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Welcome to Rokkenjima! That’s really cool that you do cosplay. Hope you enjoy it here. Anyone who can make this community great is always welcomed. Post to whatever topic you like. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Rokkenjima, @Rena-Ryuugu! I’m glad you decided to join in our tiny little fragment. Now is a great time to join in, as we just began our Higanbana Bookclub!

So, how that works is we all read (or reread) Higanbana together and then give it as much love as possible! You can discuss it in threads, or make some awesome fanart! Either way, the top contributor will win a prize, so please, participate in the Bookclub! It’s a Rokkenjima wide event, and it’s really fun even when you don’t win. Besides, Higanbana needs all of the love it can get!

You can also check out our prior tea parties that we’ve covered! So far we’ve read Umineko 1-4, Higurashi 1-5, and the newly translated Higurashi arc, Someutsushi together! You can read up on all of crazy theories by reading the spoiler free topics or by checking out our podcasts! And if you want to help host the upcoming Higanbana podcast, you can!

If you’re a veteran, then I recommend checking out our spoiler topics for Higurashi and Umineko! You can also talk about why the Umineko anime failed in comparison to the Higurashi anime, try to explain Umineko in 50 words or less, talk about your favorite scenes for both Higurashi and Umineko, talk about the moments that made you cry, talk about the Umineko 10th anniversary and the Higurashi 15th anniversary, and discuss your favorite characters! You can also check out the latest we know on the next installment of When They Cry.

There are plenty of ways to immerse yourself into our community! You can talk all about books, cooking, writing, movies, pets, caffinated beverages, pizza, the original vs the updated sprites, even how much (or how little) you sleep!

Oh, and once you get witch rank (which takes like a week, you won’t be able to access the topic until then), you should totally post yourself cosplaying (or at least just show us the cosplay outfits if you are shy)! You too, @Arietta! I’d love to see the cosplay you two have created!


Hi there my name is Farispie, and I have been an avid of Ryushiki07’s works since I got into the world of visual novels ~8 years ago. I am a 23 year old Canadian male who has been obsessed since. I have read the entirety of Umineko, Higurashi, Rose Gun Days, and Higabana. I am looking forward to when they cry 5, whenever that may be. I found Rokkenjima through Aspirety’s twitter account pretty much.

My absolute favourite work of 07th expansion is Umineko. I love how the game presented its narrative and it forces you to solve the mystery on your own.


Hello farispie, welcome to Rokkenjima!
One of our mods will be making her regular rounds soon with her loads of interesting links you may enjoy, so please, look forward to that.

In the meantime, I’d suggest you get yourself an avatar. Its the easiest way we have to identify members.


Welcome @farispie! I take it you have read Dies irae as well? =P

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Hi, @farispie! Welcome to Rokkenjima! So many new people joining lately, it’s really exciting! I’m glad so many people have decided to join into our tiny little community.

I’m the one Pandora was talking about. Or am I? Maybe that mod is secretly Karifean. It’s a secret~ :cackle:

It’s awesome to hear you’re a veteran for both Higurashi and Umineko! Since you know all of the secrets for both of these series, I recommend checking out the spoiler channels for them! Of course, you can also check out threads on the Higurashi 15th Anniversary and the Umineko 10th Anniversary, 07th Expansion music, your favorite scenes for both Higurashi and Umineko, the moments in when they cry that made you cry, how you found 07th Expansion, explaining Umineko in 50 words or less, even your favorite characters! You can also check out the lesser known 07th Expansion works like Rose Guns Days, When the Game Ends, Iwaihime, TRianThology, and Hotarubi! And of course, we also have the latest news on WTC5!

The best way to involve yourself in our community is to join in our current Bookclub, which is over Higanbana! In these Bookclubs, all of Rokkenjima comes together to celebrate 07th Expansion! You can participate by creating fanart or by discussing Higanbana in the threads! You may win a prize~ :joyful:

I also recommend checking out our prior Rokkenjima Bookclubs! So far we’ve covered episodes 1-4 of Umineko, arcs 1-5 of Higurashi, and the newly translated Higurashi arc, Someutsushi (which if you haven’t read Someutsushi, you should, it’s really fun for veterans to the Hinamizawa story)! You can check it all out by reading the spoiler free topics, or by listening to our lovely podcasts! You can also help host future podcasts if you wish~

We have a lot of non-07th Expansion stuff too! There’s threads on writing, books, movies, music, cooking, MBTI, astrology, visual novels, pets, pizza, your least favorite day of the week, even your hobbies! We have a little bit of everything for everyone!

Now go, make some new friends! Everyone here is super friendly, so I’m sure they’ll be as excited to get to know you as I am!

Woah, a fellow Canadian! Hello there.

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@amf don’t you mean “How ya doin? Good day outside, eh?”


Ah, I apologize. I forgot the proper, formal Canadian greeting. Too busy feeding poutine to my moose. Sorry, eh?


Look out, I might grab my Reinhard images and randomly hurl roleplaying at you at this rate!

Nah, just kidding. Nice to meet you, I hope to see you around more often!

Oh my beastly companion, I see you find the tale of the Golden Witch to be a rather enthralling venture. Will you find the tale to stir you beyond your memento mori? Alas, as I am plagued from foreknowledge, the proposition seems impossible. Yet, while we wait for our Dies Irae as foretold by Dabid and Sibyl, let us hope for a entertaining interlude to that glorious grand guignol in the Witch’s Beria’h.


It is indeed quite the thrilling sequence of events, I appreciate the motion you raised to embark here. In addition it seems that the higher plane of this wide Ocean allows a temporary escape from that accursed ghetto. A slight irritation that I’ve discovered is that if my feet touch dry land for too long then that foul feeling of foreknowledge begins to encroach on the corners of my senses yet again, but the solution to such an irritation is fortunately rather obvious.

Alas the time to return to Shambhala is fast approaching. I hope your substitute is ready for our Opera to begin in earnest.


Hello @PICTO_BEGUILINGLIGHT! Welcome to - wait a second… You already have an account here!

In that case, I advise you show your true form to our new guest and properly say hello, assuming you haven’t already done so. Hiding behind the mask may be fun and all, but it should probably be used for gameboards, not in the place where we introduce new members into our community. That said, if you wish to continue the fun Dies Irae conversation, perhaps you should take it to the general visual novel topic? :wink:


Right got caught up in the moment there. In any case, thanks for the colorful welcomes everyone.

Sorry, I just had to.

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Yeah and in fact I am pretty sure I’ve seen you on the Dies Irae discord:P

Hey, everyone. I just learned about this site from a guy I met at a convention yesterday after his 07th Expansion panel, so I’m pretty excited to be here. I’m Leo Kusanagi, 25 yrs old and I live in the US. It’s kinda a funny story of how I got into the series. I used to be a big fan of doujin fighters, thanks to games like Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Melty Blood. During that time, one of my friends showed me the game Ougon Musou Kyoku (Or Golden Fantasia, as the localization confirmed it to be). Since it was in Japanese, I didn’t get to absorb much of the storyline, but I did recognize the characters. Fast-forward to a few years ago, I found out that one of my other friends roleplayed Beato. I wanted to roleplay with her, but I knew nothing of Umineko outside the name and the characters. She tried to explain the story to me, but everything was so confusing that I decided to play the VN on my own time. Probably the best decision I’ve made, as Umineko is pretty much my favorite visual novel so far. The only other series that I touched in the 07th Expansion name so far is Higurashi, but like how Umineko once was, I only know the name and the characters, along with the “Nipah” thing. Since the panel I went to yesterday, I am definitely planning on looking into the other series.

Aside from 07th Expansion titles, I am a huge fan of visual novels in general, especially ones that have detective roles. My personal favorite would have to be the Danganronpa titles. I’m also big into anime fighting games, JRPGs and rhythm games. When I’m not playing videogames, I’m usually roleplaying with friends whenever I can.


Hey, welcome! If you happened to be at Matsuricon, I was the Maria! I’m glad you found the community and hope you enjoy your stay.

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I remember you. I knew you told me your username, but I forgot to ask again later for memorization. I’m really looking forward to being here.


Hello hello, @Leo-Kusanagi! Welcome to Rokkenjima, the local home for fans of 07th Expansion! You sound like quite the Umineko fan! Going to conventions, meeting other forum members, that’s really cool! I’m glad you decided to join us~

Since you know all of the magical secrets of Umineko, I recommend checking out the spoiler threads for Umineko! They’re separated per episode, but I’m sure you’ll be able to navigate yourself just fine! You can also check out our other Umineko centric stuff like your favorite adults, the Umineko 10th Anniversary, your favorite scenes, your favorite characters, describing Umineko in 50 words or less, the moments that made you cry, our local Umineko let’s play, even a whole topic dedicated to Golden Fantasia (I’m going to challenge everyone here once it’s on Steam, so prepare yourself)! Rokkenjima is also home to some rather… crazy theories that you may find interesting!

And you should check out the other 07th Expansion stuff, Nipah~ They’re awesome and kyuute! Seriously though, a great way to get involved around here is to join in our latest Book Club! These are Rokkenjima wide events where we all read an 07th Expansion work together! It’s a really fun adventure, and it’s always more fun to read something with some friends by your side. Right now we’re reading Higanbana! It’s a short story, with each chapter only taking a few hours each (nowhere near the length of Umineko), so it’s easy to jump in and catch up! You can participate by reading Higanbana and talking about it in the threads, or by creating some awesome fanart! It’s a Rokkenjima wide event, so I encourage you join in too~

Of course, you’re also more than welcome to check out our previous Book Clubs! In fact, I encourage you do so! It’ll allow you to become familiar with our thoughts, our voices, and our nonsensical theories! So far we’ve covered Umineko 1-4, Higurashi 1-5, and the newly translated Higurashi arc, Someutsushi! You can read up on them by checking out the spoiler free threads, or by listening to our lovely podcasts! Between the two I recommend the podcasts, that way you have a voice to put to a names you see on the forum! You can also help host our Higanbana podcast if you’d like!

As for other stuff you may enjoy we have a whole topic dedicated to gaming. Quite a few people are into rhythm games and JRPGs here! Of course you can also talk all about other visual novels, share your VNDB list, talk about your MBTI type, movies, books, music, hobbies, your detective theme, pets, ideal crossovers, your wishlist, even tips to get over boredom!

Oh, and you might want to get an actual profile picture! I like Goat-kun and all, but I want you to get a unique profile picture so that people can look at you and say, “Yo! That’s my dude Leo right there!” It’s nice to be able to put a face to a name, and a name to a face!

And whenever you get a chance, you should absolutely read Higurashi! Maybe read along with our theories/listen to the podcasts? There’s more to Higurashi than just cute lolis doing cute loli things!