Show Off Your Hidden Gold

So you’ve reached the Golden Land or even the Furude Shrine’s forbidden Saiguden, why don’t you show us what goodies you have to everyone.


Only nice 07th Expac. thing I own, besides the three Higurashi and one Umineko title on Steam, is this.

Hopefully the first piece of what will become a nice collection.


Alrighty I’ll list what i can @3@

Here’s my collection shot from 2012!

I also have the hardcopies of the first Higurashi translation.

Keiichi/Rika/Satoko clearfile

Higanbana, Rose Guns Days, and Hinamizawa Bus Stop script. I also have the Umineko Pachislot book, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Higurashi Daybreak limited figures and Kataribanashi-hen Drama CD 1

Nipa Nipa Ondo CD, some Lycee cards, Hinamizawa Bus Stop postcard, Higurashi Koiutsushi-hen Artbook, and a partly debounded Kataribanashi Vol 5 (I got that as an extra so I have three copies of Vol 5).

Keiichi plushie, Rika Dakimakura cover, Rika&Hanyuu and Rika pillows, Kataribanashi-hen Vol 2 (novel), doujinshi by skypizz

A better look on the Rika dakimakura

Higurashi Mascot Collection full set and KuroRika doujinshi

Better view on the Mascot collection with Rika and Keiichi

Higurashi anime Blurays

More doujins (forgot some from above but also have a new one)

And my latest package: Rika figure, Memorial Collection Artbook, 11th Case Anthology, and All About the Lyric doujinshi

I also do have the full set of Kataribanashi, Yoigoshi, and Minagoroshi manga. Also I have a GFantasy magazine featuring the Umineko EP2 Tea Party manga and also some of the EP7 & EP8 manga.

Probably missing some items though oops.


There is an overwhelming amount more Higurashi merch than Umineko, unfortunately, so my amount of Umineko merch is pretty small, but I’ll post what I have!

Siren Visual’s release of Higurashi. Interestingly, they were the first in the world to localise Higurashi Kai into English!

My Umineko manga. Not pictured are the Episode 3 volumes, which I’ve lent to my mom~

Some Umineko bookmark-y things I got from an artist at a local con in the past. Umineko’s always had a small but dedicated following.

Hey it’s dat boi from Episode 3!

Hey it’s dat boi from Episode 7!

Oh and uh, this thing I have lying around.


Whoa, the Higurashi anime boxart is really cool…

@Aspirety Ok, wow that painting is really cool, that would be amazing to have!

As for me this is my (current) collection:

It’s all the manga books currently translated to english (except for Dawn of the Golden Witch vol 1 which I’ll order soon), Manga Gamers hard copy of their original translation (Higurashi and Higurashi Kai), Umineko 1-8 + Tsubasa, Higanbana 1st and 2nd night and Rose Gun Days 1-4. I also have the Geneon release of the Anime, a NDS game, a Rena Figure (which is sadly missing her hat and cleaver…) and a bunch of different cd’s (Higurashi motion graphic 1-4 and Umineko MG 1-2, some kind of (Doujinshi?) Higurashi soundtrack Vol 1-2, Yours (Higurashi soundtrack remix), Umineko Ep 1 soundtrack and Umineko Blue Music Box (Soundtrack with different songs from the whole series, including an awesome orchestra-remix of Tomorrow).

It’s just too bad that there are so few Umineko figures, I’ve been in Japan a couple of times and have yet to find any.


Ah, I forgot, I have hard copies of the Japanese Higurashi and Umineko games too!

I can only show off my manga collection atm, as I don’t have access to my anime or figures right now. (Not that it would matter- I own the new Sentai BDs, and a single volume of the Siren Visual release. I had the rotten luck to buy it only a few weeks before Sentai Announced their license.)

I own most of Higurashi (I skipped Beyond Midnight, and am missing a few volumes of the Festival Accompanying Arc.) I also own the first two volumes of Rose Guns Days.

I own all of the Umineko manga thus far, as well as some duplicates I bought so I could lend them to friends. (I need a new Vol. 1, mine is falling apart.) Also pictured is the Demon Exposing Arc, and…

The absolutely lovely english-language Umineko Doujinshi, Fragments! (Umineko Full Series Spoilers:)

It’s an adorable little doujin, and if you’re a fan of Episode 7 then I really recommend it!


Such cool collections, I am envious of you guys!

I can’t really show my manga right now as I have it all back in my hometown, but I do own all Higurashi question arcs volumes + Yoigoshi and Meakashi. Stopped buying afterwards, not sure why.

Used to also have some Beatrice and Bernkastel pins, but they’re not here either.

And too bad the Steam copies don’t come in a physical form as well :frowning:


Are you inviting the forum members to compete for your hidden gold that you’ve shown here by posting Beato’s portrait then, Aspirety? Where’s the epitaph that we must solve then? :slight_smile: I’m joking, but that’s a fine collection and I really like the Beatrice frame, that’s a pretty cool idea. :heart:

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the challenge is actually just to go to his house and steal it

if he complains just tell him to stay in-character and leave, his inner fanboy will prevent him from trying to take it back


Sounds like a plan then. :slight_smile:

I just got back from my first convention, and I’m one artbook richer!

I also had the opportunity to buy the Higurashi Rei guidebook too, but there was pretty much no new content in it at all, so I passed.


Well, doesn’t that one look like a fun artbook to flip through? The illustrations look good, I especially like how vivid the colours are. :two_hearts:

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It is, I love it! There’s a ton of art by Ryukishi himself.


This came in the mail today! I know I know, I already have the bluray set, but before that I had volumes 1 - 3 of the DVDs. I saw this on ebay for $33 and I just had to satisfy that completion-ist in me. Though now I have an extra set of volume 1 - 3 oops.

EDIT: I got more stuff in the mail~

2012 Kuji clearfiles (they’re pretty rare to find nowadays), 10th Annivesary Keychains and Keiichi badge set, and third case anthology!


Damn, you guys have more 07th merch than I have merch in general… gotta step up my game!

Is there any particular place you guys get 07th goodies like this? I know you can get at least a few things on Amazon and such, but some of this is stuff I would’ve never even guessed existed…

I usually browse around sites like suruga-ya/yahoo auctions/amazon japan and use the proxy site FromJapan to buy merch from there.

MyFigureCollection is a great place to look at what 07th Expansion merch has come out over the years. Like I wouldn’t have known there was a Keiichi plushie until I saw it on suruga-ya/mfc.

Huh, interesting… Thanks for that tip. I didn’t even know those existed either, but now it’s time to spend my food money on sick loot instead. Not eating is the best way to save money anyway…

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@Aaron_Kopchik You’re welcome :slight_smile: Yeah I just discovered them last year!

Anddddddd here we go finally in my handss~

TriAnthology and Rose Guns Days The Best! :heart_eyes_cat: