When They Cry moments that have made YOU cry?

Please be sure to hide information in spoilers, especially when mentioning something from later Episodes. ((Same goes for Higurashi, for whatever term is used in place of ‘Episodes’, if any.))

Forgive me if there’s a thread like this already.

From Umineko EP6:

I cried when Battler finally figured out a way to escape the closed room his corpse was supposedly sealed in. Erika had him trapped due to ‘resetting the chain lock when she entered the room’, and I was really worried Battler wouldn’t be able to get out of it, causing a logic error. Thankfully, Lamdadelta’s inspection was a-ok!


Several times towards the end of Umineko. With ‘that song’ and all.


Oooh boy. Tatarigoroshi is the only arc of Higurashi that had me in tears as I was reading it, since Satoko is my favorite. It’s simultaneously the best arc and the worst arc ([coobie voive] you know why). I think the only other moments that came close would be Keiichi trying to remedy his mistakes in Watanagashi, and manga Natsumi’s fate in Onisarashi. It’s funny because I can cry over so many emotional things, but Higurashi only hurt my feels to where I cried a handful of times.

For Umineko definitely the dream sequence in EP4 (if you can call it that, it’s way too vague as hell what it might be). The whole “I’VE HATED YOU SINCE BEFORE YOU WERE BORN” line connected way too close with my own thoughts and the manga did an excellent job in portraying how Maria would have felt hearing that. Rosa and Maria’s relationship is complicated and it’s heart-breaking, especially since Maria can literally only rely on Beatrice who she sees not as often as she’d like and her toy friends, and Rosa is a child forced to grow up) Also definitely in EP8, all the Ange and EVA/Eva moments especially when Ange starting calling her Mom, like thank you for the punch to my heart.


The whole thing. I weep inconsolably during every watch, play, and read through of the anime, VN, and manga. I spend a lot on tissues and Gatorade. :sob: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


None has made me cry, really, probably cause I don’t have a heart, but here are some saddening moments I can think of:

Higurashi spoilers

The latter arcs mostly, Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi to be more precise. The fight to save Satoko from her uncle was pretty emotional, with her friends doing their hardest to save her and her enduring the abuse then finally revealing it in the end and it was very moving how so many people fought for her cause. Most Rika moments were quite sad too, seeing her determination to live beyond June 1983 and then seeing her fighting for that even when she’s slowly losing, her friends were being murdered and everything. Same for the few obstacles that were presented to her in Matsuribayashi, too. Also, Shion finally seeing Satoshi in the underground clinic was very sad, and you can truly feel her devotion towards him when she says she’ll visit him every day and wait for him to recover.

Umineko spoilers
I don’t have much to say on this one, since I’m not finished yet and I haven’t gotten to the sad parts yet, apparently.Most Eva moments feel very emotional though, especially Episode 3, when George and Hideyoshi are killed, when she has conversations with EVA and her overall shaken state in that one is conveyed well.


I’ve only read through the Higurashi steam releases, but Tatarigoroshi made me cry the most even though it was the arc I’ve overall liked the least (so far). Because so much time was spent developing Satoko specifically as opposed to the cast as a whole, I felt a much greater connection to her, and it presented a lot more depressing of a situation than the previous arcs. Those two things combined really hit me right in the tear ducts.

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Umineko EP8 Spoilers:

Berns lose at the end against The Ushiromiya Family made me very Sad :frowning:

and Umineko EP2 Spoilers:

I Cried at the Epic end of EP2 With Best Mom ever and Maria Remember there is only one Mama in the World!

And as i finished Umineko because i finished one of the best Pieces in this Fragment

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I never cried for something not directly involving my family/friends and the WTC series is no exception, but the end of Higurashi Kai hit me really hard. And I’m not talking about the end of the story, but literally the credits sequence at the end of the game. The music that plays during the final credits made me feel the weight of everything that happened during the story, all at once. One of the best memories this series let me.


The saddest part of Higurashi…
… is the same as the saddest part of Umineko…
… curiosity drove me to reach the bottom of each tale…
… but when it was all said and done…
… there was nothing more to read…
… the tales that had accompanied me for so long, years even…
… who occupied my thoughts, whom I developped a relationship with…
… had finally ended…

That is the moment when I cried…
When they cry, nothing is left to read.


One part for me was in Umineko episode 4, when it was revealed exactly why Maria always says “uu”. This really made clear how tragic this character is, and I currently believe that some part of the motive of the culprit is deeply linked to Maria. I’m currently still figuring out as to how exactly, but that’s something I currently think.


I legit cried toward the end of EP7 on my first read. All of the characters and stories in Umineko had become very near and dear to my heart at that point, so the thought of letting go and finishing the novel was kinda painful.
It was like saying goodbye to a close friend.


As for Umineko, EP7 made me cry too. Because it was then that I finally realized that (Umineko EP7 spoilers) no matter what universe, Yasu/Lion will die. Nothing can be done to prevent the death of Yasu/Lion, nor the deaths of the Ushiromiya family.
There’s an extreme sense of powerlessness I felt when I came to that realization. Nothing is as sad as realizing there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of a tale, especially one as tragic as Umineko.

As for Higurashi, a similar thing happened in Minagoroshi. (Minagoroshi spoilers) watching everyone being shot in the head, one by one, by Takano. It was heartbreaking to see Rika say over and over that if they just had one more person, the outcome would have been totally different. Again, I felt powerless and sad during this scene. Because I had grown to love these characters, and rooted for them all this time. Yet, I still couldn’t save them.

I think these sad moments truly show how good Ryukishi is at writing emotionally captivating material. I often point to them when praising him as a writer.


Bumping this,

One major moment that made me actually tear up a bit:
(Episode 7 Spoilers) The moment when after ‘Beatrice’ solved the Epitaph, after being taken to Kinzo’s study by Genji. Kinzo offers his apologies and asks Beatrice to call him ‘‘Father’’
I really felt he did regret his actions and wanted to be forgiven.


I forgot the other times, but I cried many times in Umineko EP 8 magic ending and ???. In the game version and manga version. I cried like hell.

Just remembered. Higurashi Minagoroshi-hen everyone dies after discovering the true culprit and gaining hope, Rika’s thoughts when she is being killed, and their talk after death and Matsuribayashi-hen they finally reach happy end…and bits in Takano’s past.


(Umineko EP5 spoilers)

Honestly, Natsuhi’s entire tale.


Umineko anime. :disgust:


I decided to rank my pain and the intensity of my sobbing during Umineko. Heavy spoiler warning.

1. every time rosa hit maria (child abuse victim solidarity)
2. ep four when I realized magic wasn’t real
3. "sorry, but even if you join us-- there’s still only 17 people on Rokkenjima"
4. Player Beato’s death in the rose garden
5. Coma Beato’s death
6. Prime Beato’s death (this chick dies A LOT)
7. Sayo.

Those are just particular moments in my first read through. I’ve started replaying Umineko and it’s just constant tears. There were times I had to take breaks when playing… I don’t cry easily tbh but Umineko hit me where it hurts.


I remember crying during that scene in EP3 where Ghost!Kanon comes in to save Jessica from Eva-Beatrice and comforting her.

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I cried at four points in Umineko, all during Chiru:

  1. The end of EP 5 when Discolor kicks in and Eva starts bullying Natsuhi
  2. In EP 7, when The End of the World started playing. That song is one of those songs that has the ability to crush the soul.
  3. The boat scene. EP 8 is a very feels heavy arc, but this was peak sadness for me.
  4. The ending. Less the actual ending, but more so the fact that the story was over, and I had no more Umineko to read.

when Ricordando il passato hits :ok_hand: