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I’m stealing an idea from Vyse and I’m going to throw in a bunch of screenshots (I’ll live update them with my reactions.)

First and foremost I just want to say how thankful I am that this arc, as well as the other PS3 arcs are being translated into English. Since I cannot read Japanese, I’ve never actually read this arc before! Even if I already know the heart of the mystery, it’s really nice to see another story set in Hinamizawa.

Without further ado, here’s my reactions to this chapter!

SomeutSUSHI am I right! Haha… That wasn’t even remotely funny.

First and foremost we meet these two detectives investigating Takano’s death. They talk a lot about how they want to investigate more, but can’t because technically the body is in the neighboring town and investigating without informing the police would be a violation of a contract they have with each other. Either way, the two detectives are interesting, so I’m sure we will see them again.

Hello! You’re not Keiichi! I wonder how Keiichi this not Keiichi will be? Also… Kimiyoshi? Isn’t that one of the three families? I wonder if she’s related to the mayor of Hinamizawa… Also, I might accidently call you Natsuhi since your names are so similar. I wonder if you will have similar personalities too?

Chisato is best girl in this chapter. She does this whole “I’m trying really hard to act zany so that I can make you happy because I care a lot about you!” She may not seem like it at first, but she’s a really good friend to Natsumi.

I love how Tamako acts as the straight man to Chisato. I’ve seen enough anime to realize that the two of them are acting as the two roles in Manzai. For those who don’t know, this is a type of comedy in Japan that has a straight man (in this case, Tamako) and a crazy one (Chisato). The two play off of each other really well, and are pretty dang funny. Of course, the funniest parts are Natsumi trying really hard to keep up with their fast-paced humor.

Hi Mion! I see we have your Alchemist sprite here. I wonder if this was intentional, or if I installed the Someutsushi patch wrong… For anyone else who reads this arc, let me know if it’s just something I did incorrectly (I should mention I’m playing all this on a mac, so that could be why!)

Me, along with the rest of the school are low key shipping Natsumi and Chisato together. As I said before, their antics are cute and funny. However, I don’t think they’ll be a couple since Natsumi has feelings for another person.

Speaking of Natsumi’s love interest, his name Touhou-kun. Oh wait, his name’s Toudou, not Touhou! Anyway, he’s a shy artsy kid who has a thing for Natsumi. She likes him too. After a while he confesses his feelings for her, and they are a couple! How cute~!

So Natsumi is nothing like Natsuhi. She’s a shy, dandere type girl that likes to care for people. Chisato got her a job (as Chisato’s dad owns the hospital) at a local nursing home. She runs into an elderly man here named Hatakeyama who is also from Hinamizawa. Natsumi thinks his obsession with Oyashiro is a tad creepy, but he’s friendly so there’s nothing to worry about… right?

It doesn’t matter if Hatakeyama is a bit creepy, Natsumi’s too consumed with her love of Bob Ross. Seriously though, this Toudou is secretly Bob Ross. We learn from here that he has been awarded a scholarship for his art.

Natsumi’s friends bring her back to Earth for a moment to tease her about the reasons her head is so in the clouds. Eventually Chisato figures out that she must like someone, but Natsumi denies it playfully.

Ah, those wonderful moments in Higurashi when you realize that you aren’t in Kansas anymore. Chisato’s getting creepy and strangely possessive of Toudou. I wonder why? Does she like him too? Or is she being as exaggerated as she is normally?

Since Natsumi transferred, she’s a bit behind academically. Chisato and Tamako have tried to help her out, but she’s told by the teachers that she probably won’t be able to attend university like her parents want her too. She’s upset, as Chisato, Tamako, and Toudou are all going to a nearby university that is pretty prestigious. It would take a miracle for Natsumi to be able to get in with her current grades.

Chisato is best girl yet again. She’s gotten Natsumi and Toudou some tickets to a concert. She and Tamako are also going with Natsumi to get ice cream after school. I really hope this means she’s not jealous anymore?

Tamako is also getting creepy. Natsumi is afraid her friends are going to find out her secrets, and her biggest secret is the fact that she’s from Hinamizawa.

Natsumi’s friends have told her that they would accept her no matter what. But they are still avoid the topic of Toudou. And they are aren’t a fan of people from the countryside.

GHD has occurred. This isn’t good. PANIC. Now Natsumi’s even more determined to keep her true heritage a secret. She doesn’t want to worry her friends by telling them, “I’m from the town that just exploded with volcanic gas”.

So now that GHD has happened, Natsumi’s grandma is praying feverishly. Everyone’s on edge, and Natsumi’s only getting more stressed. Not good! She leaves home to leave the tense atmosphere.

She goes to work, and Hatakeyama is being super creepy. All this Oyashiro talk is driving Natsumi crazy. She just wants to live amongst the city like a normal person.

It’s the detective from before! Time for some good old exposition about Watanagashi (the festival, not the chapter)!

Miko Rika is such a cutey~ Ah, but she’s deceased at this point. Still, I cannot help but wonder if Natsumi and her family had stayed in Hinamizawa if she and Rika would be friends.

Natsumi’s pretty awesome in this moment tbh. She’s praised at work by her boss named Yamase offers her a job in elderly care once she graduates high school. Now that she has a plan for her life, Natsumi feels a lot better about things.

So now her inferiority complex has spread to her roots. She promises to tell the detective everything she knows in exchange for not being seen as one of “those Hinamizawa people”. She’s also still keeping her Hinamizawa roots hidden from her friends. I’m not sure it she’s doing it more out of concern for them, or concern for herself at this point though…

Anyways, she tells the detective that according to her crazy grandma that GHD is due to Oyashiro’s curse. While initially Natsumi initially denied this, now that all these strange things are happening to her she’s starting to think that perhaps she is cursed after all. Speaking of the curse, Hatakeyama has clawed out his own throat in a similar fashion to Tomitake. Oh, and he kills Yamase in the process. There goes all of Natsumi’s hopes and dreams…

To clear her head from all the stress, Natsumi and Touhou finally go on their movie date. And they get ice cream. Boy are they cute~ Of course, the date ends abruptly as soon as Chisato is mentioned, as Natsumi is rather jealous of the fact that Chisato and Toudou are childhood friends. He also mentions on the date that he, Chisato, and Tamako are all going to the fancy prestigious collage that Natsumi has no chance of getting into whatsoever.

Once she gets home, Natsumi’s mum goes crazy and kills her grandma. Then her mom tries to kill her. Her dad gets mixed in the crossfire and dies, and Natsumi ends up stabbing her mom out of self defence. Toudou comes in to try to save the day, but ends up being killed by Natsumi as she thought he was her mother. Anyway, Natsumi’s the only person in the whole household who’s still alive.

It’s… All a dream? Only, it’s not! Natsumi’s whole family is dead, but Toudou is alive. He’s injured from Natsumi, but he survived. Natsumi’s friends tell Toudou that they now know that she’s from Hinamizawa and are worried about her. Everyone who’s from Hinamizawa has been acting strange lately or dying in mysterious ways and they are worried about their friend. They want Toudou to talk to Natsumi to calm her down and get their old friend back.

And I thought Yuno was the queen of Yandere girls. Anyway, Natumi drives a knife though Toudou and her own neck. Nothing quite like murder to end an arc on!


Did this arc also get a manga counterpart? It has been a while since I read it, but this looks like one of the special manga arcs I read a while back.

edit: I can find no record of how I could have read this in manga form so I am just going to assume I am crazy for now. Will definitely pick this up to read with the Tea Party next week though!!

I think Someutsushi is loosely based off of the manga exclusive arc, Onisarashi. It has the same characters and setting as Onisarashi. But apparently the two have different endings. I have heard that Someutsushi is the “bad end” and Onisarashi is the “good end” to the same story. I have yet to actually read Onisarashi, so I’m not certain on this.


Yeah Someutsushi-hen is different from Onisarashi-hen even though events are roughly the same, but executed a tad differently. Minai Tomoe is a new character to the police scene, she isn’t in Onisarashi-hen. There’s another version called Kageboshi that is being translated next by the people who did the patch for Someutsushi-hen.


Let’s get this Tea Party started!

Okay, just finished my read of Someutsushi last night. Natsumiiii, you deserved better ;_; First up, my Twitter reactions.

I’m guessing Kageboshi will show a lot more of Tomoe’s perspective. She’s a good character.

And then everything clicked together for me.

Man everyone is best girl in this chapter.

I really did get into the romance of this chapter! It was super sweet yet natural, which means you just know it’s too good to last ;_;

Not sure, but a random thought.


Natsumi always felt more like a middle schooler to me. She’s older than you’d think.

And then I got too invested in the story (and my bed) to continue tweeting.

I don’t know how this ranks compared to other Higurashi arcs, but it was super refreshing, and that’s just what you want from a side story! It felt both very familiar yet very different. An urban Higurashi is something I never knew I needed until now.

But yeah, in case you can’t tell, I got very emotionally attached to these characters! They’re all really fun and interesting, and Natsumi is the most pure cinnamon roll. Her feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty about her future really spoke to me on a personal level. I too traveled from a small country town to a big prestigious high school, and the curriculum felt so alien to me that I could barely keep up at first. And right now I’m struggling with my own university studies, unsure if I’ll be able to continue my current course. Basically it was really easy to empathise with her here. But in the end all she wanted was a simple happiness, and yet the stain of Hinamizawa would rob her even of that… It was especially cathartic, however heartbreaking to watch all the characters react to the incident and how it tore then apart. This is definitely an emotionally charged chapter, and I loved it.

But this is very much a question arc. It seems that even if you take the person from Hinamizawa, you can’t take Hinamizawa from the person. It feels so strange that all these incidents are happening so far away from Hinamizawa, and yet that might be the must frightening aspect. How does this chapter change the way we look at Oyashiro-sama’s curse?

There are some other smaller mysteries bugging me though. Why did Natsumi’s friends keep so much from her? That really stung when I heard about their plans for university; it might even be the cause of the incident at her house. And on that note, What really happened at Natsumi’s house? I was almost willing to take it at face value until grandma’s corpse appeared. Do you think Natsumi killed them?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts.


I started my read a couple days ago and so far I’m really loving this chapter! It’s so clumsy and awkward with the students being obvious kids. Natsumi is definitely a pure cinnamon roll, just as Aspi says, and Chisato is so rambunctious she’s legit adorable… (I’m weak for genki characters)

I’ve been livetweeting on my VN twitter handle (@tomoplusVN) with one continuous thread of reactions (contains possible spoilers!) and I think when I’m done I’ll come back to this post with my final thoughts! So far I’m very pleased indeed.

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This chapter…

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really like it very much. The beginning with all that prefecture talk was extremely boring to me, and then when we got introduced to our main character for the chapter, the SoL was just the same highschool shenanigans I have seen again and again in other places, so I didn’t really connect to her at all, and those scenes were boring to me as well. If there wouldn’t have been a Tea Party, that would have been the place where I would have dropped it; in fact, I actually stalled reading most of this chapter until yesterday and more or less sped through it, sometimes even only skimming parts of the text even though I read it for the first time.

But let’s talk about the mystery aspect, and ooh boy, does the mystery aspect make me worry. You see, there’s a bit too much throat clawing happening in this chapter. Before, we could say that this throat clawing might be caused by some drug (and there are drugs that can do that at least indirectly, basically ones that make you very susceptible to suggestions), and therefore caused by one single culprit, or at least a group of culprits. But now, so far away from Hinamizawa, that explanation doesn’t really work (or we have a very dedicated killer). So the only explanations left now are some mental illness that started with Tomitake and now suddenly everyone and their mom has it, or this actually being caused by some supernatural being, which, to be frank, is a shitty solution to a mystery. Speaking of mental illness:

And this is something I hate about Japan. Having mental problems really hurts your image. And I think this is something that still persists, but please correct me if I’m wrong. From where I stand, I think that people in Japan would look really weird at me if I’d tell them that I was once a patient in a psychiatry.

Anyway, back to why full supernatural is a shitty answer. You see, there’s a reason why most if not all of us were always full on the “A human did it!” side. Because if the curse is actually a curse and caused by some supernatural being, then that’s suddenly the answer to everything. All open questions can then be answered with “It’s supernatural, yo!” There’s no thought required. I would even go so far to say that it is kind of a dick move to say to the reader that he should try to solve this mystery. Because if it’s supernatural, then there’s no mystery.

And I basically feel that this chapter pushes the whole supernatural too strong, it basically destroys the balance the main chapters maintained of both interpretations being possible. It pushes the supernatural so strong that I’m worried that it might actually be the “solution” to Higurashi. Related to this, who the fuck thought it’s a good idea to have Natsumi actually talk in demon voice in the end there?!? (Umineko episode 3 spoilers) And neither Higurashi itself nor this chapter introduce the whole Braun Tubes/Catbox approach, so there’s little reason to view it like that. We can’t go unreliable narrator either, since this scene is from Akira’s point of view, and unlike Natsumi, we don’t have any reason to mistrust him. Speaking of Natsumi:

I think she killed at least part of her family if not all of them, and that dream we see is her concious mind trying to cope with it. Did she develop MID from all the previous shocks? Perhaps. Honestly, though, I don’t really care.

So yeah, overall I can’t recommend Someutsushi, at least not to newcomers, for the reasons above.


Oh god this aaaaaaarrrrrrc!

This um… isn’t exactly my… favorite arc…

Oh god this arc is terrible why.

Before I go into why I think that I feel like it might be a good idea to artificially encourage a little bit of discussion here. Therefore…!

@Aspirety, what did you like about this arc?

Well, I’m not Aspi, but I think I can provide an answer for you!

So, for the veterans returning to the story, this is the first “new” thing we’ve seen since like… 2013 (I think that’s when RGD came out). Even beyond that, I think the Higurashi anime ended in like… 2007? My point is, it’s been a very long time since we’ve had a new story, let alone one set in Hinamizawa. Even though it’s technically not a new arc for those who can read Japanese, for those who cannot read Japanese, this is all new material.

Even though I agree with you that this is not the best arc, and I think that in comparison to the other question arcs this one isn’t as great, it’s still a nice little side story. And there are some pretty loveable things about this arc. Like Aspi, I really enjoyed the change of scenery in this arc! And even you must admit Picto, Chisato is pretty great.

It’s really nice to have something new come out of this story I’ve grown to love over the years.

And for that reason, I will protect the Someutsushi in my heart~!


The perspective of a readers Higurashi experience probably effects the feelings towards this arc quite a bit. I am very sure that I have a softer spot for it because it was just nice to read something new with the Higurashi feel to it after such a long time.

But if reading it as a part of your experience reading the Higurashi question arcs for the first time? Well, I cannot separate myself very well from how Higurashi has congealed in my head over the years, but I am not surprised that it gives the whole thing a different feel. A story like this might feel more like a distraction rather then a bonus.


Hey, since Aspi isn’t having me on the podcast there’s no need to dress up my disappointment with this chapter in things like: “It makes you really appreciate everything else” or “I found the mystery to be slightly pointlessly constructed”

I can go all out and just lay into how…

…there’s just…


…fucking nothing in this chapter.

There’s only one good character. The mystery is pretty trash. The horror is executed horribly. The issues covered in it are nowhere as universal or as interesting as the other chapters and ultimately someone worried about not being accepted for who they are is both kinda overdone in fiction, but also feels far “lower stakes” than the sorts of emotions the other questions arcs capture.

Comparing it to anything written by Ryukishi07 shows just how vast the difference in writing quality is.

It’s entire interesting idea of “Elsewhere during the Ch 3/4 timeline” is also seemingly squandered by the line said about Ooishi towards the end that seems to establish it as separate to that timeline.

One thing this arc has given me is an all new appreciation of how good the rest of Higurashi is, so at least there’s that.

Overall it was one of the most thoroughly dis-enjoyable times I’ve ever had reading a Visual Novel.

Absolute trash, literally only slightly redeemed by Chisato.

I put together a new version of the patch that adds in the 7 TIPS and the omake sequence at the end of the chapter. It’s probably another hour of content, total. You can grab version 1.3 from the Releases page and follow the same installation instructions.

There’s no way to skip directly to the new content though (the engine is not very cooperative) so if you just want to read the new stuff you can get to it quickly by holding the Ctrl key to fast forward. It’ll automatically stop you when you get the new TIPS message.