Higurashi Tea Party Podcast 2: Watanagashi

Higurashi Tea Party Podcast 2: Watanagashi

Welcome once more to Hinamizawa for our second Tea Party. We hope you enjoy your stay as we partake in a journey of speculations and theorycrafting, where multiple truths will confront head on. Your hosts for this podcast are Aspirety, Kyuketsukimiyu, Rabla and joining us for the first time, EisenKoubu. Apologies for the poor sound quality and the lateness of this episode, we ran into more than a few technical problems getting this one ready.

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this Chapter. Congratulations to EisenKoubu for winning our MVP award, a free copy of Tatarigoroshi has been delivered to your Steam account!

We will be taking a break for two weeks in preparation for the third Umineko Tea Party commencing on the 24th, but you are welcome to get a head start and read Banquet at your own pace, which many have already done. As for Tatarigoroshi, if we're fortunate we'll be able to host it right after Banquet!

If you'd prefer to download and listen to the Tea Party offline, we've prepared an mp3 you can download here. For more information about the Higurashi Tea Party, including links to relevant forum topics and future episodes, keep an eye on our Higurashi Tea Party Page.

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Not much to say about my efforts this time around, except the next time I do one of these, I need a better mic. :sweat_smile:

“You thought it was well-written, but it was me, Shion!”

Fuck you Shion is my favorite character in this story.

We weren’t talking about Shion’s value as a character, more just drawing attention to how a perfectly cohesive narrative was spun and destroyed once Shion’s identity was confirmed.

“Destroyed”… well it’s still made clear that most of the Shion encounters were, in fact, Mion pretending to be her. Shion just kinda takes advantage of it at the end there to screw with Mion a bit. So the cohesive narrative is actually still perfectly intact since for the most part Mion and Shion were “the same person”. Shion just hijacks the plot before it could reach a satisfying conclusion =P


Eh? What’s the evidence for that??

Well, it’s strongly implied in the manga when Keiichi thinks after these events, ‘So all the Shions up until yesterday were actually Mion?’ (although the scanlation botches the translation at this part)

‘Shion’ giving Keiichi the bento was definitely actually Mion, because Shion actually teases Mion about it.

(Meakashi spoilers) And the fact that Mion seems perfectly okay with Keiichi being alone with ‘Shion’ before the real Shion shows up also points to that ‘Shion’ being Mion. In other arcs such as Tatarigoroshi and Meakashi, Mion is shown as being extremely jealous of Shion being alone with Keiichi.

(Minagoroshi spoilers) Also, in Minagoroshi Rika says that in the world of Watanagashi/Meakashi, Mion interacted with Keiichi as Shion after the doll incident.

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Also Shion talks about how Mion told Keiichi about the unity of the village, which is what “Shion” talked to him about after the whole bike gang incident.

Edit: Wow what a beautiful sentence I wrote.

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Guess that went over my head as I was reading. At the very least Keiichi never caught on that they’d been swapping.