Higurashi Chapter 4: Himatsubushi releasing in two weeks!

Higurashi Chapter 4: Himatsubushi releasing in two weeks!

It's that time again! Preorders have started for the fourth and last question arc of Higurashi When They Cry on MangaGamer (NSFW Link). It will officially launch on October 7th on their site as well as on Steam below! Himatsubushi breaks the mould of previous Higurashi Chapters and serves as a more of a side-story, taking us back five years prior to the events of the main story to a brief encounter Rika shared with a visitor to Hinamizawa as a young child. It's time for Rika's moment in the spotlight, and the insight it provides into the world of Higurashi is bound to intrigue readers. With this arc comes the conclusion of the Question Arcs. How have you fared against the mysteries of Hinamizawa? With the Answer arcs next in line, the truth will finally begin to reveal itself, and you will begin to learn the limits of your reasoning.

Interestingly, the price on MangaGamer is $5.95 (not including 10% launch discount), which is $2 cheaper than the previous two Higurashi chapters. Our best guess is that this is due to Himatsubushi's length. It's also worth noting that if you're yet to bite the bullet, you can save money by purchasing all four question arcs as part of a bundle, either on MangaGamer or Steam. The bundles don't include Himatsubushi yet, but check again after launch!

In the future, we plan to host a Tea Party for Himatsubushi, but in the meantime we hope you'll join us in catching up with our Higurashi Tea Party! Watanagashi is currently underway, and we'd love to see you join us in reading and discussing it together. With any luck we'll be able to catch up with the official releases, and host a new Tea Party as each Chapter launches!

Don't let us hold you back though! Be sure to let us know if you're purchasing the title below!

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Grats on your first article @epika! (I helped edit it but she did the hard work~)

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This should be exciting for fans experiencing Higurashi for the first time, Himatsubushi takes quite a different approach in the storytelling and it probably will be compelling for them. And of course, it should be very interesting to read the theories they come up with now that the question arcs conclude too.


Since I’ve only watched the anime I have no clue on the length of this chapter, I remember it only being two episodes. Does it have a lot more details that were left out in the anime, will it be about same length or will it be significantly shorter than the previous chapters.

It is significantly shorter than the previous chapters. A couple hours at most, if I recall correctly.

Alright thanks, I wasn’t sure because the previous chapter was called “the shortest scenario” but I remember it being longer than himatsubushi in the anime.

Looking forward to this quite a lot! This was the story arc that I liked most as depicted in the manga, rather than the anime. And since I suppose the manga was closer to the source material, that means the novel should be really good!

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Actually, I seem to remember that Himatsubushi was the one instance where the anime was closer to the original than the manga was. For some reason.