[Spoilers] Favorite scene from Umineko

Just curious as to what peoples favorite scene(s) from Umineko are, there are so many fantastic scenes, it’s quite difficult to pick, and as to why you chose that scene as your favorite.

But for me, my favorite scene has to be (Spoiler tagging first post just in case.)When Battler reaches the truth in episode 5 after almost giving up completely, and then has a come back to defeat Erika and Dlanor.
I love the scene so much because of how Battler had always been underneath all the witches, and now that he had found the truth, he has an awesome comeback, making him the new game-master.

This could change after I re-read the steam release of Umineko… if it does I’ll edit it. So, what’s your favorite?


Well first ->

It’s that exact same scene, so I’m being redundant, but I want to add something even more specifically.
It’s that part starting from when Ronove blocks her attacks followed by a Gaap fall and Virgilia impale and finished off by a seven Stakes combo attack adorned by Erika’s horrible facial expressions during the entire process and the ost playing during that part.
Way too epic for a supposedly mystery story phew.

But beside that I can say that the first time I read it

The emotional impact of the very first twilight of the first arc was extremely powerful and rememberable.


Most of my favorite scenes in this series are human vs demon battles since they tend to be more grounded than the demon vs demon battles, and actually supply a lot of useful characterization not present in the “mystery” narrative

My all-time favorite scene is Worldend Dominator in EP2, no explanation required.

The EP4 George, Jessica, and Krauss triple-fight was FANTASTIC(ally trolly)

A guilty pleasure of mine, YOU’RE AN IDIOT scene in EP6 is great, Erika Furudo is the best of all time

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BIG SPOILERS well not really but yeah






My favorite scenes (they’re tied) are the Red Text Web scene in EP3 and the Erika/Evatrice/Ange destruction of the Golden Land in EP8. That Red Text Web cornered Battler without resorting to cheating, and its answer is a corner stone in understanding the one behind the killings. It’s a shame only the manga’s done a good adaption visually of how it is meant to be. And I liked the two who complete the spider and web motif coming together on a destructive front, aiding Ange, who is rightfully angry at betrayal with a thirst for the truth at any cost. They became formidable and it’s so vastly ignored that it drives me mad.

Hmmm. Hard one- But I think Ange confronting Beatrice with the truth about Sakutaro in Episode 4 is definitely one of my favorites. It’s such a tragic scene, and you don’t know who you sympathize with more, Ange or Beatrice.

I also love everything in Episode 7’s finale, but that’s a lot of scenes and not specifically one so… I’ll say Kyrie’s “Rosa was the only one with a loaded gun” line. It made me sick to my stomach, and I realized what she meant almost immediately.

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If you put a gun to my head and told me to pick just one, I’d have to go with ch6 grand finale locked room with ‘The girls witchhunt’ playing in the background

but then there’s Mousou Rosa, CH7 teaparty, end of ch5 where it fades to black with battlers catchphrase, web of red truth, ep 1 tea party.

Go ahead, shoot me. I can’t pick.

There are so many fantastic scenes I don’t think I could pick a favorite per episode, let alone overall. Here’s a short list

Episode 1: Maria singing in the bloody room

Episode 2: Battler is incompetent

Episode 3: Beato defending the door from the Chiester sisters

Episode 3: Beato cuts through EVA’s web

Episode 4: George Vs Gapp + Jessica Vs Ronove + Prison escape (it jumps back and forth between all 3 so I count them as one scene)

Episode 4: Small Bombs!

Episode 5: Dlanor’s first appearance

Epiosde 5: Dlanor, Battler, and Virgilia have a tea party.

Episode 5: Battler’s turnaround in the ??? becoming the Endless Sorcerer

Episode 6: Erika confides in Dlanor

Episode 6: Ushiromiya Kyrie cannot save you

Episode 6: Shannon Vs Kanon duel

Episode 6: Beato storming the wedding.

Episode 7: Clair’s Funeral

Episode 8: Bern’s game

Episode 8: Everyone Vs Erika

Episode 8: Lamda Vs Bern

Episode 8: Ange Vs Bern

Episode 8: Battle and Beato in the ocean

Episode 8: Ange and Tohya in the cafe

Episode 8: Battler being welcomed home


Oh, I gotta add


to my list since that was pants-shitting.

The EP7 Tea Party was really great too, shows how powerful Ryukishi can be as a horror writer.

Rosa Musou is still my favorite. There are better scenes later on, but that scene had the most effect on me at the time of reading. There’s just so many things going on:

  1. We personally witness the resignation of reality, and with how the entirety of EP2 was framed as, “yeah, there’s a rational answer to everything!” this scene comes across as a total mindfuck. (This is the first time in Umineko where magic comes across in full-force, IMO.)
  3. We get some great characterization with Rosa
  4. Not to mention the epicness of the battle scene itself

I mentioned that my favorite fight scenes are those with humans against demons, since (at least to me) there’s something really badass about those David vs Goliath scenarios. Magic v Magic battles were less interesting to me (like Beato vs Virgilia) because “oh, she’s gonna use magic, oh she’s fine, she’s gonna use her magic too,” etc.)

Plus, according to the thesis of Umineko (at least my interpretation), a lot of the “true” characterization occurs almost exclusively in the fantasy scenes as opposed the mystery scenes.

A shout-out to system0 Natsuhi in EP1, for me that is where Umineko really began.


Maybe I should feel bad about myself but my favorite scenes are usually the disturbing ones :slight_smile:

I loved the zombie-Kanon in ch.2 the voice acting, sound effects and music merged together really well and that scene lingered way too long making me really uncomfortable.

Another similar memorable one was the ring scene in ch.6 especially with all those claustrophobic closed room escape attempts leading up to it. When Erika told Battler that they were already in hell, I totally believed her. I still… kinda… do… She’s a Witch of Truth after all.

I could probably list all the creepy moments but few of the other favorites are: Red truth incompetence, Evatrice’s indirect Beato insult, Drunk-Beato phone-troll, “I love you so please kill yourself”, everything Erika says and of course the boat ending.


My favorite scenes were always the ones ripe with Red Truth, when Beatrice (or Battler) makes it seem near impossible. The biggest one would probably be Episode 6. When the Red Truth was given to Erika, my mind exploded. I was like “NO HOW THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE” and then Beatrice cackled at me, and I loved it.

That’s pretty much true for all my favorites. Most of the “climax” scenes when Battler’s worked through a lot and then Beatrice just wreks him with the Red, cackling all the way: basically the most hype moments.

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This is probably cheating but my favorite scene is the second last chapter of the manga version of Episode 8, the one that shows exactly what happened in Prime from Yasu and Battler’s perspective. The scene was made even better since I saw that scene on a youtube video that put in the music from the Visual Novel (which, again, is probably cheating). Ricordando Il Passato playing as Battler and Beato sink slowly was heartbreakingly beautiful and before that the manga-exclusive scene is possibly the warmest, happiest scene Yasu is ever going to get.

On the same note, also that scene after Ange learned the one truth and was taken to the Golden Land, but the expanded manga version. She had a heart-to-heart with her family and Beato truly for the first time and came to understand what it was that Battler was trying to show her. The interaction between Ange and Beato, to my mind, was perfected in the manga where the two women share a strong connection and understanding despite never meeting each other before and the parallels between the two characters really show.

Excluding manga-exclusive scenes though… I guess my favorite would either be the ending (pre-tea party) to Legend. “When the Seagulls Cry none were left alive” was just the perfect line. That line loses none of its effect in Turn, but this time accompanied by one of the most badass scenes in the entire series as well as the coolest soundtrack.

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Battler discovering the Truth in EP5 is definitely up there for me, too. A n d t h e n. . . I k n e w. gave me massive chills, such a powerful moment. Him then waking up and discovering Beato’s corpse cuddling him… Cue yakusoku. Yeah. ;;

But I think Ange’s suicide in EP8 tops even that for me, simply because I’ve never had an emotional reaction that enormous to anything in any media before. I was actually sobbing like a little child throughout the whole thing; I think I kind of shocked myself by my reaction, even though I just couldn’t help myself.

In EP5, Battler’s conversation with the ‘Beato’ he summoned. “Do not jest. That is my daughter.” It just illustrates Battler’s conflict and heartbreak so very well.

Following up on that, in EP7, Sayo presenting herself to Kinzo. Just… Sayo is possibly my favourite character of the series, and everything about this scene utterly destroys me. Curiously, both this scene and the previous one are the only two times when my dear plays.

In EP6, Lambdadelta’s logic error moment. “Hey, are you guys… really real? You’re not just some delusion I’m having of us all chatting happily like this, right?” I found the whole thing incredibly disturbing. Also a massively powerful scene is when Erika goes on her killing spree. Actually a lot of things about Erika when she goes full-on batshit-detective mode probably deserve a mention here, but that would be too many to list, and this is already stupidly long :’)

Also believe EP4’s “HEY. IN YOUR 1986, DID BATTLER ONII-CHAN COME HOME?”, cue miragecoordinator, deserves an honorable mention because again, chills. It’s just such a WHAM moment, the cruelty in Lambda’s face, and you realizing together with Ange that no matter what she does, Battler won’t be returning to her.

There’s probably a ton I’m forgetting and will rediscover with the reread, but as I said, this is already far too long :’)


For me, the whole Tea Party at the end of EP7. Ange finding out the truth, with some incredible voice acting, The Executioner playing as Will and Bern fight, his speech about Lion’s fate and the last few minutes where they face off against Bernkastel together and proclaim that they’ll preserve a happy ending despite the odds. Ressurected Replayer was used amazingly in that scene, and I felt like it really summed up the message of the whole game.


Guys, when there’s a [Spoilers] tag in the title you don’t need to tag your spoilers in posts ^^

As for me, it has to be the final chapter of Episode 6, “Red and Blue Truth”. The buildup from the beginning is intense as all hell. The simple slideshow of Beato expressions to show she’s ‘resurrected’ when she busts in is absolutely perfect. Beato rushing up to Erika is wonderful in how all the relevant fantasy characters up to this point have a part in it. The entire duel is magnificent and highlights the fundamental differences in the thought processes of Erika and Beato so damn well. And the final confrontation with Birth of a New Witch playing is so on point that it will always remind me of how I was just staring at the screen in disbelief the first time I read that red truth.

Other scenes come close, but this one is just awesome on every level. Such a great way to send off Erika, such a great climax to the meta story as a whole.

there’s a spoiler tag, just so you know :stuck_out_tongue: Click the gear icon on the bar above the text box when you’re writing a post and then pick “Blur Spoiler”.

Anyways, my favorite scene is probably USHIROMIYA KYRIE CANNOT SAVE BATTLER from EP6. Not that I’m proud of that- I gave up on solving the mystery and engaging with the storytelling to find the truth. I decided to take everything the game said at face value since I made no headway at the beginning about the mystery. In a sense, I refused to play the game Umineko offered me. So this was just a memorable plot twist for me, I think that if I’d engaged more deeply with the plot (admittedly I was fifteen) then my favorite scene would be much more different.

Edit: Dang, y’all are THIS close to making me want to replay the game.

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I know that now, but to be fair, at the time, I was on mobile posting. As Karifean said, though, do we really need to tag spoilers in this thread when it says spoilers in the title? Like, if it says spoilers, it’s safe to assume that it’s for the whole series and anybody who clicks it does so at their own risk. It’s not like playing Golden Fantasia Cross and suddenly being exposed to all the Chiru characters and none of it making sense until you finish Chiru (Mangagamer, I question why you licensed that first rather than chiru).

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[MAJOR spoilers all throughout this post, in case someone missed the spoiler warning in the title.]

One of my favorite scenes is in the end of EP 6, when Erika is on her last legs but she still wants to go out as a worthy opponent, menacing grin and all. Beato and Battler deliver the final red truth together: “Even if we include you, there are 17 people.” Makes my heart pound every time. It’s romantic and confusing and cool all at the same time, which are all things I love when it comes to Umineko.

Another favorite of mine, which is specific to the manga, is in EP 8 when Beato is explaining to Ange that running from reality and giving up on life isn’t the right path. That the whole tragedy could’ve been prevented if she, speaking as Sayo, had accepted her circumstances and tried to build a new future rather than just giving up and shutting everything and everyone out. There’s some amazing imagery and choice of words there, and it brings to light some really key parallels between the two. Reading this scene touches my heart on a very personal level, more than I think most people would expect from a story.


EP 5-6 Spoilers

My favorite scene is ofcourse this iconic masterpiece by Dlanor.
Also Erica trolling Battler with ducttape, who needs seals, when you have this shit!


Seriously this moment redeemed Hideyoshi for me, bitchslapping witch like a boss!
Even they can’t resist that sexy moustache!


I freaking love Hideyoshi. In my opinion, he’s the only member of the Ushiromiyas who doesn’t contribute to the massacre in any way, shape, or form (well, maybe Jessica doesn’t either.)

I have a list somewhere of the best moments by arc, I’ll edit this post when I find it.


Best Umineko Moments

Legend Moments
The dinner table scene
1st twilight
The receipt fight
System 0
Tea Party

Turn Moments
Dread of the Grave
1st twilight (again)
Zombie Kanon?
Musou Rosa

Banquet Moments
Feminism w/ Eva
1st twilight (again again)
Eva’s epitaph solving
2nd twilight
Beatrice v. Virgilia
Rudolf & Kyrie v. Belphagor & Leviathan
Beatrice is good?
Eva-Beatrice’s red web
Plot twist Beatrice is still bad

Alliance Moments
Magic with Ange!
Rosa is abusive lol
Oh dang Maria stop killing ur mom
Gaap and Ronove v. George and Jessica
Escape from Virgilia’s dungeon
Tea Party

End Moments

Oh dang he dead
Erika Furudo is a bitch
Epitaph solved!
Oh no people still dying
Natsuhi in a closet
Study fight. All of it.
“You are the culprit, Natsuhi-San.
Oh wait no Battler still wins!
Also Dlanor A. Knox in general”

Dawn Moments

Erika v. Maria
The love trial
The wedding
Beatrice is back!
Featherine in general
The freaking logic error, specifically “Ushiromiya Kyrie can not save Battler”
“There are 17 people”

Requiem Moments

Will of justice!
Who tf are you
Beatrice Castiglioni
Japan v. Italy heck yeah
Lion is the child who dead?
And the epitaph is solved woo hoo
Will v. Clair

Twilight Moments

Quiz time!
Bern’s Puzzle
Fantasy vs. Goats
Bern v. Lambda
The Battle for the Golden Land
The boat scene. It broke my feels.
The ending. It also broke my feels.