Announcing Adjustments to the Moderation of Rokkenjima

Good day, fellow members of Rokkenjima. We, the moderation team of Rokkenjima, are working hard to create and perpetuate a welcoming atmosphere on our site. To this end, we have decided on the following courses of action.

First off, we welcome a new member to our team: @Pandora!

Ahem* Well it seems like I’ve gone and gotten myself roped into this. Hey guys, guess I’ll be your new mod from now on. Um, names Pandora, I tend to post here a lot, While I’m rather nice you won’t have to worry too much about getting lolbanned if you shitpost too hard-but I’m still willing to put the hammer down if needs be.
Here’s my blog in case any of you are interested:
But it does contain spoilers…so visit at your own risk.

Due to recent events, we have decided to put a ban on talk about real world politics and religion, particularly in the Discord server. The reason for this is that conversations around political and religious subjects by our own experience tend to become very uninviting very quickly, and we find that this simply is not conducive to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we wish to establish here. If the subject does come up you are free to make a private chat with everyone involved and discuss the matter there, just don’t do it out in the open.

Additionally, we do not want to see pointless trolling and shitposting. What’s funny somewhere else might not be funny here so please think twice before posting something that might just put people off. Also, please keep the new rule that has recently been added to the Code of Conduct in mind: harmful language is to be avoided, within reason of course.

Finally, on June 4th, the Rokkenjima Discord server will be locked down to only allow members with Witch rank or above to join. Members that have not reached Witch rank by then will be purged from the server, though of course they may rejoin once they do reach it. Don’t worry, if you are active on the forums you’ll reach it in no time! This has been a long time coming, as we want the Discord server to be supplementary to the main site, allowing members to get to know each other in a more relaxed environment, rather than the prime focus.

Us moderators are working hard to shape Rokkenjima into the kind of fun and inviting community that everyone will want to be a part of, but we can’t do it alone! We hope that each of you reading this will put one foot forward and do your part to help make Rokkenjima the awesome community it deserves to be.


Congratulations @Pandora. I look forward to your benevolent rule.

Hm. Welcome to the new mod!

Yo, congrats.

Congrats :joyful: