Higurashi Tea Party Meta - News, Discussion and Feedback

As the title says, this topic will be used for admins to share information about the Higurashi Tea Parties, brainstorm ideas, and also for participants to offer their own ideas and feedback regarding the management of the Higurashi Tea Parties.

Been brainstorming some ways to increase the output of content and hype for this Tea Party. Had the thought of recording some mid-chapter discussions on discord as a more laid-back informal thing than the podcasts.

I also feel like it is in our best interests to get more regular, reactionary content, like a regular journal of impressions as we read as opposed to a big meaty analysis at the end of the reading. I see some people here already doing that which is great.

One thought I had was, would many of you guys be interested in livetweeting the journey? I feel like collecting a bunch of impressions of Meakashi under a hashtag would be an excellent way to promote the Tea Party to a wider audience. We can even repost some of our tweets here for posterity, and the Rokkenjima Twitter could retweet some of these. Would anyone else be interested in doing that with me?


Sure I might do it. What would you make the hashtag be?

#MeakashiTeaParty ?

I think #HigurashiTP would be good.