Higurashi Hou at Humble Bundle!

I couldn’t believe it when I got the notification in the Mailbox:

For the next two weeks there is a Mangagamer bundle available, including all of the remastered Steam releases of Higurashi that so far have been published for only at least 10$, so dirt cheap in comparison to the regular 35$ or so it usually costs.
If you only have the old version (like me) and have been reluctant to give the new sprites a try (especially as a dirt poor student, like me^^), it seems now is the day!


you’re legally, morally and societally obligated to nab the $10 tier if you haven’t read Higurashi.

I’m following the Steam releases (e.g. I’ve only read up to meakashi) but I can confidently say that Higurashi is one of my favorite visual novels in the making.


This is a great bundle. I have a Steam Key for the first episode if anyone wants it, preferably somebody who hasn’t started the series yet.

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