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Well, wow that was a ride.

At first I wasn’t particularly interested, but somehow the story drew me in during the middle with Minai Tomoe. Her talking to Natsumi about her past with her sister and parents… It just really resonated with me.

Knowing Onisarashi-hen, I knew what to expect for the end of the story, but it still really got to me. Like what was said before in Someutsushi, I reallly did enjoy reading about what happens after the great Hinamizawa disaster. The political discussion makes me wonder how far TOKYO tries to cover up what happened in Hinamizawa.

I surprised myself by feeling so much emotions during this chapter just what happened to Minai… Even Ooishi grabbed at my heart strings and I don’t particularly care about him that much… it was just real heartbreaking.

Also ahhhh that after credits scene was so cuute. ;_; I forgot that was a thing just added for the console arcs.

Oh and Wakamoto voicing Kaoru!!! good voice cast :smiley:

I’m excited to read more console arcs whenever they come out. :slight_smile: