Introducing the Higanbana Bookclub, with prizes up for grabs!

The Higanbana Bookclub is a huge event in which we’ll rally 07th Expansion fans from all across the internet to join us on the forum to read through, analyse and celebrate Higanbana together. It’s the perfect chance for new readers to get involved and share their interpretations with others, but also for old readers to take a look back and consider what’s great about the work, perhaps analysing it from a new perspective.

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Give me a copy of Higanbana and I’ll read it and do your book club, probably.


Same here. If I had the opportunity to grab a copy, I’d so be up for it. Although, I might be a bit busy between school, cross-country, and work.

Better enter our giveaway then!

Sigh. It’s times like this I wish I had Twitter.

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Wonder if I should add a Tumblr option…

Totally joining in this. Good luck to everyone!

Awesome. Looking forward to it.

This sounds interesting, I may or may not join when you’re reading certain chapters and whatnot.

slightly bitter that this is coming before Rose Guns Days, but hey, I’ll join in if I can :joyful:

This has me super excited, I can’t wait :D.

I’m glad to see a number of you are looking forward to taking part in the Higanbana bookclub!
Higanbana is an amazing story, so I hope you all enjoy reading it, especially those experiencing it for the first time.

I hope to take part, too, and perhaps I’ll even be able to provide little tidbits of information regarding things that came up as we were producing the translation for this sound novel, as we go along, which may be of interest to some of you.

I must admit, I haven’t actually read Higanbana properly since I was working on the translation (which was a completely different experience to simply reading the final product), so I look forward to reading it alongside all of you with a fresh pair of eyes.


Well, I’ve put in my entry for the raffle (@RenigmaRyuuguu on twitter) and I have to say I’m looking forward to this tea party bookclub. That said, will having only read the manga be appropriate for discussion here?

We definitely recommend you join us reading through the Visual Novel, especially if it’s your first time doing so!

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I’m really looking forward to reading the thoughts of everyone on Higanbana. It’s a great little VN.

Psst. Hey. Guess what.

Ya boi got a copy of Higanbana! I’ll read it when I can, but I thankfully have some free time tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to join the bookclub in reading Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni.


Since we’ve only got 2 people ready to record a podcast, I think we’re going to need to delay the first podcast a week until we have more people read up and apply ^^;

Nooooooooo :frowning: My first podcast and it’s been delayed.

Hopefully everyone will have time to get through the first three chapters by next week! They’re actually super short and sweet, I’ve been smashing through them between classes and on the train.


Mesomeso-san, mesomeso-san. Hmm, that does sound like a quirky name and from all of your posts on here, I think I might be intrigued to read this Higanbana work of Ryukishi’s. Is it alright if I make do with the manga instead of the visual novel, @Aspirety?