite anime series, and there’s also Lucia’s route from Rewrite, which I really enjoyed reading. I do plan on reading Umineko, which I’ve heard a lot of good things about and the Higurashi series when I get the chance.

Outside of 07th Expansion, I’m a fan of Key Visual Arts and a member of Kazamatsuri, where I first found out about Rokkenjima via introducing the site over there. I’m also a fan of anime, I watch Let’s Plays, occasionally play video games, I’m a huge music nut and finally, I like to make bad puns, though I’m going to try to limit myself with that hehe.

And that’s pretty much it. I hope I can get to know all of you, make some new friends and I’m looking forward to discussing with you guys about Higurashi, Umineko, and much more. :blush:


Welcome, VJ! I don’t know what kind of witch possessed you to come to our fragment, but I’m certainly glad you’re here! :smile:

Umineko’s pretty good so far. I really want to read some Higurashi as well, since Onikakushi-hen is all I’ve read…Tea Party when? ;;

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My name’s Pri, I live in the United States.

I got introduced to Ryukishi07’s works through hearing about the Higurashi anime way back when. I never really got into Umineko until a few months ago though, when I heard people singing its praises on the visual novel subreddit. And now, since Umineko and Higurashi are coming out on Steam, I definitely plan on reading them.

I also found Rokkenjima through the Umineko release thread on the subreddit, someone saying it was a good place for new readers to discuss it.

And as for my interests outside of 07th Expansion, I’d have to say I like visual novels in general, along with some anime like the Monogatari Series. I also like drawing, even if my specialty doesn’t go much further than “cute anime girls”.


Welcome to @Seraphitic, @Inuconandoyle and @gogopri! I hope you’ll all consider joining the Umineko Tea Party we’re hosting right now! Just hop onto the Episode 1 discussion topic and share your thoughts, or if you’re artistically inclined, share some Fanart of Episode 1 in the Umineko Fanart Topic!

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Heya! I’m stevenharryw, or soggysadboi, depending on where you see me.

I’m quite new to 07th Expansion works, as I’ve only seen the Higurashi anime series, and read Lucia’s route in Rewrite. I recently picked up the Umineko release on Steam, and I’ve been excited to see what it’s all about! I also own the first couple chapters of Higurashi as well.

I’m over on Kazamatsuri quite a bit, as I’m also a huge fan of Key, which is how I discovered Rokkenjima.

For those of you I haven’t met before, I look forward to getting to know you all! :smiley:


Hi everyone, I’m Oppai, a guy living in England.

I’ve read Umineko (The VN and the Manga, haven’t touched the Anime yet),I’ve got a good bit through Rose Guns Days, I’ve watched some of the Higurashi anime but I haven’t read it (Which I’ll probably get around to soon considering their steam release) and I’m literally a few pages into the manga of Higanbana. Umineko’s my favorite so far but I’ll withhold judgement on any of the others until I actually finish them.

I started reading Umineko because the cliche of murders taking place on an island full of money grabbing family members really appealed to me as soon as I read it and I assumed that’s what the whole VN was going to be about. I’d not seen one piece of art or read anything about it when I started reading it in late 2015. You can imagine the amount of times my jaw hit the floor in the early stages, really empathised with Battler a lot in those early episodes.

I found Rokkenjima the same day I’m posting this, through the link Asperity posted on /r/visualnovels to the first episode of the Umineko Tea Party Podcast and just kinda followed links from there.

Outside of 07th Expansion I watch a lot of Anime, read a lot of manga, read a shit ton of VN’s seeing as I’m on summer holiday, play a lot of video games, standard stuff really.

The only interesting thing I’ve got at the moment is that two of my friends are currently reading Umineko and I’m having such a good time watching their progress.

Hope we can have fun you guys!


Welcome @stevenharryw and @OppaiDefender! Hope you enjoy our humble community here! Things are a little quiet at the moment, but please make yourselves at home!

Oppai, how far are your friends through Umineko? If they’re still early in the series maybe they can hop on board our Tea Party~


Hello hello! I’m Sapphire, a new member apparently, so let’s see what I can write to introduce myself…

So I’m 18 years old, from Greece but currently living in NYC for a while to continue my higher studies. I’m also from Neverland too, of course. :slight_smile: Anyhow, I’m fairly new to the 07th Expansion series as I only got into them last year, so thus far I’ve only watched the Higurashi anime and specials, read a bit of the Higurashi manga, watched the Umineko anime and have read bits and pieces of its manga. Higurashi is my favourite, at least for now. I just love how meticulously made it is and how much attention is put to the details and clues to solving the mystery. And of course, the answer to such an intense presentation and build-up for such an intricate mystery did not disappoint one bit. My favourite character from Higurashi is Shion, I can relate to her personality and I really liked her storylines, with Meakashi-hen being my favourite arc from Higurashi. Her arc was very tragic and intense and I liked it how it also gave more insight about the Sonozaki family and a little about the village, too. I also really lika Rika, too and I find our darling poet, Frederica Bernkastel, very enigmatic, interesting and intriguing. And her poems are very fine ones.

As for our dear, dear Umineko series, I’ll say I like it, I suppose, just to please its loving fans in the forums. Or do just the opposite by saying that. :wink: I’m joking, but I like Umineko just fine, I unfortunately was introduced to it with the not very well-done anime, but the manga and the overall story seems good and since I don’t care much about spoilers, I know about the most important plot points and plot twists in the manga and read bits of pieces of some chapters. Most of the witches are my favourite characters, with Bernkastel probably being my ultimate favourite, though Beato with her pompous persona is very interesting and Featherine Augustus Aurora is pretty mysterious, cunning and cool, though I still haven’t read much chapters that she appears in.

So anyways, this is pretty much my intro, I guess and as for how I found your forums, just by searching for a 07th Expansion forum online. Now, for my interests and for saying something interesting about myself, I’ll instead say something intriguing: You’ll find out about those things soon. Well, maybe. Or maybe not. :slight_smile:

I hope to have a good time in these forums, see you around! :slight_smile:


@Sapphire Ahhh man, I feel sorry for you, what a pitiful introduction to the world of 07th Expansion… You start off with all the worst adaptations, and worse still, even had the entirety of Umineko spoiled for you. That’s a real damn shame…

Well, nonetheless, I hope you find our forum to your liking :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been meaning to make an account here for months now, but here goes. I’m Suika, a 19 year old in the middle of nowhere, Illinois, USA. Right now I’m studying Japanese in hopes of being a translator someday. I’ve been on the Kazamatsuri forums for well over a year now, so some of you might already know me from there. While I’m slightly more passionate about Key, I discovered 07th Expansion around the same time, so I’m not exactly new to any of this despite being behind on my reading.

Admittedly my only experience with anything in the When They Cry series is Higurashi, which I was a massive fan of a few years back after watching the anime and reading the manga. I own the old Mangagamer release of the visual novel but have only read up through part of Watanagashi. I’m hoping to read both that and Umineko soon enough, though.


Alrighty well I’m Tomo, and I hail from Ohio USA. I’m a 25 y.o guy and I do freelance illustration. I recently just finished some visual novel work too, for yaoi jam.
I’ve read Higurashi, Umineko, and Higanbana-- still haven’t gotten to Rose Guns Days yet but soon! Higurashi was my first, and it’s also my favorite followed by Higanbana. Though I actually didn’t finish Umineko… I just never read the last two eps but I will once I actually get around to rereading the whole thing. Regarding the anime series, I’ve watched everything–Higurashi’s whole series, the Umineko partial series… even the Higu live action movies.

Outside of 07th, I’m a big fan of anime and visual novels in general, and war movies/tv dramas/docus, as well as tv crime dramas. Key and Nitroplus are two other studios I love, and that’s how I found Rokkenjima actually- through the sister site Kazamatsuri, which I’m also a member of!

Something interesting about myself… um well… I have a name on vndb?? lmfao Though it’s nothing too impressive, just one game on the list, but I thought it felt pretty cool.
Also I play Love Live! SIF it consumes my free time when I should be sleeping…

I hope to get along with everyone here! I also have my Twitter where I’m talking 24/7 (sometimes too much lmao)


Woohoo, Ohio represent!

Anyways, welcome. I’m sure we’d love to see some of your illustrations sometime if you’d like to share. Maybe you would be inclined to create some fanart for the Tea Party?

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Hello Everyone,
I’m 24, from France, and an avid reader of the “detective novel” genre and visual-novels.
I’ve been reading Ryuukishi’s works since Higurashi in 2008. I also read all the Umineko chapters back when Witch-Hunt was translating the PC chapters around 2010 (the waiting time between each release was actually useful, by letting us a fair amount of time to read and understand each chapter), and it was quite enjoyable.
By reading Umineko, I discovered a “classical” author in the same genre, John Dickson Carr, that also specialized in “closed-room murders”. Although most of his books are out-of-print, I recommend it warmly :wink:
I also lurk a lot in forums and came across an interesting blog that analyses each chapters, with good theories (that ended up right!), you should give it a try:

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@klomlk The author of that blog, @Keikakudoori, happens to be a member here :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the community, @SuikaShoujo, @artifedex and @klomlk! I hope you’re all enjoying your time here. Don’t forget to join our Discord chat!

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Hey there, everyone. I’m Funchal99 from Brazil and previously a user from the Kazamatsuri blog. Big fan of anime, manga and Visual Novels, with Umineko being on top of my list.

I’ve read Umineko, Higanbana and Rose Guns Days when it comes to 07th Expansion VNs. For Higurashi, I’ve only watched the anime.

Any other Brazillians around? I want to form a translation group to PT-BR but I just can’t find people for it.


Hello everybody here in rokkenjima, my name is alhen, i’m a great both umineko and higurashi fan, i was first introduced in this new world of vn thanks to umineko, when i first read the EP1 i found myself confused by how strange the story was but when i ended the EP2 i was amazed by the great mystery the puzzles the characters i mean everything was incredible well written and when finally i finished chiru i knew that umineko changed my life, this vn is very unique it may not be for everyone it can be sometimes confusing yet beautiful

PS: #allhaillthegoats :goat::goat::goat:


Glad you could make it @Funchal99!

@alhen Welcome to our community! May I ask, where in the world are you from?

oh well, i’m from Ambato Ecuador

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