9 to the power of 16 [SOLVED]

This will be a single cute little puzzle. Content + Ham will be in the next post.

Another challenge by the Sorcerer of Curiosity brought to bear another crowd of Voyagers gathered within his territory. With a motion of his hands an embarrassed piece of furniture he had acquired in a recent bout scurried off to place the script within his telescopic projection device.

“Gathered Voyagers, today I greet you with something a little different. There will be no traditional mystery here today, and there won’t even be it’s all too familiar inverse. Today I greet you with a simple puzzle of my own making, hardly anything worth your time. You’ll understand when you glance down to the plane below us, don’t you worry.”

The sorcerer reached out forming a sickly green tower in his hands which he slammed into the ground before him.

What is the code that unlocks the door?

With that his furniture brought him a footrest and the sorcerer leant back in his chair to relax

"I have given you enough information to reach the answer now, but I do have a hint saved up in case you need it. I’ll reveal it if enough of you ask.

Know that this puzzle was of my own making, so I doubt searching for the answer elsewhere will aid you.

Finally it’s possible that one of your brothers in arms might have some extra leads."

And with that he snapped his fingers to signal the start of the game.

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First off, what’s that single character on one side of the paper? At a glance, it looks like a “T”, but it might also be a logical operator of some sort.

Well, if that is clarification you’ll allow us.

Try googling it.

I don’t even get why some numbers have the letter s after them heh.
Really not my strong point there.

I’m like ττ, just like ττ

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Clearly this is a reference to warhammer.
This puzzle is related to fictional alien.

And lolicons.

Okay slightly more seriously, what’s with the “s” after numbers? Is this a possibility we can enter on the keypad or not? Rather’s that kinda a general question that we should know if we’re in the damn room.

What can be entered in the keypad just want to make sure it’s all numbers or dunno, if we can enter tau or the letter s as well, and god knows what else. Maybe there’s emotes even?

Well the most obvious observation is of course that the sequence of 16 things probably has each correspond to a code digit. I doubt that needed stating but hey, who knows.

Everything past the initial 5 is two digits, with a leading zero added to otherwise single digit numbers. Who knows what the s means.

Google tells us the symbol is a greek Tau, which is apparently the 19th letter in the greek alphabet and means 300 in greek numerals. It’s also been argued to look like half a pi apparently.

Something over sixteen, as in “X / 16”, what could X be. 19? 300? Sounds reasonable enough but then what.

Edit: Also, the keypad has no 0 interestingly enough. And the numbers with s behind them are the 7th, the 9th, the 14th and the 15th if that means anything.

I guess what I can add is that none of them has a 16, so dunno, it may be that the 16 possibilities are from 00 to 15.

Hmm there’s no 15 either… the highest is 14.
But it almost sounds fitting of the thing that it’d be numbers ranging from 01-16, but with maybe the “01” being “00” (or the 16) given what we see.

Wouldn’t it have been proper form to use nepnep text there?

The only valid inputs on the keypad are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. In addition these numbers are arranged like so:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

Fair enough, I shall edit it that way.

So there’s no zero…

I wonder if being in square room actually means something…

Just a guess, but that may imply that if we enter just 5, it will give “05”, so how do we get 00? that probably would imply that to obtain that number we’d have to write 16.

Unless I’m totally off about the possibilities of numbers and this is just randomly fitting I guess.

Google also told me that that letter can be used as the time constant and is usually measured in seconds. Although it seems that that then goes into complicated physics or engineering, which I honestly don’t feel like delving into.

If that’s where this goes I already feel bad for all of our pieces that have to solve this without googling. Though the thread title is 9 to the power of 16 so maybe the implication is that they actually do have to try every combination because they don’t have access to the necessary information.


Just a confirmation, @pictoshark that we don’t need specialized university math classes in order to reasonably solve this?

Something like “repeat it in red” This puzzle is accessible to people in general

… and then there was silence!


High school mathematics and a quick reading of the tau manifesto ought to be enough.

Well going back to the whole googling stuff, Tau is used for a number of things. (Also I’m probably budgering a ton of words because I simply don’t know the correct technical terms for most of these things)

  1. It’s the amount of divisors of a number
  2. An alternative to pi, and being twice as big as pi
  3. It’s used in statistics, and f** that stuff
  4. The time of a period (physics related)
  5. There’s a tau lepton, which is related to atomic stuff
  6. Time Constant, already mentioned that

and a bunch more, but I guess I know what to google now.

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τ = 2π