Do you stand in solidarity with the people who have recieved optical damage as a result of the new theme?

Joking title aside, I really don’t like the new theme…

Actually figuring out why it hurts my eyes is hard, Tweetdeck’s light theme doesn’t hurt my eyes and most of the screen is 255R 255G 255B over there as well.

Meh. Just know that I’ll have to wait until this shifts (or until I get an option to shift it) before I seriously consider making posts again.

GAK! That was worded poorly! It sounds like a threat…

But it is the truth, I can literally feel them stinging as I type as this and I’ve only had Rokkenjima up for around 20 to 30 minutes!

Is anyone else having it as bad as I am?


As a person who uses dark themes wherever possible, I’m don’t tend to be a fan of bright themes, it only hurts my eyes if I stare at them for too long. I think I’ll survive, but a theme selection would be a great addition if possible.


I agree, I can’t spend as much time lurking here with all the brightness. It hurts my eyes.

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I already have glasses, the damage is done.

Though, I find it a bit suspicious that Kazamatsuri is now a darker theme in comparison to Rokkenjima…

I have to agree as well. Think about mobile too people. At least you guys see Satoko in the back. Mine is just a blank white screen. The old one had some butterflies at least.

I am not saying let’s turn it back, having a Higurashi theme is awesome. But not white background please.


I prefer less bright themes, too. I can’t look at this directly for too long.
It also used to be easier to see what’s new since it stood out more against a dark background.
Giving users the choice in their settings would be the best, but if that’s not possible, oh well.


ouch my already damaged eyes
this is easier to read with my glasses off (no joke)

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All y’all should lower your screen’s brightness settings.

Then you would appreciate the beauty and purity of this new white theme :push:

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But nothing else gives me issues. And I like my screen settings right now…

I can use twitter on light, I used discord on light for quite a while before shifting to dark having grown used to it over Christmas (because I was using a different computer) I can read Neoseeker fine etc… there is clearly a unique issue here. There is too much white. Simple as that.

I can’t post any sort of lengthy post as I am right now. Usually I can jump in the Ep 4 General and read through a couple of things there or write a madman post whenever the temptation gets too bad to read on.

Well too bad for me. Poor timing and bad luck coalesced together and now I’ve read Umineko EP5 (though not all the way to the end, I was convinced to pause at a specific line in the ???). I couldn’t take it anymore. That’s all there is to it.

This theme isn’t working and I doubt I’ll be able to post on the forums in any reasonable capacity until it gets changed. I hope it will by the way. @Aspirety’s stated goal with this theme has catastrophically failed, with no additional movement in the “Introduce Yourself” thread since it was added and the only Movement in the Higu3 general being a post Vyse was likely already working on before the theme changed.

Truly April Fools came a month early this year. But the prank has lasted too long. A good clown knows to bow out before the audience gets bored of him.

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White text on a black background is the way to go!!! Down with this new bright Rokkenjima!!!


I think it works alright and I really like the picture of Satoko (even if I can’t see it while on mobile…). But if I had to choose between a white and a black background I’d choose the black one as I liked it a bit more.


Part of the problem I think I mentioned on voice once in that Kaza’s theme change was planned in advance, people knew it was coming and that it was going to be temporary and it was very clearly communicated in advance for a fair while.

Whereas this just came out of nowhere on the same day and we didn’t get any communication or info and we don’t know if the theme everyone’s used to will be back.


My reaction to the new background the first time I saw it:

Freedom to all of us!
We are looking at non white screens!

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No more white background? It’s… it’s so beautiful.

I love the new background. It’s beautiful. Just beautiful. I believe I have this image somewhere on my hard drive and it’s one of my favorites for the Higurashi franchise. Keep up the good work.

Absolutely love the new theme, it’s very easy on the eyes and has that awesome atmosphere about it. Also, purple being one of my favorite colors helps.