How many hours do you usually sleep?

I usually sleep around 5-6 hours on weekdays and 8-9 hours on weekends. I’m often very tired around thursday-friday.


I have insomnia. On average I get 4 to 4 and a half hours of sleep, with two or three interruptions (I wake up) in between. So I’m tired all the time, haha.

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On weekdays it’s 5-6 hours and on weekends it can vary anywhere from 4-10 hours, but that’s really only depending on how late I wake up not how early I sleep so I never really feel rested.

Hahaha, what is this sleep thing you speak of? I usually get somewhere between 4-7 hours. 9 is the most that I’ve ever slept ever.

I’m not really a fan of sleeping. I know that probably sounds weird, but by cutting into my sleep I’ve been able to accomplish so much more studying, internet, chores, etc. I usually tend to cut my sleep on the shorter end during the week (since that’s when I’m busiest) and sleep more on weekends.

I kinda wish I didn’t have to sleep though. I mean, I understand it has health benefits and that there are biological reasons why we sleep, but at the same time I feel like I could be doing so many more things with the time I spend sleeping. The average person spends about a third of their lives sleeping. I feel like there are so many more things I should be during in that time.


It honestly depends for me, I try to get 8 hours of sleep but sometimes things just happen that mean I end up getting less.

Usually when I get less it is weather related i.e it’s too hot to sleep or it’s a gusty night and it sets off a nearby car alarm.

It depends. Right now I’m in a short, peaceful time of my life so I can afford sleeping about 6-7 hours per night. But during first few years of college, I survived with about 4-5 hours per night and severe insomnia (falling asleep with difficulty, waking up often, sometimes not sleeping at all). Thanks to college, I also have a few stories of staying up late and working for 24-36 hours straight (I kinda collapsed in bed after 36, couldn’t do anything more). Definitely do not recommend it. Sleep as much as you can!


Generally about 6-7 hours on weekdays and 8-9 hours on weekends, though I can go on less if I have something important to do.

I think it all depends on if I’m busy the next day or not. Usually I will at least try to get 7 hours of sleep, but on some nights I can get less than four if something comes up or if I’m stuck thinking about something. I usually don’t have trouble sleeping at all, it’s staying awake that’s the problem!

It really depends on a lot of things… if I have something to do that day then I’ll get less sleep. So really my hours range from 2 hours to like… 11+ hours… …don’t judge my ability to sleep ok :joy:

I usually try to maintain 8 hours sleep or a little more, like 10 hours in holiday. Sometimes I also sleep less when I got insomnia…around 4-5 hours, but never less. Nowadays I depend on (cold) medicine if I have difficulty to sleep (laughs). Of course, I don’t always drink medicine.

I usually sleep between 5-7 hours, depends what I have next morning. I should improve my schedule to be honest, as sleep is going to become too precious.

An average of 6, I guess? On days offs and vacations, there’s no real estimate as I just sleep as much as I want. Unless I’m super exhausted or something, I can’t say I’ve ever slept for more than 8 hours in a row.

I get 3 to 4 hours of sleep ever since getting a gigantic bed three years ago that pretty much takes up the whole bedroom. I had to accept it because it was a house-warming gift, it has only brought me sleepless nights and pain of stubbing toes against its frame at night. I miss having a simple futon.

I guess between 3 and 7 hours, depending on a lot of factors.
Been pretty much that way since I was young…

During the week I usually sleep around 4-6 hours. It’s the minimum that I have to keep me sane, but if I could, I would sleep for 8-12 hours lol. My problem is that I love sleeping late and doing things such as studying, playing videogames, reading at night so even though I feel tired during the day, I just don’t want to sleep early lol


Personally, I sleep between 4 and 6 hours, but generally 10 hours on weekends.

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Sometimes 8 hours, sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 10 hours, sometimes 2 hours. Been dealing with insomnia since middle school, and my sleep patterns seem to be completely random and all over the place. Either way, I’m usually tired.

Lately my sleep schedule has been all over the place…

I’m trying to sleep 8 hours, but I pretty much sleep 7,6 or 5 most of the time. When I’m on holiday it’s even less.