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Each ‘world’ is visited three times (how appropriate).


What about the Bern look alike is that Bern piece or just a look alike and what kind of personality does she have if so? I want to know does the event of one Story mess which the the event of the Story of another ? Do we have characters of one story showing up in another Story beside Alice and the Meta being because I thought that would be a good thing having the Three Story lead to one Climax which all the characters coming together?

Well, that’s one of the disappointing things… The Bern look alike plays almost no role in the story. She has like, one line? Maybe two? It made me wonder why they bothered making her look like Bern at all.

Well, I can’t get too into the connections between the three stories without getting spoilery, so I’ll just say that while there’s a definite connection, the stories can pretty much be enjoyed as stand-alone tales.


Can you please tell me everything you can about the Country Girl segment and what happens and all that? I would really like to know what happens in it but I don’t understand Japanese at all. You can Private Message me this information if you like.

Sorry but Isae is kill

I’d love to get my hands on the assets, but shelling out the money for something I can’t read doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trouble. I was initially very hyped for this, but the luke warm reception combined with the fact that no one can / wants to translate it makes it seem like it will remain niche for at least a few more years. A shame really. Maybe MangaGamer will eventually get their hands on the rights, but I’m not holding my breath.


Yeah it’s a shame. :frowning:

I bought my copy from AmiAmi and I haven’t touched it since. I’m really quite interested on where all the stories connect but yeah lack of translations easily discourages that.


Theoretically, if someone took the time to write a translated version of the script. You could rewrite the entire thing in NScripter (or any VN engine really, like Ren’py) if you wanted. I wouldn’t really care about any of the ‘enhancements’ it might have. You could say that would condone piracy though unless you did something similar to what the Umineko Project did to verify you own the PC game and PS3 game. I think that’d be good enough for most of the Japanese influent readers.

On a side note, if someone wanted to dump the art and music assets so I can look at them at least that’d be really nice of you. (I promise to buy it if and when it gets an English release or unofficial translation).


Would anyone be willing to share the general outline of the stories “metaplot” with me, if any Japanese speakers have played it? I bought it and have been trying to stumble through, but it’s been really hard to Kamjitomo my way through it and I’ve pretty much given up on understanding anything.

It’s been a year or so now and I can’t find any in-depth discussion of it anywhere to illuminate things.

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This topic is a little quiet, but there is some OST released of Trianthology on Youtube, would anyone be interested in listening to it?

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I’ve listened to the OST quite a bit, there’s some really good tracks in there!


I definitely love Memory of the Cloud, Cry, and Lastboss…which actually has a kind of Touhou-esque sound to it more than anything. But they’re all really beautiful!

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I listened to a few of my favs out of the OST every now and then which are:

However, there is one BGM that speaks to me on a deep spiritual level whenever I’m reflecting on life in bed at night and that is, ノクタリア
It will always be my top BGM in the OST. Then again, this come as no surprised to me since it reminds me too much of the following BGM in Higurashi Kai VN: Over the Sky, Soul Scour and Squall.

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I was just able to snag a copy of the OST from Yahoo Auctions! I’m super pumped to finally listen to the official tracks instead of the gamerip I did.


Oh lucky!!

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I will definitely buy this game as soon as it gets any translation. But I would love for someone to spoil it to me. I’m way too curious to know what happens.