This code of conduct has been specially prepared to equip you with all the information you need to know before participating in this community. Please take a moment to read over them!

  1. The Golden Rule of Rokkenjima is to respect your fellow members. Keep in mind that behind every username is a real human being, and while you may not agree with them sometimes, it’s important that you maintain a respectful attitude. Criticise ideas, not people.

  2. But don’t forget the Platinum Rule: Think before you post! Does what you have to say contribute to the discussion, or is it just repeating what’s already been said? We invite everyone to contribute to the discussion and have their say, but please cooperate with us in creating a quality community together.

  3. You can use the search button in the top-right of the forum (indicated by the magnifying glass) to find discussion topics of interest. Click a topic and start posting replies! If you have a discussion you’d like to raise that doesn’t have a topic yet, you are welcome to make your own topic! As a general guideline before creating a new topic, ask yourself if an interesting/constructive conversation could develop from it or not.

  4. When Replying: Make sure to appropriately use [spoiler] tags. Most topics will specify what content can be discussed without the use of tags. For example, in Umineko Episode 1 Discussion, you should never mention any content from later episodes. In the absence of these guidelines, please avoid mentioning anything beyond the question arcs of When They Cry, or anything toward the latter half of a given story (even non-07th stuff). And always make sure to provide context for the spoiler in parenthesis so people know whether or not it’s safe to click.
    (Umineko Spoilers) [spoiler]The seagulls did it.[/spoiler]
    But please never spoiler-tag anything that isn’t a spoiler! Misuse of spoiler tags devalues them, and puts our users at greater risk of clicking tagged spoilers in the future. We take spoilers very seriously here, so please take great care to avoid ruining the experience of others.

  5. Posting in inactive topics is very much encouraged if you have something meaningful to contribute. A topic isn’t dead until we are!

  6. Please avoid posting twice in a row within 5 days of the last post. Instead consider editing your original post to include more content. If you would like to reply to multiple users in your post, just use quotes instead to make it clear who you’re replying to.

  7. Please strive to use proper spelling and grammar, and please avoid using shorthand (txt spk) on the forum, including gratuitous use of emoticons. “eg. rofl XD ;3 thx” This is a forum, not your Facebook feed; please strive to meet our standards of quality so everyone can enjoy browsing the forum comfortably.

  8. If you like or agree with a post someone has made, give it a like! And if you find a post that goes against the forum guidelines in any way, flag it. The person won’t know who flagged them, and a post with several flags will be hidden automatically. Each flag immediately notifies all moderators, but if you so choose you can send a private message through the flag system to let the user know what they’re doing wrong and encourage good conduct. Using these two tools, we can all work together to ensure Rokkenjima remains a high quality community for everyone to enjoy.

  9. When presenting new information, please cite your sources properly and provide translations if able. When reporting on news, make sure that the information hasn’t already been reported elsewhere on Rokkenjima.

  10. Cross-posting is generally discouraged, but may be permitted in certain circumstances when specified. Feel free to ask a moderator for permission.

  11. When Creating New Topics: The Rokkenjima forums have a number of different categories to post topics in, which operate the same as ‘boards’ in traditional forums. Each category has a topic pinned to it outlining the definition of the category and providing brief guidelines for posting; so we ask that you become acquainted with them before posting. Please take care to ensure your topic is posted in the correct category.

  12. The opening post of all topics should clearly state what information may be posted without spoiler tags. When in doubt, please use spoiler tags for questionable material as you could potentially ruin the experience of others!

  13. Some categories may require you to have achieved a certain ‘trust level’ on the forum before you can post replies or topics. These requirements will be stated in the category’s definition topic. Trust level 2: Witch is required to post new topics. Trust levels are automatically granted based on how active you’ve been on the forum, and the quality of your contributions. Certain privileges and categories will become available only to members of a certain trust level, so earn your trust and you’ll be rewarded! For example, the Kuwadorian category is accessible only to members at Witch rank and above.

  14. General Points: Rokkenjima does not condone piracy. We ask that you refrain from posting direct links to illegal downloads or mentioning pirated material anywhere on the forums. It’s very important that we as a community support the legitimate acquisition of 07th Expansion’s works. If you’re going to share links to illegal downloads, do so off the forums. This also extends to art: reuploading fanart or fanworks by other people on Rokkenjima can be very harmful to them and the industry. If you want to share fanart you like, please do so by linking to the original submission only. The only exception to this rule we’ll allow is linking to Youtube videos, but please be mindful of whether or not linking to the video may be harming any individuals or companies before doing so.

  15. Pornographic content is strictly prohibited from being posted on the website. This decision was made in order to preserve our aim of maintaining a quality 07th Expansion community. Questionable content is permitted within reason, as long as it’s stated as NSFW and placed behind a spoiler tag. What qualifies as ‘pornographic’ is ultimately up to the discretion of the staff. If you’re unsure, it’s probably better to not risk it.

  16. Please avoid the use of harmful language such as “triggered” or “rape” in a casual context. These terms and others can be very damaging to individuals, particularly those who suffer from mental conditions. We can’t exactly curate an entire list of what might be considered harmful language, but we’ll be sure to draw attention to the most problematic terms here as they come up. What’s considered harmful language is ultimately up to the discretion of staff.

  17. Discussion on topics of real-world politics or religion are strictly banned from Rokkenjima, since the conversations spawning from these tend to become very uninviting very quickly, and we find that this simply is not conducive to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we wish to establish here. If you must have conversations like this, please do so off Rokkenjima.

  18. Members are prohibited from using multiple accounts on the forum at once. Using multiple accounts at the same time is considered deceptive and a violation of trust and respect. If you would like to change your username or start a new account for some reason, please be transparent about it and contact @Aspirety to make arrangements.

  19. On our Discord server, all members should have an obvious resemblance to their forum username in either their global Discord account name or their Rokkenjima-specific Discord server nickname. ie. If forumer kyuketsukimiyu’s Discord nickname OR username is kyuketsuchristmas, then it’s fine. If neither her account name or nickname resemble ‘kyuketsukimiyu’, then she must change one of them. This is to ensure that members remain easily identifiable to others when using Discord. Again, if you wish to have your forum name changed, please contact Aspirety.

  20. You should probably upload an avatar. Otherwise you’ll be a goat and @Aspirety might not like you. He can’t help it; he has an irrational prejudice toward members without avatars! That aside, having an avatar helps other members identify and remember you much more easily!

  21. Yes, we have red text and blue text. And any other number of colours! You can format the color of your text with **[color=red/blue]text[/color]**; the asterisks bold the text for more visibility. This feature is a privilege, so don’t abuse it! Red text is reserved for hard facts. Opinions have no place in the red. Blue text is for theories and speculation. If we catch you using the red or blue for any other reasons, we will flag your posts as spam!

  22. We take plagiarism very seriously. When posting content from other websites or reposting content from Rokkenjima, please seek out the original creator’s approval where possible and always provide credit.

  23. Please write all your posts on the forum in English. Writing in other languages is fine, but you must include an English translation of any content you write in another language. It’s very important that all posts can be read by all members.

  24. Rokkenjima operates on a 3 strike system when it comes to infringements. First you’re warned once - this is permanent. The second warning expires after 6 months of no infringement. But if you receive another warning within that 6-month period, you’ll receive a permanent ban from the forum. Each strike is accompanied by a temporary suspension from the forum. We have zero tolerance for disruptive members in our community.

  25. In order to achieve the third trust level, Voyager, users are required to have read this Code of Conduct.

With all that out of the way, I’d like to take a moment to introduce our staff!

  • I’m @Aspirety, the founder and primary administrator of Rokkenjima and the Kazoku Collective. I have a hand in pretty much everything the site produces, so you’re bound to see me a lot! Message me if you ever have any questions or concerns, or if you just wanna say hi! If you want to get to know me off the site, you can find me on Twitter.

  • @technololigy is the webmaster of the Kazoku Collective. She built Rokkenjima through my vague instructions and continues to keep things running behind the scenes, so without her none of this would exist. She handles most of the technical side of running our site, so if there’s any technical questions I’m unable to answer, she’s the one to talk to.

  • @kyuketsukimiyu is the designer of the Kazoku Collective, responsible for theming Rokkenjima and designing our logo. Basically, she’s the one making everything look nice and pretty, so turn to her if you run into any issues with the theme of the website.

  • @epika is our secondary writer for the blog. Be sure to hit her or Aspirety up if you have juicy news you want to see on the blog!

  • @Karifean and @u4ea are our moderators. If you encounter problematic content or if you have any questions, they’ll be happy to help you out. Please be respectful of their authority when it comes to dealing with situations.

Our job is to make you feel at home, so if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to message any of us!

Respect others, think before posting, and don’t be one of Ange’s classmates. Rokkenjima can only remain a fun and inclusive community through the combined efforts of its members. Please, lend us your strength in making Rokkenjima the definitive fragment for English speaking 07th Expansion fans to call home.

With that said, we hope you’ll join our fragment!