Cooking thread

Because why not and I’m also hungry.

Basically post whatever food you’re either eating or making, and tell us how much you like/dislike it.
…Also, you can ask cooking related questions and give tips and post how you made a dish. Though I doubt any of you are better than the Magical Chef. :gohda:


I finally taught myself how to make a good Chili con Carne over the past couple weeks. It was actually really goddamn easy. I tend to overthink way too much when it comes to cooking apparently. But chili’s a dish I love so I’m quite happy~

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I used to have Chilli con Carne. Then my family made it like 100 times over the last 2 years, and now I like it. Good stuff.

I myself know how to make a variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes, and if you give me a recipe I can make pretty much anything you throw me at. I also know how to bake too.

If I move over there someday, be my chef please.

Pay me scrub.

I’ll pay for the food for the both of us. That good enough?

Star plz, my time is valuable.

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And I thought it was a good deal… I tried.

Since I live in NYC, I barely have to think about dinner unless my mom (or dad) wants to cook.
There’s a delicious halal restaurant on Myrtle Avenue, and I must say that the falafel and afghan rice were really good.
Edit: I regret abstaining from sweets for Lent

I’m still a newbie when it comes to cooking, but my boyfriend has been guiding me through some shenanigans (since he’s a much much better cook than me), so I’m doing okay~
I usually tweet my cooking adventures, since it’s not something I do that often.

Aside from that, when my boyfriend was visiting me, we made a dish from food wars/shokugeki no souma, from the first episode, and daaaamn it was good.It was a mashed potato thing wrapped around with bacon and other stuff that I don’t remember. Though don’t eat it if you want to keep your cholesterol levels low. Have mercy on your heart.

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I’m no expert chef, but I have dabbled in the realm of foods. Yesterday I made some grilled chicken that turned out pretty nice. What I like to do is marinate the chicken in salad dressing (I usually do italian, but it’s good in others too). I let it sit overnight, and then I grill it the next day. It’s really good for pasta salad.


Looks pretty good.
I know my dad usually makes his grilled chicken with a mix of lemon juice, paprika, and curry. Perhaps you could try that?

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@Pandora That sounds delicious… I’m definitely going to try that!