TRianThology and Rose Guns Days The Best On Sale Now!

TRianThology and Rose Guns Days The Best On Sale Now!

October 31st is a big day for 07th Expansion! It marks the launch of both Rose Guns Days - The Best and the long awaited TRianThology: Sanmenkyou no Kuni no Alice!

Rose Guns Days - The Best is a re-release of Rose Guns Days - Last Season, which includes a new short story. Last Season includes all content from the three previous seasons, making 'The Best' the definitive release of Rose Guns Days to date. If you haven't picked it up yet, now might be a great time! The story takes place in an alternate history after World War II, where China and America take control of the country, setting the stage for a jazzy crime story adopting a blend of eastern and western influences. Rokkenjima's community gives it their full recommendation! But please be aware that this release almost certainly does not work with the current translation patch.

TRianThology is a new title from the three authors of VisualArt's/Key's Rewrite. The story begins with the character Alice conversing with her friend/slave Usagi in a strange dimension floating in the sky of a city. Alice complains that she is desperate to overcome the poison known as boredom, and discovers three Kakera, each containing a different world, or in Alice's words, 'something like a video game or manga'. The story of TRianThology like all other 07th works follows a linear progression, as we follow Alice observing each of these three stories bit by bit, jumping between them as she sees fit. The three Kakera are presented as unique visual novels: the psychological drama "Country Gal", the upbeat self-explanatory "High School Romance Adventure" and the sci-fi action/thriller "Vespio 2438". It remains to be seen what might connect these three distinct stories, but the existence of Alice is bound to spice things up. We're as eager to know more about this story as you guys are!

If you're curious about TRianThology, a Free Trial was published a couple of days ago which you can download right now! There's even a patch if you care about a bringing your save files over from the trial to the full game. Obviously TRianThology is entirely in Japanese, but with the help of apps like Chiitrans Lite, even people with no knowledge of the Japanese language should be able to feel their way around while we wait for an English translation. The title shows a lot of promise, with by far the most visually impressive presentation of any 07th Expansion work to date with its abundance of animated backgrounds and its dynamic use of sprites and text boxes; each Kakera feels like a completely different game. If you're reading TRianThology and would like to share your thoughts, or if you're just curious and wanna know what people are thinking of it, be sure to hit up our TRianThology General Discussion topic on the forum! Oh, and if you were wondering why it's capitalised like that, 'TRT' are the initials of its three writers!

These titles have turned out to be a little bit difficult to find, as forumer Rabla set out to hunt down these two all around Akihabara in Tokyo, but didn't end up finding one until the day after release, hidden in a pile at the back of Melonbooks. That said, the majority of our readers don't live in Japan, and thankfully they are pretty easy to find online. These Japanese retailers are known to stock 07th Expansion titles, so they'll be your first choice if you live in Japan. For the rest of us, you'll be happy to know that Japanese hobby distributor Amiami currently has both titles in stock, and they ship all around the world! But you'll have to be quick, as they're bound to sell out eventually! You can purchase them both on AmiAmi at the links below:

Rose Guns Days - The Best TRianThology

Today's a big day for 07th Expansion fans, and we at Rokkenjima can't wait to finally sink our fangs into - er, graciously take the time to appreciate TRianThology's story. If you happen to read through and finish TRianThology, we'd love to have a chat with you, and maybe even allow you to write a review for this blog if you're interested!

So, will you be picking up either of these titles? Let us know below!

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Just an FYI, Rose Gun Days was back in stock at AmiAmi today. I had tried to order it yesterday, but they had sold out. It is probably going to come in and out of stock for a bit, so even if it is out of stock when you check keep an eye on it for a bit.


Yep, looks like it’s out of stock currently.

Welp. AmiAmi says Orders Closed for RGD, yet they’re still open for TRianThology.

Anyone have any idea where we could order the Triantholgoy soundtrack from other then Toranoana? ( They’re the only place I can find it, but they won’t ship internationally, and even the external service I tried wouldn’t order from them. OtakuRepublic has a copy but the price is yeah.

The soundtrack is on sale too? I had no idea…
Yo @Pepe!

Also, @soggysadboi has confirmed that the English RGD patch does work with The Best!


Talking about it, what would be the said “new short story”, Mr. @Aspirety? An epilogue?

No idea :stuck_out_tongue:

If this new “short story” is an epilogue, I’ll have to get it. You see, I loved RGD, but I REALLY missed an epilogue at the end. I wanted to see what happened to all the characters after the final showdown, how they lived the rest of their lives, etc.


Yeah I feel the same way which is one of the reasons why I ended up getting it in the end even though I already have Last Season.

Hi there. Anyone knows when Triantology will be translated? Also, what are the impressions of it by those who know japanese :D.

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It’s only been a week since it was released. Don’t expect it anytime soon. Still waiting for a Iwaihime/Hotarubi translation.

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Iwaihime is probably a little trickier to get an official localization since it’s not 07th Expansion’s property, but DMM’s, with Ryukishi only participating as a freelance scenario writer. Considering Witch-Hunt’s and Manga Gamer’s involvement with 07th Expansion recently, I’d say it’s fairly certain we’ll get Triantology translation somewhere down the line.

EDIT: what is is this hotarubi, by the way?

Hotarubi no Tomoru Kori ni. It’s a manga by 07th Expansion set in the When They Cry universe.

You have a point there, I still want to believe in a translation!

I wonder how short the RGD story is or is it like a full blown chapter?

EDIT: I just finished attempting to read the short chapter and it’s pretty short. A cute story.

Julie travels back in time and talks to the Primavera family about the future basically. The ending CG killed me. ;__;

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