Rokkenjima Discord Chat

I’m Doldod#7095 on Discord, would like to join if possible.

I’m Antra#5643 on Discord.

I probably should have done this when I first joined, but I finally made a Discord! I’m U4ea#9735 and would love to join the official Discord chat.

I go by hibigumimigu#6261
Requesting Access to the Discord server.


Well, I’m Pandora#2086

Gosh, how does this site work.

Go on the discord, enter the #access-requests channel, and post this link as a message:


This is Quixote#6944 requesting access.

Hippo#2972 on discord

Sapphire #5126 on Discord.

Requesting server access. Discord is ‘Impaired#4734’.

Hello, Discord name: Hatsune Niku (#3458). Requesting access.

Greetings to you. I am Vezon on discord.

I’m Dr_Hinkfuss on discord

I’m Arcavius both here and on Discord.

I just recently got a Discord to make conversations with an RP Forum easier. My Discord Name is Ryouko Minaj (#2303).

I’m Vayalite #2682 on Discord. Looking forward to converse with you all.

Muski #4591

Hello. I’m Sherry @Sherry#2176