Umineko Fanart

Something I made from EP3:

A bonus (not fanart, but still lol):
(From EP7)


Actually I’m so ashamed of this by now…
… I did that entirely with illustrator when learning to use it. It was my very first project, so yeah… heh, it’s pretty bad. Still may be worth sharing kinda simply cause I didn’t do any other umineko fanart
(Arc6 spoiler)

It is based on the manga event’s drawing.


I love it!! <3 (totally not biased because of Erika :stuck_out_tongue:)

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It’s so good!!

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In my hyped up wait for Umineko to release on Steam a ways back, I did a number of different drawings and doodles, among drawings for other reasons. I think Umineko may become one of the new things I draw fanart for consistently, instead of only doing one drawing for it ever.


Hey everyone, last call for Episode 1 Fanart for inclusion in the Podcast video! We’re moving onto Episode 2 very soon!

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Hinase Momoyama, mangaka of EP6 as well as Higurashi’s Minagoroshi-hen, [drew] ( (EP6 Spoilers) Erika Furudo and Dlanor A. Knox


That’s a pretty cute little thing.

I made this memetic horrible one for a little game (“make your own seacats using paint”) on a 4chan thread:

My friend made Genji too, just after:

Pretty terrible, both of them, but we had a lot of fun (and now my Battora serves as a recurring meme in the 07th Expansion threads on /jp/, so… totally worth it haha)


I draw Umineko stuff sometimes!
EP5 wip

Lamdadelta and Bernkastel

sorry for my bad art oxo


5 minute doodle.
EP4 (Maria and Sakutarou)


That Bern and Lambda piece looks terrific, I can’t wait to see it finished!

Thank you. It is my first time drawing either Bernkastel or Lambdadelta, so please forgive my errors ((such as completely forgetting Bern’s tail. It is a tail, right?)) I have a background planned out and everything.

I appreciate your kind words! ;u;


Maria and Sakutarou look pretty cute, too. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I’m so happy to hear things like this, since looking back at that sketch it’s a bit…eh, heh. Thank you! <3

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well, i tried my best to draw EVA-Beatrice EP3 Spoilers:

(not so good, i know)


I got bored and found a sketchbook, thus

Next time on iso draws:
Will (EP3 character) Eva-Beatrice’s flower ever be touched up? The world will never knoww–


That’s pretty cool! Love the facial expression.