Higurashi Tea Party Podcast 4: Himatsubushi

With this podcast complete, our analysis of the question arcs of both Higurashi AND Umineko have finally come to a close. I Aspirety am joined once more by our MVP VyseGolbez the Challenger and Rabla the Crimson, together with pictoshark the High Impact making his first debut on our podcasts. Our newcomers to the series will now make their final push toward uncovering the mysteries of Hinamizawa before the answers reveal themselves in Meakashi. For this podcast, we tried something different by including a slow scroll through the forum discussion as the podcast’s video. What did you think of it? Would you like to see us do it for future podcasts as well?

My humble thanks to all the forum members for their discussion of this Chapter and in the spoilers topic too, and congratulations to VyseGolbez for earning the prestige of the Himatsubushi Tea Party MVP! You will be rewarded with a forum badge and a free Higurashi chapter of your choosing.

The Meakashi Tea Party has already begun, and will be running for three weeks until we jump over to the console-exclusive Someutsushi! Those participating in the Tea Parties are welcome to begin reading and discussing as soon as they wish. And don’t forget, we’re hosting a giveaway where you could win a Higurashi Steam Key or a Higurashi Sou Concert DVD! Check the article for more details and help us spread the word of this Tea Party to everyone we can; we need to make this the biggest celebration of Meakashi in the western world! And don’t forget, we’re offering a prize for fanart contributions!

If you’d prefer to download and listen to the Tea Party offline, we’ve prepared an mp3 you can download here. For more information about the Higurashi Tea Party, including links to relevant forum topics and future episodes, keep an eye on our Higurashi Tea Party Page.

All music used in this podcast are the property of their respective rights holders. Feel free to message me if you’d like to know the source of a music track!

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So I still haven’t received any feedback on this. What did you guys think of having the discussion scrolling in the podcast video? Did you like it enough to want to see it in future podcasts, or should we leave it be?

I personally listen to podcasts while doing something else and leave the video playing in the background, so it didn’t make much of a difference to me. I see no reason not to include the discussions in future podcasts though, as it might still be interesting for people who turn their full attention to the video. There’s no real downside to having it in the video and there’s the chance it might also incite people to contribute to the future discussions.

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I’m one of the weird Netziens who doesn’t really like watching videos - so I also only really pay attention to the audio, with the video off in a distant and forgotten tab.

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As the guy that was worrying that it might be too distracting, I can say that the scrolling speed is slow enough that I think it’s not too distracting, and in the end certainly something to look at for those folks that actually do watch the video. So basically, sure, you can do that for the next podcasts as well.

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