07th Audio Files Topic


Welcome to the wonderful sea of soundfiles. If you ever wanted to know the feeling of looking through 5610984236153928423602349852639 fragments, this is about as close as you will come. This is a topic for posting sound files you like or asking if other kind wanderers can find something specific for you.

How to extract sound files

(AKA give up your soul and free time)

The ways of getting your hands on sound files are plentiful to say the least, and things aren’t made less complicated by different fan projects handling things differently. Sound effects that were in the original game mostly seem to be put in normal folders among the other game files. Sometimes this is true for voices as well; the Higurashi patch that enables voices and PSP sprites for the steam version does this. For Umineko, you have some files named arc[#].nsa. If you have voice files, they are most likely in there. This is a tutorial on how to rip those babies open, though -if the link doesn’t work- the program he recommends can be found here .
Hopefully those are the only tools anyone will need. From here, finding a specific sound file is mostly just educated guessing. Files will usually be ordered chronologically and some times grouped by character as well.

When sharing a file it’s easy enough to just puush and link it like so.


You should be able to upload audio files directly to the forum now (mp3/wav/ogg). External links can break :<

I think this is a great idea! I’d love to have some Umineko sound effects as text tones when I eventually upgrade my phone.

Interesting, the program I used to extract from arc.nsa files is different, I’ll see if I can find it and post a link because it’s really easy to use.

Also I know that at least for Umineko, all the voice files are in folders by character, and I believe the files are chronological for each character. I have an assortment of great Beato laughs I dug up by randomly checking in her folder that I could upload here later when I get home.


Completely forgot I was going to post here.


The NSAout file from here is what I use to unpack the arc.nsa files. It’s as simple as putting it in a folder with the arc you want to unpack (removing the number from the filename) and running the .exe

I’ll edit in those Beato laughs later if I remember.


Hello i have a question can someone extract me the Goodbye, see you in hell from Ange and the GOOD from Erika?