How many hours do you usually sleep?

Usually depends for me like if I have anything real important I’ll stay up and sacrifice sleep just for it.

So I guess 4-6 hours? @3@

I get 7 total, usually added up by one 4 hour sleep and another 3 hour sleep. But this is only if I have something to do the next day. If I’m not doing anything the next day, then 8 hours straight.

I usually need between 6-7 hours per night though I can survive on less if I need it.
But I’ll almost always wake up around 06.00-07.00 no matter when I fall asleep so if I had a bad night then I’ll have a long and sleepy day in front of me.



As what’s been said, 6-7 is usually sufficient for me, although there are times when I get less, but those days don’t tend to end well…

On weekdays, around 7-8 hours. Any shorter and I find myself dozing off in class.

On Saturday, about 10 hours. I assume there are a lot of people who sleep longer (such as my little sister), but I only sleep as long as I need to. I’ve got schoolwork and errands to do, anyway. ^^;

How long I sleep on Sunday changes from year to year, in accordance with the schedule of the church I go to. This year, it’s about 8 hours of sleep. Next year will probably be longer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhere between 7 and 10 hours. Up to 12 if it gets really bad (doesn’t happen too often, thankfully). Note: Length of sleep is pretty much completely independent of the time I go to sleep at. If I go to bed at 2, I’ll get up around 10. If I go to bed at 6, I’ll get up around 2.

Exceptions are if I have to get up. I almost never fail at getting up at a required time, even if it means only 4 hours of sleep because I stayed up too long again.

6-8, depends really. I royally fucked up my body a long tie ago by means of being a major MMO addict so I have the terrible habit of accidentally switching over to nocturnal if I dont use alarms to wake me up in the morning.

If it’s on a weekday, 6 hours. But if it’s the weekend and I have nowhere I have to get up and get dressed for, 8 hours.

I aim for 7 hours. I do well with that much. I did 6 or less for years but these days I notice too much of a difference if I try to pull that.

Well every night except Saturday night, I usually get around 6 hours, though it sometimes lessens. On Sunday, I sleep in and usually I wake up around 11 am-12 am. But I am a morning person. If I set an alarm I always wake up in the first ring unless I slept like an hour ago but all my roommates manage to sleep for like hours past their alarms. I don’t understand.

It depends for me. I’ve always had issues with falling asleep, but staying asleep is rarely a problem. Though, this means that if I have something to do in the early morning, I get little to almost none.

In numbers, probably average about 3-4 on weekdays, and about 8-9 on weekends. It depends a lot on things that pop up that I have to do.

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I try to always stick to 8 hours. All of you bastards and your wacky time zones on discord are making that kind of hard though…


Anywhere between 3-11 hours. I’m unhinged af


I aim for at least 7 hours per night (AKA set my alarm for 7 hours after I go to bed). On good days, I can sacrifice 8. I get quite grumpy when I get less than 5 hours sleep, so I try my best to keep my schedule intact.

On the flipside, I think the longest I’ve ever slept was 10 hours, and even that happens very rarely. Never knew what it was like to sleep half a day.

I try to aim for 9 hours as a general rule, I guess.

It always generally depends. When I stay with my sister, get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep, since I have to get up early to walk her dog. At my home, I vary, sometimes, it’ll be as few as 4, other times, 9 hours. The longest I’ve ever slept was 14 hours and I honestly don’t know how I managed that when I wasn’t that tired.

When my work schedule gets busy, I get between zero and six hours of sleep usually. (Having twenty to thirty-six hour days isn’t unusual for me.) When the schedule isn’t too bad usually between five and eight hours.

However, if I’m at the end of a very busy work week, like just recently, I get a lot of sleep. Yesterday was fourteen hours of sleep. It was fantastic, except for the part where I had a bunch of other stuff to do, but still.

Protip: don’t have my sleep schedule.


Looking at the sleeping habits of this community I feel like the so-called sacrifices I make seem quite small. I usually try to sleep 5-6 hours since I spend most of my time studying, with these sessions on the internet merely interspersing hours of study, and I need to be mentally awake so I can make sense of the matter in front of me.

On rare occasions, it’s even 4 or 3 hours if the demand really calls for it, but I usually end up paying for this ‘stolen’ time with a bout of sickness.

I just can’t sleep longer than nine hours though, provided my REM cycles during that time are undisturbed

I am so bad at waking up if I don’t l sleep at least 7 hours, I miss when I was 17 when I could spend the whole night playng Ragnarok online and still make it through the day with little effort.