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Hah, oh man, I’ve never really felt like I’m good at these introduction-type posts.
Hi there! My name’s Kyuu. I’m 21, and I live near Vancouver, Canada, and have for all my life.

I can’t remember how long ago it was now, but my introduction to 07th Expansion was through the Higurashi anime, which hooked me pretty quickly, as did Umineko when I got around to reading it - it ended up sparking an interest in mysteries that I didn’t even know I had as such. Of the two (which, admittedly, are the extent of my knowledge of 07th Expansion works), while both series will always be special to me (I suffer from clinical depression, and both Higurashi and Umineko spoke to me about it on a very deep level), Umineko as a whole (i.e. all 8 eps) is easily my favourite, and probably my favourite work of fiction period.

I first heard (well, found) of Rokkenjima goodness knows when, probably back after I’d finished Umineko for the first time via a Google search. As someone who’s really shy (meaning I’ll probably end up being a relatively quiet member here, hah), instead of registering or anything, I opted to drag my friends into Umineko as well, and at some point stumbled across Goats Reading Seacats, which ended up inspiring me to start my own little reread Tumblr back in 2015… though I’m ashamed to admit that I feel like, due to my excitement, a good amount of my “analysis” of the first four Episodes was just reiterating what was already written on GRS, without the same understanding that they had.
The point of all that being - just last week, I got an anon message inviting me to join here, and I thought - hey, why not? While I’m not sure how much I’ll really post here (I’m really bad at keeping up with online communities and things like that, in part because I just tend to jump from one interest to another and end up focusing very intently on them for a while), Umineko (and, to an extent, Higurashi) is the kind of thing I don’t think I could ever get tired of talking about.

Other interests of mine… I’m a PC gamer and an amateur artist (both written works and digitally drawn art), and while I’m kind of a shut-in, I’ve developed a fondness for birding (fascinating creatures, they are). I’m also moderately interested in game development, and have tinkered with both Half-Life 2’s level editor and a few programming languages in the past.

Again, though I’m not really sure how active I might be here (I’m bad enough at keeping up with my analysis blog, since I find I don’t get anything done on it unless I’m in the right frame of mind for it), I’m looking forward to whatever discussions there are to be had.

Also, shout-out to whoever it was that invited me to join here, heheh. ^^;


BLESSSSSSSS I was hoping you’d get an account on here! I’m a huge fan of your blog : ) I wasn’t the anon who invited you here, but I’ve been reading your blog for almost a year now and I was the anon who left you that comment back in April. Welcome to Rokkenjima, I hope you enjoy your stay ~


Welcome to the forum! I remember reading your Tumblr stuff back near the end of 10th grade so your presence is certainly welcome here.

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Welcome to Rokkenjima! I hope you enjoy your stay here @KyuuGryphon. Umineko is the favorite here; you’ll fit right in. Our tea party for Umineko Chiru starts on the 17th as the novel is released on Steam, I hope you’ll join us in discussing it. Thanks for joining!

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Aha, oh gosh, thanks, all of you! I’m flattered, really. ^^;

@FlareNetworkC - Heh, it’s funny, actually - admittedly, I’m very sensitive to what other people think of me, so when I was browsing the forum before registering, I decided to search my name to see what people might have to say about my blog. I stumbled across one of your posts mentioning me and was in the middle of writing a message to you when you replied here. Good timing, huh? ^^

Anyways, for both you and @Antra - Thank you for the kind words, they really do mean a lot to me. I’m hoping to have done a good amount of Episode 6 by the time Steam Chiru comes out, but it’s proving to be a lot more dense than I remember it being (probably doesn’t help that I’ve read the first four eps probably twice as much as Chiru, haha). We’ll see how that goes, I guess!

@Zosonte - That does sound pretty interesting. I don’t think I’ll apply for the podcasts (I’m very anxious even about talking to people online, and I’ve got sensitivity issues when it comes to noise so I dunno if I’d be able to make it or hang around for long enough), but I might toss my hat in the ring when it comes to the discussion threads themselves (probably the spoilery ones, heh).

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m looking forward to my time here. ^^


Welcome to the family everybody! I’m the admin here, feel free to call me Aspi. I’m delighted for you all to join us on this journey!

Awesome! We have quite a few creative writers here, our Literary Bar Topic might be of interest to you. I don’t think we have any film topics yet, but maybe that’s something you can add when you reach Witch rank!

Oooh you’re quite the elder here, you’ve been into 07th longer than I have, welcome welcome! It’s an honour that you consider this place an acceptable replacement for AnimeSuki. I always loved participating in the discussion forums over there, but it just seems so quiet there now. With the Kazoku Collective, I always had AnimeSuki in my mind as one of the high standards of quality I want to reach for in my own communities, so being compared to them is fair rewarding, thank you! I hope this community serves your purposes and you can come to think of this place as a new home for you.

Very spooky…

Ooh an artist! I hope you’ll consider doodling some 07th Expansion fanart for us. We have the Umineko Tea Party starting again soon, and you could win a prize for drawing answer arcs art!

I can relate to that… As an admin I have to put up a strong front, but it can ruin my day to hear somebody saying bad things about me. It’s ironic because I know I can’t make everybody happy, but I’m still sensitive nonetheless, heh.

Nice batch of newcomers! I wish you all the best in your forum endeavours. Please use the search function to dig up old threads to share your thoughts in, and before long you’ll have the witch rank and be permitted to join our Discord chat where you can get to know us all more personally! I’ll see you there :joyful:

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Hello fellow Umineko fans!

Well, I’m Dschehuti or Toth in other communities and I kept squinting at this board for quite some time now and decided to come and sign up in the vain hope that this will prevent me from flooding other forums I am active in with incoherent Umineko ramblings.

About my own person… I am 24 years old, come from Germany and am a teacher in the making with History and Computer Science being my subjects. I call them affectionately ‘the past and the future’. Funnily enough, when you study history, the themes of Umineko become extremely important. One of the core concepts of any historical research is the simple fact that all history is a construct. By definition the past is over and won’t ever come back. So when trying to reconstruct it in your head or in what you write down, all you can attempt is use the hard facts as a guideline to come infinitely close to the truth, but there will always be some amount of speculation. You are always just one new revelation away from having to roll back all your theories and start to think from a different angle. Just like Umineko. :wink:

How did I get to Umineko? Well, ashamedly I have to admit that it is was bile fascination at first. Four years ago I was in a phase where I was looking for just plain disturbing horror animes for fun, stumbled over Higurashi, looked up its TV Tropes page… and read it through in one go until deep into the night. I didn’t understand a thing and couldn’t remember any of the spoilers I’ve read afterwards, I only knew that this story was far more clever than any reviews I’ve read up until then made it look like. So I watched the Anime and was completely hooked. I then followed up with the Umineko Anime, and while I was disappointed by it, I got a slim grasp on its potential, so I went to read the Manga and bought the Chiru VN because the last two arcs weren’t translated then. And the more I read, the more I unraveled the truth, the more I was convinced that this is the most intelligently written story I have ever read.
I have tried to get into other works of Ryukishi afterwards after the When They Cry series blew me away as it did. I found the Higanbana manga… fine, it was nothing special. When reading Rewrite I started with Ryukishi’s Lucia route that was absolutely fantastic, but then grew disappointed with how bad all the other routes were and how aggravating I found that “screw the environment, we go into space” aesop that left me just angry. I am only able to shrug it off because Ryukishi didn’t have anything to do with it (though it made me squirmish when the setting of WTC5 was announced). I’ve read the first Rose Guns Days Manga, but can’t force myself to continue it. That this whole setting is a nationalist’s fever dream come true really rubs me the wrong way and I couldn’t help but find all the characters worryingly naive in how they deal with such a serious topic. I do like Hotarubi though, even if only for it being so different to usual WTC stories. Well, apart from Terumi loosing her shirt as frequently as Captain Kirk…

Well, what else am I doing besides rambling about Umineko? Well, I’m a fanfic writer who jumps from fandom to fandom at any whim. My current fandoms mostly include A Song of Ice and Fire (NOT Game of Thrones!!!), Star Wars, Star Trek, of course Higurashi and Umineko, as well as right now the Fate Franchise, even though I only really like Fate/Zero and keep rolling my eyes at plain everything Kinoko Nasu writes.
I usually write my fics either to improve franchises where I think they have missed opportunities or (as in the case of my When they Cry fics) as a love declaration by trying to nail the characters as much as possible. I see it as proving to myself that I’ve truly understood them.
When it comes to Umineko Gameboards… so far I have made two of them and both are crossover fics. The first one is only available in German so far, I’m afraid, and is a crossover with Detective Conan set in between episodes 4 and 5 in which Bernkastel is using an adult Shinichi piece as a prototype for Erika. Nobody managed to truly solve it, but I don’t care because it managed to stand on its own and the two readers who gave feedback hadn’t read Chiru back then and didn’t know the identity of Beatrice, so it kinda prevented them from spoiling themselves.
The other one was made just recently. A rather wacky and short crossover with Fate/Grand Order because I wanted to celebrate Umineko Day with a short and tight murder mystery and their Halloween Event was as convenient an excuse as any. Sadly nobody joined my game…
I am still thinking of a third gameboard, though that would be a four-parter. No crossover with Umineko, but instead a pure Star Trek fanfic in which Q is the gamemaster trapping Picard and a young diplomatic attaché detective character in a looping murder mystery. I’m going to approach that one as soon as I’ve finished my current projects.

Well… I hope I’ll have fun here! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone, I’m k4oong (Sorcerer apprentice) 18y/o electrical engineering student from Singapore. I found out about Umineko after watching (999) from Mr250zxdzero (youtuber) as he was posting a lot of Umineko while i was watching 999. After finishing 999 i started watching his playthrough on Umineko up until Chapter 5.I have stopped at chapter 5 for at least 6 months now as i wanna play the game instead of watching people play. BEEN WAITING FOR VERY LONG!!!

I can’t remember how i found this website as i have been here for a year as an observer, As the Launch of Umineko Answer Arcs is drawing near I decided to join the fun and start participating the fun.

I have not touch any of Ryukishi’s work other than Umineko, Outside of Umineko I watch anime, play blizzard games and listen to Music mostly Japanese. Currently learning Japanese to gitgud when i go to japan this December and to able to a create a fragment where i will be able staying there.
P.S. New to forums in general soo pls don’t bully me :slight_smile:


@smileypers0n Thanks for the welcome, and the heads up on those threads. I’m very much eying the Haworthia and WTC5 discussions.

@Aspirety Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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Hi. Diabolus here. The first 07th Expansion thing I came across was the Higurashi anime. I was going down a hole of horror anime at the time. Higurashi was one of the first I watched. It really stuck with me and no other horror anime really did anything to me. So I came back, read the manga and became a “fan” of the series. I heard about its “sequel”, but I was very skeptic. I had never seen a good sequel with new characters before. But I gave it a try and read through the Umineko manga (I wasn’t very familiar with VNs at the time). Never have I ever fallen so deeply in love with a story before. My entire view on the world was shaken. (EP 8 spoiler) Like Ange in EP8, it got me out of depression, made see more clearly what I wanted out of life. It really saved me.

I’ve also read Higanbana, Rose Guns Days and what’s been translated of Hotarubi. I can’t count the times I cried during my RGD read lol. Other than that I’m writing my own books, live in Sweden and I don’t remember how I found this site. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to Rokkenjima @DiabolusLapis! I hope you enjoy our community. I’m glad you enjoyed 07th Expansions works and had them impact you in a such a way. I feel the same about Higurashi.

Since you’re a veteran, perhaps you’d like to check out our tea parties and bookclub for Higurashi, Umineko, and Higanbana? You can listen to the podcasts and share your thoughts here on the forum, and we’ll be continuing our Umineko tea party with the release of Chiru on Steam on the 17th. Hope to see you there, and thanks for joining!


Yeah, definitely! ^^ I have listened to a couple of them and I will go through them all when I have time. Looking forward to it!


Hello everyone :slight_smile: my name is Harli and I’ve been a fan of Umineko and Higurashi for about 5 years collectively. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about them and how wonderfully constructed stories that are. I haven’t seen all of the umineko visual novels yet, but I just recently dove back into the series and am starting umineko chiru. I have cosplayed as Beatrice three times and have made 3 different amvs of umineko. I am currently working on a skit for umineko as well as another amv. Nice to meet you all! Never let the magic die~


Welcome! I hope you can join the Chiru Tea Party, and it would be really nice if you shared your thoughts so far around here! Let’s keep the magic alive together!!! :joyful:

It also seems you really like Ryukishi’s writing too, so I’d totally recommend Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni, it’s another VN and it talks about some pretty heavy themes, but is still enjoyable in a Ryukishi-like way. I hope you enjoy your stay.


Welcome to Rokkenjima!
If you feel comfortable sharing pictures of your Beatrice cosplay, we have a thread dedicated to cosplays now! I do hope to see you involved in the Chiru tea parties, the more the merrier after all.
Have you heard about When They Cry 5 and Haworthia? You might also want to check them out. At this point, not much is known about WtC5, but there is quite a bit of speculation about it currently. Haworthia is an audio drama that just recently came out as well, and some of our members are currently translating the tracks into english for the non Japanese speakers.
I hope you enjoy your stay here~


Aww thank you! I plan on reading Rose Gun Days next :grin:


Ooo no I haven’t! Thank you for telling me this :o

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Hey, I’m Alex. I love Blushing Jessica. :blushing:


Hi everyone! I go by Uber pretty much everywhere on the internet. I have been an avid 07th Expansion fan ever since Higurashi— with Umineko being my biggest passion. Ive reread the series more times than I can recall and its one of the few things that consistantly sticks to me to this day. I have started reading Higanbana and intend to read Rose Gun Days sometime after. But for the most part im all team seacat.

Im slowly getting out of an art hiatus but ill be sure to share whatever fanart I whip up when the time comes. uwu

I actually found these forums due to news of a new wtc–so I figured I would jump in and try to be a bit more social with others in the fandom. Anyway its nice to meet you all :sparkles:


Welcome to Rokkenjima!
I do look forward to seeing your art! Its always nice when we have new creators join us. You’ve heard of WtC5, but have you heard of Haworthia? Its an audio drama that just recently came out that somehow is connected to WtC5. We have a few people here currently translating it to English for those who cannot understand Japanese.
Have you seen our gameboards? We have plenty of games other users host, so its never dull here. Or if you want to actively participate in a different way, once you reach Witch ranking, you can join or Discord server, were everyone is always talking. Its fun to both join in conversation or just sit back and watch if you dont quite want to join in.
I hope you enjoy your stay here!