What caffeinated beverage do you like?

Because there’s all these tea parties and references of tea through all Umineko…

… but not everyone likes tea and there’s many sorts of teas.
What caffeinated beverage would you rather drink at such a “party”?
Yes this is utterly random. I’m just randomly curious.
I want to see a 3 way war between soda coffee and tea!

I’m actually an irremediable fan of lattes. But I also like red tea (which is technically not really tea) and green tea. Oh! I also like bubble tea, especially taro. I never ever drink soda or energy drinks.


Love me a good mocha to get me started in the morning. But I’m rarely awake during the mornings. Energy drinks are very tasty when I feel like something cold and carbonated to keep me going~ But it’s bad to form a dependency on caffine, mhm.


I like black tea (with milk and sugar) and green tea, tea-wise.
I also enjoy some sodas and such, but for a party… definitely tea.


What if I told you that being dependant on tea was the first path toward learning true magic? xD


I usually drink Lemony drinks like Sprite/7up.

I’m not really a coffee person, but I do love Fraps! …Though those don’t count I believe right? ahaha.


Maybe I get your character wrong, but I’m under the impression you’d really like bubble tea. Or that you were potentially already addicted to them? xD

I can’t believe I forgot Bubble tea. D:

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I don’t like warm or hot drinks. I go for soft drinks, juice or water. Not a fan of milk either.

AntiTeaFaction represent

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LOL yes
Fear me when I’m tired xD

(a simple edit to pretend this never happened <.< >.>)

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Coca Cola. I drink way too much of the stuff, really.

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I’m a coffee devotee. I have a chemex and a burr grinder and one of my favorite things to do is to play video games early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee.

I like tea a lot too, but I am less picky about it. I am very particular about only buying locally roasted coffee and stuff, but I can be pretty happy with brand name bag tea.


My beverage of choice is tea, but not really milk tea or boba. I don’t care too much for the tea type as long as it’s there aren’t leaves or flower petals in my tea. Usually it’s Jasmine tea at Chinese restaurants, Green tea at Japanese restaurants, and Merr tea (whatever the hell that is) whenever I bring my insulated water bottle. I never really tried coffee though. The closest is like caramel frappachinos from Starbucks but that shit is expensive and hella sugary. Recently I’ve been trying to consume less sugar so I don’t really want carbonated drinks and tea is fine for me anyways.


No tea, no coffee, and no caffeine before noon. I’ll usually mix Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper with water around lunchtime, or get a large one from a gas station or something and drink it throughout the day. If I get another I usually mix the caffeine-free variants. My intake is low and my sleep schedule is such that nothing can actually perk me up before about 10:30 in the morning, not even amphetamines (not that I start every morning with a breakfast of meth or anything).

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I’m definitely a black tea connoisseur. Coffee gives me jitters, and the other teas are heathens that simply cannot live up to the beauty of black tea.


Personally my favorites would be Darjeeling and Ceylon. Darjeeling is nice for a smooth, everyday drink, whereas ceylon is good for a nice kick. English breakfast is good assuming a nice blend is made; I’m not a fan of the blends that put in too much assam as they give it this earthy taste which I’m not too fond of. And if your only experience with black tea is earl grey, then may the lords have pity on your soul.


I’m in the south USA, which means I drink sweet tea. Lots of sweet tea. Even living in the birthplace of Coca-Cola, I haven’t had a sip of it (or any other soft drink) in over a decade, because sweet tea is enough.

mmmmmm sweet tea.

Though I’ve been trying to cut back to water and fruit juices instead, for health reasons. Not totally, though; just sweet tea less often.


An intellectual drink for the chosen ones!

I actually could never get super much into coffee, I just have the kitchen full of different kinds of tea…


I love this topic. Just, so much yes.

Okay, I’m a fan of coffee and tea. I dislike most energy drinks as they tend to make me feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach for hours on end. (My sentence has an ambiguity! To resolve it: Interpret either way, and the result is the same.)

As far as teas go, this is my favorite

Been drinking those for ages. Occasionally in the loose leaf form:

It’s really quite good, and I prefer it to coffee most of the time. (Though I tend to get coffee for its wide availability and the inherent convenience which comes with that.)

There’s also this, which I drink almost religiously:

It’s disappointing that they got rid of their “Diet Green Tea” version, which had no sugar but still tasted great.

Now, as far as “real tea” goes, I tend to prefer green tea, but oolong tea is fine too. Black tea is fine as well, though I’m no connoisseur. I don’t pay much attention to brands beyond “That one wasn’t quite as good.”

Regarding coffee, I don’t have any particular brands I like. Most of the time I pick up a Starbucks canned mocha or something like that.


I’m a big fan of iced coffee, especially the slow cold-brewed variety. I have to put a lot of milk in it though, otherwise it’s way too bitter.

Black tea is really nice too, but I don’t actually drink it that often for whatever reason. Maybe because it’s kind of a hassle to brew it. I do drink a lot of iced tea though.

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There are a lot of caffeinated drinks I like, matcha green, flavored green, breakfast, herbal, sodas…

As someone living in the South can attest to, the tea here is iced and prepared with a LOT of sugar during the brewing process. I’m also a fan of green tea, particularly iced. I try to have Chamoile tea before bed because I’m a night owl trying to get on a regular schedule. Matcha is good but expensive. There are a lot of sodas around, but I’m partial to anything that isn’t diet soda, but my favorite is root beer.

One chain in the States and maybe some other countries is a tea company called Teavana, and they have a large collections of teas.

I also really like bubble/boba tea, but living in the South in the US, it’s hard to come by.

Probably my favorite caffeinated drink is an iced tea and lemonade mix called an Arnold Palmer (since the golfer by that name pioneered it). Most people think it’s odd, but if you get the right mix of tea and lemonade (it’s always different depending on the tea or lemonade), it’s delicious. It doesn’t have to be black tea, either, you could do green tea, maybe even white tea (I want to try white tea one day).