[full Umineko spoilers] ActionGame of the Golden Witch (FanGame)

With the release of Golden Fantasia, I went back through my 07th Expansion folder, and remembered the cute Umineko fangame a group of people made called “ActionGame of the Golden Witch”

The game is Free to play and for all I’ve seen, the download links still work. Of course, the game is in Japanese but you can slowly study it by yourself since it’s a basic platormer (jump and shoot with few “special attacks”). You can play LOTS of characters (I remember Battler, Will, Ange, Lucifer, Jessica, Geroge, Amakusa and more), unlock new characters, and honestly, some stages are designed in a genius way.

Official site (Japanese): http://www21.atpages.jp/uminekogame/

Some Screenshots:

I’m adding here a video of “Unlocking Willard” (although it’s a late part) Just so you can appreciate how genius this game is for making Umineko mysteries and aura into a platormer:

The first game is completed and fantastic, there’s also a Trial version for a second game, but for all I know, they never finished it.

Here’s the download link from their site: http://www21.atpages.jp/uminekogame/hp/umi1/dl.htm
In case the download doesn’t work, I can upload it again myself, as said- the game was free to play, but it’s an old one, so I hope it still works.

Anyone got to play it in the past? Anyone feels like playing it now?

Huh this is actually pretty neat, I might give this a try later. I’m assuming no Eng translation exists but I will still give it a try