Higanbana 2nd Night Ch. 3: Welcome to the Mirror World


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Pointless? Sure. Funny? A LOT.

Submissive Higanbana was the funniest sight we could ever have and this chapter seems to have the sole purpose of showing the Mirror World. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m still laughing hard at it, though. Mirror Sakunoshin was priceless and Kyou’s personality ended up surprising me a bit, he’s more gentle than his appearance in the Lunar Festival showed.


Cute chapter! I guess Ryukishi likes to splice in these interludes to break up the tension from the major chapters. I bet chapter 4 is gonna be intense.

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What a silly little chapter. I actually tweeted for this one for once:

This is the Umineko track in question by the way:

So to those familiar with Japanese, what’s the onomatopoeia behind geragera?


It’s an amusing sidestory chapter, it’s entertaining to see the ‘reversed’ versions of the characters’ personalities. When I was first reading it I thought for a second that mirror-world Marie (after tying up mirror-world Kyou and entering the real world) would be an actual threat and the story would become more serious.

On a positive note Marie mentions that quite a few people have changed their opinions of Midori, it’s good to hear that there might be some hope for her after The Princess’ Lie ended so negatively.

Apparently geragera is onomatopoeia for a loud or hearty laugh.


In this Episode of Higabana, Michiru Urihcim gives me instant Umineko flashbacks.
Urihcim, Battler would be so proud of you right now. Have a medal.:push:

This was such a cute chapter.


What makes this even better is that someone in the chapter 4 first night topic compared Michiru with Ange.


What a fun chapter! Geragera Marie just doesn’t roll off the tounge as well, though…

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Yeah I don’t know what i can pull from this chapter, the mirror metaphor seemed to refer to the ‘dirtiness’ inside our hearts, we’ve got that whole parable where appearances can be deceiving going on here, and i thought it was interesting that Kyou suggests Marie could have been like Mirror-Marie (or vice versa) under altered circumstances. I wished we’d gotten more time to understand why the characters in the mirror world were all so different, but i guess this wasn’t really offering a sophisticated analysis, just a fun thought experiment.

The only other point that really stuck out to me was Marie’s thought that the Mirror-Marie would embody all of her ideals, Ryukishi suggests that the common fantasy that if only you could completely change your personality you’d be perfect is built on fantasy. The same goes with Marie’s friendship with Higanbana, the Mirror-Higanbana and Mirror-Sumire both lack their negative traits from Marie’s original world but are much less ‘people’ in this one. The Youkai who were once proud are now hardly worth their screentime beyond being laughed at.

This isn’t a particularly profound dialogue but it’s nice to see Ryukishi play around with his characters a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

@VyseGolbez I really appreciated the Higanbana remix of Monochrome Clock, it’s a fantastic track to begin with and it just makes Mirror-Sakunoshin even stranger.

@Aspirety I sure hope so! Gimme that scary ghost story Ryukishi!


This was a cute little chapter.

I think the best part may have been drunk Sakunoshin, I mean, what the heck was that? :joyful: