07th Kart! (Spoiler-Free)

Territory lord Aspirety invites you all to join in a Gameboard the likes of which you’ve ever seen before. Welcome to 07th Kart! Humans, Furniture, Demons and Youkai are all welcome to participate in this fragment. The goal is to reach the finish line after three laps. Try to stick to Question Arc and early-game spoilers!

Select Your Player!

Message me with a piece you wish to place on the Gameboard. With my approval, I will allow you to join the race. Only approved pieces will be allowed to join the Gameboard! Here’s my piece to give you an example.

Beatrice the Golden Witch

Vehicle: Gold Standard + Gold Wheels

The Golden Witch, as representative of the magic side, wields powerful spells against those susceptible to them. Outside of magical attacks, as ruler of this fragment she also wields the Red Truth to defeat her foes with the power of mystery.

(If you can’t come up with a character, PM me, I have some suggestions in mind~)

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what even is this

Do our pieces have to be 07th pieces?
If not we can have 2hou youkai here, so you might wanna specify that


It’s called 07th Kart. You figure it out.

Hikaru “I’m so smart” Nihei

Vehicle: Enslaved Chiesters carrying him

Hikaru is so completely incapable of seeing his obvious personality flaws that I’m pretty sure he stands no chance of victory. With his power of “:hauu: sociopathy :hauu:~” he can display incredible intelligence and pass any test of his mental faculties as long as it does not involve self reflection (or mirrors because puns).


Don’t be like Picto and PM me your piece before posting it~ I need to discuss ideas and prepare them for the game.

I feel this should be a bunch of bunnies T_T

Can you maybe edit the post to say which characters have been accepted into the game or something, so I don’t pick a character someone else has already got.

No characters have been accepted yet :stuck_out_tongue:

well that’s the entire point.
If aspy gets 7 kinzo submissions he has 7 times the likelihood of getting a good character.

If I were you I’d submit like 3 or 4 ideas

ALTHOUGH just know higanbana and roseguns characters have a better chance of getting through because they’re less likely to be chosen (as they’re less well known)


Let me know if you need suggestions for a character~

Well this is certainly different~ I’ll see what I can come up with.

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Counting on my RGD rep :stuck_out_tongue:

…this will be bloodsport…


Character: Leo Shishigami

Vehicle: Rose’s Thorn- A sleek armored limousine with the word “Guns and Roses” placed on all of its sides. On the hood, in pink, the words “I heart Rose’s pasta” are also placed

Leo Shishigami, one smooth cat, is ready to dominate the 07th kart scene with his sleek driving skills, corny puns, and a flippant attitude that will even charm his competitors. If things get rough, he might have to resort to a little gun play, a little fist play, and a little roughhousing with his vehicle. . Leo assures you however, that at the end of the race, no matter who wins, the pasta is on him.


Character: Takano Miyo

Vehicle: Suspicious Car (with a Bicycle in the Back Seat) + Standard Wheels

In spite of her cool demeanor and deadpan sense of humor, Takano as a driver is shockingly reckless and unrestrained. The thrilling prospect of challenge and carnage brings a glimmer of joy to her eyes. While she’ll likely take shots at her competition, it’ll be difficult to give her a taste of her own medicine… Even if you take down her car, don’t count her out of the running.



Renna Ryugu
Cart: Teddy Buggy
Tires: She carries the cute cart herself to take it home
Glider: Waddle Wing glider

Renna, as a member of the gaming club, will do anything to win the race. However, due to the fact that she thinks the bob-ombs are cute she keeps trying to pick them up causing her to blow up repeatedly.


Character: Gabriel Kaburaya (seeing him photoshopped onto Luigi made me laugh a lot)

Cart: ‘I just came here to fuck shit up’

Doesn’t even care whether he wins the race or not, nor if he comes out alive or not. He just attacks other carts randomly whilst playing creepy music on a record player attached to his cart. (avoiding spoilers is hard)

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Remember guys, please run all ideas by me for approval first!