Higurashi Tea Party Podcast 5: Meakashi

Our dive into the answer arcs of Higurashi begins with Meakashi, the Eye-Opening Arc! I’m especially happy with how this Tea Party and podcast went down; I believe it may be our best podcast yet! If you have to listen to any Rokkenjima podcast, make it this one. This week I’m joined by veterans Karifean and Naomikon (who’s making her Rokkenjima podcast debut), together with newcomers Pepe, pictoshark and VyseGolbez.

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@Pepe the 30 second recap was under 30 seconds :shock: and completely on point! Great job!

@Naomikon - Congrats on your debut! You were great! For someone who said they were nervous you made a huge impact on the pace of the discussion and were an interesting and unique voice. I hope you join the podcast group again. :joyful:

I really liked the discussion surrounding Shion’s taste and attraction towards Keiichi. I think how much of Shion is attracted to Keiichi genuinely and how much of it she does to troll Mion - and the way her affection for Keiichi is almost a Schrodinger’s love (where her loyalty to Satoshi seems to keep her from considering her feelings towards Keiichi, thus leaving both possibilities kind of alive and true in her own heart) a key part of understanding Shion and her motivations both in this and in other arcs where she is present.

Listening to this podcast made me dwell on some of the feelings I had while reading Someutsushi and come closer to being able to better articulate them. I will have to continue to reflect.

The You chorus was also awesome.

In general I liked the timing of the music for this podcast in particular. Also I don’t know how much of this was managed during recording time and how much is the miracle of audio editing, but the conversation flowed great and the lack of talking over each other despite the large number of guests was impressive.

Looks I am suspected of having fallen to the curse of Oyashiro-sama. Hopefully I can catch up on the Steam releases before that becomes a reality.


I can only gush on Satoshi for so long :sneaky: I’m sure Shion can do it longer!

And I really need to get something better than my tin can microphone… or do something about all the echoing in my new apartment.

But hey this podcast was quite fun indeed :smiley: was glad to talk with you guys on it

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