はう 〜!お持ち帰りぃ! ~☆
→ 鉈女, メイド, かわいらしさの魔女 |
rena: intj, gamer, rper.

RP accounts
(AP warning)

co-lead of a 07thExpansion discord server.
( when you join please let us know
how you came to us.Thank you in advance )

07th verse/ here is a little profile of me:

Favorite game: Higurashi,Umineko,generally all 07thExpansion games, visual novels and mmomrpgs

RP characters:
active: Rena. I’m playing as Rena since a long long time.
inactive: Alice, Satan, Keith,
L-elf, Shogo, Slaine, Hibari, Norway, Sakura, Kamui, Ciel

favorite 07th characters : Rena, Black Battler, Battler, Keith, Gabriel,
Butler, Alice, Zel, Keiichi, Satoshi, Shion, Satan, Kanamori, Meryl, Oliver

personal accounts: