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General Discussion Topic for the TRianThology: Sanmenkyou no Kuni no Alice series, including all adaptations and derivative works.

This topic is entry-level, so late story spoilers should be appropriately tagged with [spoiler] at the poster’s discretion. However, we do advise caution when browsing this topic if you intend to go into TRianThology blind.

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Biggest thing I’m trying to figure out is if the game is actually sold in stores or not! Only thing I’ve been able to confirm is that people are receiving it via mail order.

I wonder if it’ll be at Winter Comiket…

Hmm, has this this new work show signs of being connected to the Higurashi or Umineko universes, I wonder… Anyways, the artwork is pretty cute, it has such a delightful Alice in Wonderland aura. :two_hearts:

Finally found it!

costs 3240 yen :slight_smile:

AmiAmi is still selling it too.


Well I knew it was on Toranoana’s web store; I mean in store.

Pretty much anything that is on toranoana’s web store would be in one or more of their physical stores :wink: Just gotta look hard enough, heh

Finally found it (and RGD The Best) in Melonbooks today yeah


Just ordered my copies off AmiAmi! o7

Thank you for the link!

I just added it to my September AmiAmi order~ Hopefully I can finish up some of my open VNs before it arrives.

You’re welcome! I’m surprised they didn’t sell out. I preordered it long ago thinking it would be hehe.

Just came across a really cool Umineko reference in TRianThology!


Episode 4 spoiler I think? My rough translation is “In the words of the great Beatrice, ‘A universe cannot be made by one person alone.’”

So yeeah, Beatrice mentioned by name as a character Alice and Usagi know of! Seems like the story of Umineko is a bit of a legend in TRianThology. And I’m pretty sure Alice is indeed calling herself a witch here.


This makes me really excited to hear, thanks for the tidbit!

That really is interesting, I can’t wait to get the game to see more similarities/cameos. :smiley:

I have created subtitles for the dialogue between usagi and alice, alice before traveling to the first fragment, I used my friend’s translation (Revenger / Nguyen Phuoc Thinh), this dialogue will reveal a few concepts, and related trianology Umineko and Higurashi because Usagi mentioned Beatrice, who is known as one of the legendary witches and Territory Lord of the great fragment.


This looks very close to a machine translation I read… Quality is pretty lacking.

Ooh thanks for this! It seems very interesting so far. O:

Okay, I finished Trianthology.

As far as a spoiler-free review goes:

I enjoyed it. I liked Country Girl the best, followed by High School Love Adventure, then Vespio 2438. Vespio 2438 wasn’t bad, but as I expected, it was full of technical terminology, making it kind of hard for me to read. Also, the genre isn’t really my cup of tea.

Anyway, that said, I have to admit to being a bit disappointed in Trianthology. I guess I was hoping for something more ‘epic.’ Also, it’s very preachy. Now, pretty much all of Ryukishi’s works are kind of preachy, which is fine. But if you go too far with that, it starts to feel less like a story and more like a sermon.

So I would say I liked Iwaihime better overall.

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I did notice it seemed a bit preachy from what I read, yeah.

Question, do they go back to the stories after they visit them the first time, or is it just one look at each?