Introduce Yourself!

Thank you Plisking, it’s really nice to see a community that is worried to preserve a healthy environment for everyone (:
Glad that you’ve brought me here too haha

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Welcome to Rokkenjima, Cherry! There’s plenty for you to read here, probably starting with the newly translated arc, Someutsushi! Just read the arc and post your feelings about it! Doing so may win you a fun prize, so please, join in! Participating in the tea parties is probably the best way to get involved around here, so please, give it a try! You can also catch up on our past tea parties by listening to our podcasts (which you can participate in). There is a podcast for all of the stuff rereleased on Steam (so the Higu question arcs, Umi question arcs, and Meakashi)!

You can also talk about all of your favorite Umineko memories by posting in the various sections per episode. For example, if you want to talk about how cute Sakutaro is, you can do that in either the spoiler or spoiler free section for episode 4. We also have a place where you can talk all about your favorite scenes for both Umineko and Higurashi. You can also talk about the various characters you like best, whether it be Bern, Beato, Keiichi, Rena, etc. And if you just want to talk about your feelings on Higurashi or Umineko as a whole, we have that too.

That’s not the end of the fun either. There are also places to talk about mystery novels (Hello there, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), books in general, writing in general, fanart for Umineko and Higurashi, hobbies/talents, gaming, even everyone’s cute pets.

And if even that isn’t enough for you, you can check out other 07th Expansion stuff like Rose Guns Days, Higanbana, Hotarubi, and TRianThology! I hope you enjoy it here~ :smile:

Oh… And one more thing. In case you haven’t heard yet, WTC 5 is in the works! This teaser page is all we know so far, so come join in the speculation! All aboard the hype train! Choo-Choo~ :joyful:

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Oh, you two know each other? Do go on~

Welcome to the community you two! You both seem like really invested fans, with @Daisu’s huge collection and prior contributions to the fandom, and I can really feel the passion from @CherryRocker. I think you guys would be an amazing fit for our growing family, and so I really hope you both take the time to use the forum for a few days, get that Witch rank, and then come join us on the Discord! I would be overjoyed to get to know you both better :joyful:


Hello everyone, I’ve been eyeing this for a while but only now decided to join. Mostly because I saw this thread about translating Umineko to Brazillian Portuguese and I plan on hijacking it and turn it into proper Portuguese instead (you damn Brazillians!). Introductions aren’t really my thing, but I’ve read both Higurashi and Umineko, and hey, they’re pretty good, so I look forward to discussing them with you.


Hey @Bancho! I see you’re rocking a much less potentially objectionable profile picture than what I’m used to seeing you with.

Hope you enjoy your time here at Rokkenjima!

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I think it’s amazing that Umineko is being translated into both Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese! The wider an audience Umineko can reach, the better. I want the whole world to become infected with the magic of the golden witch, kyahahaha~ :cackle:

As I said to Cherry, really the best way to hop into our discussion is to hop into our current tea party, Someutsushi! This is a newly translated arc for everyone, so please, join in! Posting your thoughts may win you a fun prize, such as a free Higurashi Steam key or a copy of the Miracles Fanzine! The other prize is given to best creator, so if you are an artist of any kind, please give us some cool fanart! All of the art and discussion will be featured in our podcasts (which you can help host) at the end of the tea party! I recommend listening to previous podcasts to get a feel for the kinds of discussion we have here!

Being called “Rokkenjima”, we also have plenty of Umineko to go around! Just pick your favorite episode and post in either the spoiler or spoiler free section for that episode. You can also talk about your favorite characters, like Battler, Beato, the adults, even witches as a whole! You can also talk about your favorite moments, as well as the moments that may have led to you crying.

There’s plenty of other stuff to check out too! For example, Rokkenjima sang “You” from Higurashi together, there’s a thread for sleeping, cooking, showing off your collections, pets, dream WTC crossovers, music, even caffeinated beverages!

Oh, and @CherryRocker, there’s an old Brazilian translation project on Rokkenjima! You might want to recruit them into your project (if you haven’t already), and work together to retranslate Umineko! I wish all of you luck~

Welcome to Rokkenjima, @Bancho! I really hope you enjoy it here~

Damn, @U4ea has basically become the unofficial tour guide for Rokkenjima, huh.

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Thank you!! While I will not be able to read Higurashi’s VN for some time (since I’m completely broke due to the Steam summer sale and university is consuming my soul), I will keep track of the posts.

And wow so it is confirmed that we may be getting a new WTC soon? That sounds great :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t agree more with you haha and it’s pretty satisfying to make someone accept Beato’s existence hahahaha

And omg now I noticed that I have definitely found the perfect community lol if there is a section for telling people in which moments I have cried…this is just PARFECTO! Sharing my sentimental experienced with Umineko’s novel is never boring, especially because people are really empathic towards it. And also, that topic about caffeinated beverages is just amazing hahaha

Oh, about the translation project, I am going to ask them if they need my help, but unfortunately I won’t be able to do much…ugh, University can be so time -consuming.

Thank you for the hints! I hope I can join the Discord server soon~

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Yes! We’ve met in the subreddit’s kakera lol

I can’t wait to join you guys at Discord! :blush:

PS: your icon is really…hot lolololol

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By the way, if anyone here plays the Umineko fighting game, Ougon Musou Kyoku (and wants to get destroyed), do let me know, because finding people to play it with is pretty hard.

Just to clarify, the translation project itself lost a lot of people and it’s not going pretty slowly (basically there’s now only me and the other guy that replied to that, who’s doing the editing), but it’s still a very much alive effort. I’ll translate that damn thing by myself if I have to (it helps the programmer, who I’m not sure is even still willing to work on it, has made us a pretty nifty translation tool).

Hopefully, once I finally finishing translating episode 1 it will help the project gain more traction, though it’s currently going slowly due to my real life work. BUT IT’S NOT DEAD, I SWEAR! lol

@CherryRocker Would you be interested in joining us? As I said, we have now a pretty good translation tool that’s pretty easy to use and another translator would certainly help me.


I certainly do~ but I suppose we should wait for the Steam release for the superior netplay.

Wait, are you saying that Ougon is coming to steam? Man I haven’t seen that game in AGES.

Oh, sure, we should wait.

If you’re scared, that is.

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Me? Please.

@CherryRocker Yes, Ougon is coming to Steam.

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I am really glad to see that the translation is not dead, since Umineko is so unknown here in Brazil, the translation would certainly help and the novel would be more accessible to people that don’t speak english/japanese. But I don’t think I would be a good translator. First of all, I have little time to spend translating such a rich text and I don’t really trust my writing skills. I would be more comfortable if I were a beta reader or something like that.I am sorry man :sweat:

Quick question, are you the same Funchal from the legendary Infinity Series Discussion thread that’s been going on over many iterations for years now on gamefaqs?

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Well, that could work too! I’ll contact you once I finish translating episode 1.

That’s me, yeah! You there as well?