When They Cry moments that have made YOU cry?

In no particular order:

  • (Umineko EP 5 spoilers) Battler discovers the truth, but he realizes that he’s too late.

  • (Meakashi-hen spoilers) Shion apologizes to everyone before her death, and the internal monologue afterwards.

  • (Umineko EP 6 spoilers) Kanon sacrifices himself to save Battler and ‘repay his debt’.

  • (Umineko EP 4 spoilers) Beatrice’s internal monologue when she tries to forfeit the final battle, talking about how she has no hope of winning and how Battler only sees her as an opponent he has to destroy to reach his family.

  • The boat.

  • (Umineko EP 8 spoilers) Manga only: “Is this our conclusion? Just continuing to sway about in this endless cat-box along with countless fragments without arriving anywhere, in this Purgatory? No. I am the Endless Witch, Beatrice. I will keep waiting for you, at the summit of this Mount Purgatorio. So let’s begin here what we could not bring to an end in our lifetime. A battle over whether it was a witch or a human. I will wait forever, until you break the me that is a witch apart and find the me that is our promise. Surely this will be an endless game and thus eternal torture. For you? For me? Let’s hope you spin a fitting conclusion for us both. Let’s go, to our Golden Land!”

  • (Matsuribayashi-hen spoilers) The Higurashi children finally receive their happy ending.

Lord am I emotional.


I cried so much the first time I played Umineko. Now that this is my second playthrough, I’ve only teared up a few times, but a lot of the scenes still hit me really hard.

I’ll post specific scenes in a while. I need to skim some earlier EPs to make sure I remember properly.


Can’t actually remember when I cried during Umineko, but I only finished Higurashi recently. Oh so many tears were shed.

(EP4) Akasaka’s realisation that Rika wanted him to save her.
(EP6) The junkyard scene and more or less the entire last sequence with Rena trying to blow up the school, from Keiichi begging her not to make the same mistake he did to the rooftop battle and him finally winning her trust again. I remember by the time Sorayume came on I was an absolute mess lmao
(EP7) Satoko’s phone call.
(EP8) Of course, the ending. Still can’t listen to Festival without getting choked up.

Definitely not exhaustive, but those were the real I can’t even see my screen through the tears right now moments lol

Edit: May I also say that I think it’s your second time experiencing either WTC where it really hits you. I’ve only read Umineko, but having already seen the Higurashi anime (which I cried at maybe once) and already being very attached to the story and characters, it was reading the VN having a heightened understanding of everything that was happening that really allowed the emotion to sink in.

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By far, without a doubt is (Umineko Spoilers)

The manga’s explanation of Sayo, and it’s culmination with her diving into the ocean with the gold ingot. She found her happiness and knew it would not get any better. However, her waking up in the afterlife with Battler (even an incomplete one) made me smile. With every sad moment, there was a moment of genuine happiness. There was never magic in the real world, but I firmly believe that there is happiness and magic in the afterlife, and Sayo along with all of her personalities found it for themselves. Now they are just waiting for Ange to join them.


This post might make me cry :whine:

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Bless that post.


For me, there were two things that struck me.

(Umineko EP7 Spoilers) Foremost was episode 7’s funeral rites scene with Will. When Will started alluding to the answers to each individual mystery. It made me realize how only now did I begin to care about the heart of the culprit and I regretted not doing so earlier.

(Chiru Spoilers) Once I started to reread Umineko, it hit me how vindictative and sorrowful episode 2 . How much raw pain in that episode from the culprit made me cry


I’ve started to reread a lot of Umineko scenes. Some scenarios which were just puzzling to me or even funny to me just make me upset now, hahaha.

Beatrice’s death in episode 4 always gets me. Especially when DisCode starts playing. It’s a really touching song which fits the atmosphere perfectly… It’s almost as good as the Ricordando il Passato cue.

This song isn’t in the game, but I’m still including it because it should have been. Hymn is Clair’s image song (I believe?), but the subject of the song is Sayo. Once you read Confessions, the imagery of Clair signing this over her coffin is too much :’((((

The messed up English phone call in episode 4 used to crack me the fuck up. Now it’s just… disturbing. I don’t know if it made me cry, but it made me feel some emotions.


(Umineko EP8 spoilers) When 9 year old Ange falls asleep after the riddles and everyone says how they will always be with her in the hardest of times. Eva’s words got to me especially.


I always thought I was immune to crying to anything really… until that scene you mentioned. I don’t know why it just got to me. :cry:


(Umineko spoilers) It’s just all the sympathy that you build up towards towards Ange in ep4 all being brought back all at once. Ryukishi pls y u do dis ;-;.

Here I thought Umineko EP4 was created for the sole purpose of making people cry. Either I thought wrong, R07 isn’t very good at it or I thought too highly of mankind.


Too many to count in Umineko, I’m not sure from where to even start…

Maybe in chronological order, and not counting rereads of some of these, as they can be interpreted i many different ways, once finished Umineko. Meaning, some of these have one HARSH impact during a first read, some others gives you a harsh time when you are rereading only, and some are just very sad regardless of how many times you read, ever since the very first time.

I’ll just do it for the first 3 EPs for now, as from 4 up to 8 there are SO MANY of them, in either of these circumstances, that I would be writing the whole day about the scenes. I’m not quite the person who would easily cry for anything at all, but in the “20 hours or so/per EP” of the first 3 EPs, at least 3-4 scenes made me drop some tears for each.

As for the one that made me cry for quite a bit of time for real though, I think only EP8’s final acts made it THAT far. Definitely one of the best epilogues I’ve ever seen to a work of fiction.


-> I heard you fell in love with that passionate character interaction between Shannon & George, where he even asked for her hand right there, most of the whole chapter was dedicated just for that scene. So, what happens thirty minutes later in the VN, during the very first chapter of the second day? Yeah, Shannon gets killed off right way, creating one terrifyingly depressing and claustrophobical atmosphere for the rest of the whole Episode.
-> Right after a hopeful moment of humanization for Eva’s character, (up to that moment a complete jerk towards anything and anyone that weren’t named George or Hideyoshi), which was also a very heartwarming presentation of her relationship with Hideyoshi, what happens? Killed a scene after, and I just started trying to relate myself to them. So cruel…
-> And then there’s the scene where the Servants are obliged leave Kinzo’s room, and just heartbreaking it is to see Genji abstaining himself of the trust he built for most of his life working as Kinzo’s servant and friend, giving Natsuhi his own master key at that. That scene, paired with the cries of Kumasawa fearing for her own safety, it really got me hard the first time reading.


->The prologue storyline for both Kanon & Shannon is enfuriatingly sad, considering Eva’s and Beatrice’s attitude towards their hopes and dreams of love. It’s just made worse in a reread for several reasons.
->Either of the scenes with Beatrice destroying the love between two people is this, and it hits harder in a reread, when you understand what is it all about.
->Battler renouncing the game while crying to Maria about how hopeless their situation is, and the bad ending this decision leads to Rosa (besides her being a very problematic mother all things considered, I was kinda starting to understand her flaws and attitudes around that part). Though, the epic return of Battler to the game by the end of it made it all from tear-inducing despair to glorious hope in just one awesome moment during the “Masterchef Beato” scene.


->After so much character interaction with Eva and Hideyoshi, to see Eva breaking down after his death and feeling guilty for a crime she doesn’t quite understand if it was really caused by her. The reveal of EP3 being a forgery didn’t even made it any less harsh to read through.
-> “Ghost Kanon” guiding Jessica while she was blind was a very touching and yet revealing moment, but Jessica’s happiness of hearing Kanon and the great use of the OST is what really makes this scene a tear-jerking one.
->Beatrice’s “change of heart” and defending the chessboard against EVA-Beatrice up to the point she is but a piece of heart meat for good is also one emotional moment in a first read.
->THE BETRAYAL, especially when you understand what’s going on behind the scenes in a reread. Just how badly hurt must Beatrice be for doing that to a seemingly happy ending with Battler, even though he would remain ignorant to her real story and his own promise.

Oh god, Ryukishi y u do dis!!?
Are you enjoying breaking our hearts like this, you magnificent bastard!?


(spoilers for EP8, maybe? No specific details or plot mentioned, though.) I finished Umineko for the second time a few days ago. I can’t believe I forgot how emotional the ending is. I was in tears at the situation and the perfect use of the OST.


I honestly didn’t cry but I felt a range of emotions pretty wide, but the end of EP8 may be what made me the saddest, probably but that’s mostly because it was the end of Umineko :cry:


There was a lot of moments I cried at, but in particular right now since I stumbled across it on Youtube, [Ep5 spoilers] when Battler realizes about Beato’s mystery and becomes Game Master / Territory Lord /Endless Sorcerer Battler. It was half from the scene between him and Beatrice, and also half from the beautiful spiritual metaphor - or rather - connection and expression - of it as well to me.

Also, in general, it’s not a long moment, but [Ep8 spoilers] The magic ending, with “Ricordando il passato” playing always gets me.

Higurashi I think has too many, I can’t think of at the moment, but definitely at least I can say [full series spoilers] The end of Matsuribayashi hen where we know Rika has escaped her fate, in happy tears - but the end of Minagoroshi hen had me crying in more of a despair


During EP. 1 when George finds Shannon’s corpse.

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This, this, this. I’ll probably come back to this thread again once I’ve reread, but the magic ending in EP8 made me bawl, especially after Beatrice and Battler kissed.


Hooow about yes. The (EP8 spoilers) magic ending always makes me cry, especially with that beautiful theme!


The emotional episode 2 conclusion always does it for me.

Rosa and Maria are so precious. ;_;