Higurashi Ch. 1 Onikakushi Tea Party

Higurashi Ch. 1 Onikakushi Tea Party

Commemorating the launch of Rokkenjima, our first Tea Party was held for Higurashi Onikakushi. The Rokkenjima Tea Party sees our community join together to read, discuss and create fanworks of an 07th Expansion work on the forum, ultimately culminating in a podcast recorded by a select few of our community members. The aim is to both celebrate the work, and dig deep with analysis and speculation. The Tea Parties are 100% spoiler-free and newcomer-friendly; a great opportunity for people new to the work to finally get the hands dirty!

Once the community had discussed the chapter, our cast of Aspirety, Pepe, Kyuketsukimiyu and Karifean took to collating all of these thoughts and adding in our own, digging as deep as we can into the convoluted plot of Onikakushi. The podcast was a lot of fun and turned up some pretty interesting ideas. You can take a listen to the podcast in the video above, or download an MP3 here.

We hope you look forward to the Watanagashi Tea Party in the near future!

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I guess I should post here, how many people participating in this Bookclub are new to Higurashi? And from that, is there anybody willing to join the Podcast? I won’t get my hopes too high, but it would be amazing if we could get someone new to Higurashi to join our podcast.

I’m new to Higurashi, though I’m kinda hoping it’ll come on sale before I buy it. If not, I’ll get it soon to finish by the 21st.

I’d offer to join the podcast, but I don’t have a mic yet. And RL is a bit busy with interviews.

Just so you guys know, only two weeks left! If you’ve already read it, then feel free to kickstart the discussion!

So for clarifications sake because I feel like I’m misunderstanding, this starts or ends on the 21st?

It started two weeks ago! We have one week left before the podcast.

As stated on the discord channel:

“Okay guys, there’s been a delay for the Onikakushi Tea Party Podcast, but I’m happy to announce that we’re gonna be broadcasting it live here on Discord!
You can catch it at 12PM (Noon) UTC on Saturday!”

Hope y’all can catch it!

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The podcast is now up! Thanks for joining us for the Tea Party everyone! Feel free to leave feedback for the podcast here.


The thing that I find so compelling about this first Chapter is how it was able to make just about every thinkable possibility of answers seem viable. I loved hearing the podcast because it got me thinking again, and it made me realize that the only conclusion that I can come to about this chapter is that its impossible for me to make a conclusion!

One thing that you guys touched on was the possibility of (Onikakushi)[spoiler]the onikakushi’d being the culprits of the crimes. That got me thinking about the whole “village conspiracy” theory, and reminded me of one scene that you guys passed over. I dont remember exactly where in the chronology it occurred, but it might have been the day after Rena both screamed at him and was hiding outside his room eavesdropping, because Keiichi had gotten no sleep the night before.

That day at school, Keiichi was very tired, and during break he laid his head down on his desk. Mion and Rena supposedly thought he we asleep, because they started whispering over at their own desks. Keiichi can only hear about half of what theyre saying, but he does think he hears Rena say something about “being next”. Keiichi immediately assumes that she is refering to being murdered or onikakushi’d. However, having just gotten an earful of all Ooishi’s village conspiracy theories, I immediately thought the opposite:

Is Rena “next” to be the culprit?

She just recently returned to the village, after all. Maybe she needs to prove herself by helping with the conspiracy? And its only after this scene that we see Rena start to really “terrorize” Keiichi. [/spoiler]Obviously, even if this theory is correct, there are still tons of hole, but thats true about almost every theory at this point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: Went back and spoiler tagged everything, since Im not actually sure whether or not thats necessary for this topic