I’m a 21 y.o. Brazilian fellow who happens to live in Italy and know most of the active fanbase in the country, while also being pretty much the one who spreads the Ryukishi07 experience in the HUEHUEHUE’s forums and fan-groups most of the time (I also recently started with 10 of these members a collective weekly Umineko reading session on Stream, with each person dubbing 1-3 of their favorite characters).

I’m also an avid psychology student who also likes to learn and read about pretty much everything as a hobby; particularly interested in philosophy, mysticism in general and of course, the whole mystery genre.

Right now, I’m also trying hard to finish a new college course by learning japanese and chinese properly (as well as anything regarding the subject, being linguistics, Shinto, Budhism, philology, etc…).

Fascinated by the study of plot devices, storytelling techniques and overall prose style (“TVTropes” user in here), I’m also trying to write a nice book based on all the stuff I’ve been studying.

My favorite 07th Expansion title is Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and it’s also legitimately one of the most amazing things I’ve have ever read (and I read a considerable ammount of works). Up to this day, I’m still analysing the espectacular meta world Ryukishi created in there, being masterfully manipulated by a absurdly coherent mess, that only ultimately makes sense when you actually re-read the whole thing more than once. The complex narrative structure and the immensely layered world-building that is composed by it so subtly are things that I never EVER witnessed in any other work of fiction, nor non-fiction so far.