Favourite Umineko adults? (Spoilers)

So, I am quite bored and am making one of these boring and uninteresting threads asking about favourites. Anyhow, I feel the Umineko adults haven’t been discussed as much, or at least I haven’t seen much discussion in regards to them. I do find them very interesting characters, with the siblings being the children of the wealthy head of the Ushiromiya family, seeing how they all interacted with one another growing up and their more later dynamics and their overall ambitious outlook on life.

Anyhow, I think my favourites are either Eva and Hideyoshi or Rudolf and Kyrie. The former for Eva’s sly and ambitious personality yet very kind and very strong inner self. I really like the strength aspect of her, being able to survive the Rokkenjima massacre, even though it might have slightly been influenced by luck, and still maintaining her father’s company, and doing it very well at that. Though, ultimately, she is somewhat of a tragic character for not being liked or respected by almost everybody after the Rokkenjima massacre. Hideyoshi, I don’t care much for him, but his scenes with Eva in which he’s very kind and understanding with her, are pretty heartwarming. As for Rudolf and Kyrie, even after everything they did, I really like their cool and cunning feel, and how well they work and scheme together.

So, I am a bit undecided, but I suppose I’ll go with Eva and Hideyoshi, even though Rudolf and Kyrie are a very close second. Actually, never mind that, I’ll go with Rudolf and Kyrie, after all.

  • Krauss and Natsuhi
  • Eva and Hideyoshi
  • Rudolf and Kyrie
  • Rosa

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Jeez they’re all so good. Krauss and Natsuhi are probably my favorite couple of the bunch, but Kyrie is my favorite character of them all, so I went with Rudolf and Kyrie.


It was a tough choice between Eva and Hideyoshi or Krauss and Natsuhi for me. Ultimately I went for Krauss and Natsuhi just because I believe in a world where they have a happy, normal family. One where Krauss isn’t pressured by Kinzo (and the other siblings) to gain the inheritance money, and just lives a happy, quiet life drinking tea with Natsuhi.


I love Krauss and Natsuhi. Especially Natsuhi. They’re such disasters but they’re lovable disasters who mean well, which is more than many of the characters and episode 5 is so great, which helps me like Narsuhi even more. This was a pretty easy choice for me.


It’s really funny, I feel like the adults are the best characters of Umineko. I love them all so much! I’d probably rank them something like Kyrie>Rosa>Eva>Natsuhi>Hideyoshi>Rudolf>Krauss
But couplewise I’d rank it Kyrie and Rudolf>Rosa>Eva and Hideyoshi>Krauss and Natsuhi


Gotta love Kyrie and Rudolf. Probably the maddest bastards there, but I just cant help but love them. Especially Kyrie, shes got one of my favorite voice actors so that helps things a lot.

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Kyrie is pretty 10 out of 10, especially if you buy into the theory that she knew she was going to die (such as her gun being jammed) so she played up her hatred of Ange to make Eva adopt her out of sympathy. Such a logical thinker, right to the very end.

Rosa and Eva are the best. Natsuhi and Rudolf are also good.

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Honestly I am a bit surprised by how well-liked Krauss and Natsuhi appear to be, I always thought of them as just some characters that don’t get much attention, but oh well, it probably goes to show how little I know about the fandom. I do admit though, that they are interesting characters and definitely some of the most well-meaning ones in Umineko.

Why is the vote about couples? :confused: My favorite Adult is Natsuhi. I just love her. Since Episode 1… One of the main reasons Ep 1 is one of my fav episodes. But when the votes are as couples, my vote has to be Rudolf and Kyrie. Especially Kyrie, obviously

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Ehh, I really like both Rudolf and Kyrie and Eva and Hideyoshi. I’m so torn, but I went with Eva and Hideyoshi, partially because they are underdogs. I love Natsuhi too of course, but if we are talking couples I don’t think they were the best one honestly. And Rosa… Well, I like her I guess… as a character at least.

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It was very close between the three couples ! I love them all as characters, and although of course they’re a huge mess I chose Krauss and Natsuhi. Natsuhi gets so much thrown at her (particularly from Eva which was a reason I didn’t choose her), and Krauss gave us the wonderful moon tourism. Kyrie and Rudolf I never really liked, and less as the episodes progressed. Rosa isn’t even an option because I absolutely detest her for how she treats Maria.


My feelings toward Rosa in a nutshell:


Oh boy. Very tough choice betweenn Kraus and Natsuhi (I love Natsuhi!) and Eva and Hideyoshi (I love Eva!). Ultimately, I went with the former option as Hideyoshi is not really a developed character. And besides, that scene in ep 5 between Krauss and Natsuhi was one of the sweetest in the entire series. <3
Rosa is too much of a train wreck for me and Kyrie and Rudolf have such a dangerous air around them that I do not dare approach.

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I chose Eva and Hideyoshi. Despite the way Eva interacts with some characters, I think she really does mean well for George, and she’s almost the mother I wished I had.

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I like them all so it’s a tough choice. Hideyoshi is as close as any adult in the game gets to being both a model parent, husband and (presumably) employer. Krauss is a (fun) buffoon whose heart is in the right place when push comes to shove. Rudolf is fun. Natsuhi somehow remains relatively sane, responsible and in her own way dignified despite all the shits she has to deal with.

If I have to pick one though it got to be between Eva, Rosa and Kyrie. In the first half Kyrie is a consistently level-headed, understanding and generally cool adult. In the second half she makes for an excellent short-term villain. Rosa somehow manages to be sympathetic despite her relationship with Maria and unlike the other adults she really doesn’t have anyone fall back on when she’s at her breaking point. That and she’s badass as hell. Yeah they were fantasy scenes but screw it the ending to Episode 2 was one of the coolest thing in the entire story. Eva manages to make the best of her situation through sheer competence and determination and she earned what little happiness she got out of the story. I voted Rosa since I expected her to have the least votes but really it could have been anyone between the three.

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Like a lot of the other replies, I was torn between Kyrie and Eva, along with their respective husbands. In the end, I have to give it to Kyrie and Rudolf. Kyrie especially really came off as a clever, resourceful person and seeing her in action was a joy to watch.

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Couple-wise, Eva and Hideyoshi have quite literally the healthiest relationship between them, since their marriage is healthy, it’s just Eva who’s… got issues. To me, Kyrie and Rudolf have quite a fascinating relationship, that one could say is like Macbeth and Lady Macbeth (without the Lady Macbeth becoming less important part).

I like Eva the most of the adults, followed by Kyrie, Rudolf, Rosa, and then Krauss. I wish Hideyoshi was expanded upon more, so I could rank him. And frankly, Natsuhi reminds me too much of certain people in my life I can’t stand (and her Stans are so annoying that I feel bad for the people who are her fans and don’t excuse what she did).

Kind of a hard choice between Krauss and Natsuhi or Hideyoshi and Eva.

Krauss can be a bit of a jerk, but he at least shows some remorse for how he acted toward his siblings in the past, he gets an epic scene in Episode 4 (yes, that one) and it’s honestly adorable how much of an idiot he can be with business decisions plus Krauss x Natsuhi is super sweet, and Natsuhi’s not so bad, attitutde toward servants aside.

Hideyoshi’s a pretty cool guy, true, he doesn’t get much character development but I like his cheery attitude. Eva can be pretty harsh as a mother though you can understand why and her perserverance is admirable. She genuinely does care about her husband and son and that really shows.

My vote goes to Eva and Hideyoshi.

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For me is completely Rosa, my feelings towards her since the episode 2 are totally disproportionate. But Kyrie and Rudolf are also an incredible couple. Kyrie is such a exciting character, i don’t know if her is a horrible parent or a nice parent.