07th Party 5 Date Announced

07th Party 5 Date Announced

A few weeks ago, the 07th Party twitter updated to announce the date of the next 07th Party! The fifth gathering is scheduled to be on April 1st!

Hinase Momoyama (manga artist of Higurashi's Minagoroshi and Umineko's Dawn of the Golden Witch) drew the promotional poster this time.

07th Party is a gathering for all 07th Expansion fans to mingle, sell doujin items, cosplay, and celebrate the worlds that Ryukishi07 has created. Ryukishi07 himself also attends these meetups signing autographs, interacting with his fans, and posing for group photos.

Past 07th Party meetups sold official merchandise some of which can be found in 07th Expansion's booth shop.

Will you be joining the event? Share your thoughts down below!

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Oh, cool! I had always wondered if this was just a fan gathering or not, but the fact it’s an official gathering for fans makes it even cooler! Hinase’s art always looks so cool!

I’ve had a friend attend one and she told me it was pretty fun. She got to meet and hang out with lots of cosplayers and even got an autograph from Ryukishi.

It would be awesome to go someday. xD