What kind of pizza do you like?

Thought this was a bit too specific to go into the cooking topic so I’ll just start this, after all, who doesn’t enjoy a good pizza.

What kind of toppings / style of pizza do you like? Personally I like buffalo chicken pizzas and mac and cheese pizzas when I’m ordering just for myself. I don’t mind things like pepperoni, sausage, hot peppers, onion, and even mushroom.

Feel free to list a specific place you like to order from if applicable, I’d say I tend to like Papa John’s the most, although Pizza Hut is the closest so I tend ordering from there. I also made home made pizza two days ago which was good except the bottom was burnt, a sad day for pizza indeed.


Call me plain, but I’m a cheese and tomato kind of person myself.

I can’t bring myself to eat a pizza with lots of toppings, for some reason!

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Papa John’s is my favorite too. I’m also a huge fan of a place called Gionino’s Pizza (their pizza is super cheesy, so if you like cheese you’ll like it). As for toppings, I like chicken, sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ham and lots of cheese. What’s strange though is even though I like cheesy pizza, I don’t like the mac and cheese pizza. I’ve tried it at multiple places, but it’s never as good as I think it’ll be.

I also really like cold pizza for some reason? Maybe I’m just a strange person. But yeah, I like cold pizza better than I like warm pizza. It tastes better!

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I’ve had their pizza and thought it was pretty good. There’s also a place near here called Giuseppe’s that my family totally loves and is their go to pizza place. I think it’s really good and seems to be fairly popular for a mostly take out pizza place that doesn’t even deliver.


I’m lucky to have an imouto who loves cooking pizza, and she always makes supreme. Whatever she can find, she throws it on there, and unlike all the restaurants in our area, the crust actually tastes like something better than glue. :yum:

Occasionally she’ll try to experiment a little too much, though. She put a really strong barbeque sauce in a pizza once, and (at least for me) it tasted terrible. The rest of my family liked it for some reason. Maybe I just have different taste? :confused:

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I like Marco’s Pizza, Papa Johns, and Cat Fish Biff’s the best of pizza places. My favorite kind of pizza is sausage, green pepper, and onion.

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The best pizza is Adriatico’s. Their sauce is the force that binds the cosmos.

Toppings? I’m good with basically anything. I like supreme, I like margarita, and I like (gasp) pineapple.

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My favourite pizza is either one with ham, cheese, mushrooms and shrimps on it or many swedes favourite: kebab pizza.


I like Hawaiian and pizzas with peppers and mushrooms.

I’m really fond of ham and pineapple pizza or sometimes chicken and sweetcorn. There’s a chip shop near me that does a pizza with nutella on top but I’ve not dared to try that yet!

Usually I’m cool w something as simple as just mushrooms and cheese, but there’s a place around here called Cousin Vinny’s that has some rlly good pizza (I used to be a hater) and my boyfriend and I usually get it with the philly steak, spinach, and mushrooms… sometimes bacon, but that philly steak is a good one!


Tuna fish. Best topping ever, hands down.

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I’m fond of goat’s cheese, but that’s hard to find as a topping anywhere. Donner meat is also nice.


I personally love white pizzas the most, but I don’t get to order them very often because most people want tomato sauce. My favorite veggie topping is onions, and meat topping is sausage. I try to switch up my toppings oftenish though because I eat enough pizza where it is worth keeping it interesting.

Goat cheese, on pizza and off, is basically The Best. I used to live near a place that did personal sized coal oven pizza, and they kept goat cheese around as a topping. It was amazing<3 They also had a really good pizza that had egg on it.

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Ah dude, I eat pizza all the time woops

Papa John’s is my favorite!

Specifically a large (I can only eat half before I’m full) with standard sauce, standard cheese, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, banana peppers, and green peppers! If one of those things are missing, I feel like the experience isn’t as good. Haha.


Pizza huh, if I have to chose a favorite, I’d say… Hawaiian Pizza is certainly it, although I know many dislike it.
Otherwise, most pizza I like, especially Meat Lovers, and Aussie. (Can’t get enough of the eggs). The more meat the better, I guess… if there’s any spicy pizzas out there, I need to try them though for sure.


Other favorite toppings include salami, corn, pepperoni, onions.

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A man after my own heart, seeing as no tuna fish pizza is truly complete without some corn…

We are meant for each other Karifean… You know it…

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I loove pizza! Mushroom, salami, just I love combination! The only thing I don’t like is peppers and onions on them. I just pick them off.

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Pizza’s actually one of the few things I actually like pineapple in, just saying…

Generally speaking, I’m not difficult with food, tho I somehow have an intense hatred of avocado…

Rather than toppings, I’m more interested in the quality/type of pizza.

But let’s go with this : Roquette and boar pizza.