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Welcome @tsupertsundere and @GoldenWitch, it’s good to see some fresh meat on here! Since you’ve both read Umineko, feel free to check out some of the spoiler threads and discuss the characters or episodes in there, or join any recent discussions! Or make your own, but be careful, as it will be removed if a relevant thread already exists. If you have any questions otherwise, feel free to ask! Enjoy your stay… we have plenty of tea.

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Just keep in mind that you’ll need to get Witch rank before you can make new topics. In the meantime, feel free to post in any pre-existing topics; just use that search button up the top!

Ahh, how exciting this is! Hello everyone, I’m Bess (though you’re free to call me Rika too :mii:). I’m 19, from London, living in France right now. I became a fan of When They Cry way back about 10 years ago when I watched the Higurashi anime. It’s pretty much been my favourite thing ever since. I watched the Umineko anime when it aired and I recently got around to playing Umineko over a few years haha. As a writer and literary enthusiast, I wholeheartedly consider it the greatest work of its kind I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been playing Higurashi and reading the manga very slowly and dove right back in when I heard the new game was announced. When They Cry means the absolute world to me, it’s the best news I ever could’ve hoped for. What a delight it is to find this community now! I’m in dire need of some friends who love this series and can’t wait to experience the new installment with everyone.

A little more about me: since watching Higurashi, Rika has always unwaveringly been my favourite fictional character of all time. Despite what I said about Umineko, I couldn’t chose a favourite between the two, and Higurashi has deep personal meaning to me. Dare I say it’s part of the reason I’m aspiring to become a forensic psychologist. I should be studying Psychology back in the UK come autumn. Besides that, I love - as I mentioned - writing, Ace Attorney and K-Pop. Besides Rika, my favourite WTC characters are Keiichi, Mion, Will, Lion and Ange!

Nice to meet you all! And big thanks to everyone involved in the creation this long-overdue community.

EDIT: Oops, hope this is okay, forgot to say my Twitter is @grlgroups and my tumblr, furudes. Always happy to make friends over on those sites, too!


Welcome to Rokkenjima :gohda:

It’s always fun to have new people join to talk about the amazing stories that are When They Cry and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here!
Feel free to join in on discussions about, well, pretty much anything and follow as our new readers try to break through the mysteries of Hinamizawa and Rokkenjima while we veterans sit on the sidelines with popcorn. It’s a ton of fun :cackle: (though it’s a bit quiet right now when we are between releases, hopefully it’ll start up again soon)

Also do note, as Aspirety mentioned above, that you won’t be able to create any new topics until you’ve reached Witch-rank. But the meantime feel free to post in preexisting topics, just scroll down or use the search function and you should be able to find something interesting.


Hello there Rika! Welcome to Rokkenjima, I hope you enjoy your time here with us. You’ll find many who love WTC here, so you’ve chosen the perfect place to find friends and people who also love it too (like myself).

A few things you could do, look around through the threads, even old ones, and post in them, there’s plenty of them you can post in so we can get to know about you a bit more, and what you think of the WTC works.
Also, if you have discord, you’d be very welcome on our discord channel, just put a post in the thread following the format, and you should be good to go with the instructions there.

I hope your psychology studies go well, being a physics student myself… I couldn’t wrap my head around the other sciences very well :sweating:.

And damnit @EternalMagician, you beat me to it… yes, once you’ve posted and read enough you’ll read Witch rank, where you can post yourself. Also make sure to read the rules, especially on spoilers. Otherwise, welcome to the tea party!


@rika We actually have a writing tread if you’re interested.

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Glad you could make it @rika! I’m a little surprised that name hasn’t been taken yet. I’m very happy to see another face join our community! You should definitely come by the Discord chat sometime, we’d love to get to know you better!

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Hmm, let’s see… Hello, everyone my name is Danila (It’s a male name in case anybody is wondering). I’m 18 and live in Vladivostok, Russia. The climate in my city is very similar to Japan and it’s near the sea, so there is a lot of seagulls!
I’m a first-year student studying Japanese language and culture and I’m hoping to read 07th works in Japanese sometime in the future.

I’ve read all of Higurashi a couple of months ago and then watched an anime adaptation just for voice acting and to see how they handle it. It’s not really usual for me to fanboy so much about something, but I fell in love with the series right away. Then I took a short break and read Umineko which I loved at least just as much. Both stories mean a lot to me personally since my thoughts are constantly occupied by the world and characters Ryukishi07 brought to life. I honestly don’t know which of the novels I love more since they are quite different despite having similar structures. Higurashi might have affected me more on the emotional level, but Umineko is just so unique and intelligent and the mystery was even more awesome, so let’s just say that I love Ryukishi’s writing, hehe.

I’m hoping to make some new friends in this community since not a lot of people I know are insane enough to read such long and complicated works, although I did manage to get a fellow student of mine to read Higurashi. Now I can sneer at his futile attempts to solve the mystery cackle cackle.
I discovered the site while googling for some discussions on the novels and decided to try to fit in, let’s see how it goes! (By the way, I’m not a native English speaker so there might be some mistakes, especially with punctuation.)
Outside of the 07th Expansion, I’m actually interested in many things. I’m an avid movie buff, really big fan of different kinds of music (primarily rock) and I’m a bass player, though a pretty bad one sigh. I’m obviously interested in anime and Japanese culture in general and I also love comic books, even used to order some from America before our currency dropped.
Okay, I think I’ve said enough. Hope I will not be a burden to this community!



Made with blood, sweat, and tears. Well, not any blood of course. That’s just gross.

Welcome, @Doldod!
Its pretty interesting how most of Rokkenjima’s users are from Europe. 07thexpansion must be popular over there.

Welcome, Danila! It’s good to see some fresh mea- I mean, new members from some less common places, we’re glad to have you here! I’m glad you loved Umineko and Higurashi (although I haven’t read the later), you’ll find plenty of people here who love both as well.

I’m a second year student myself, and I did Japanese in my first year! Sadly I wasn’t able to fit it in my second year. (Computer Science major) so I’ve had to drop it, but I do a little self study in my free time. If you ever need help with the language, my knowledge isn’t limitless, but I do know some things, feel free to ask.

We all have that problem, getting friends to read Umineko or Higurashi… I’ve been unable to make a single one of mine read it, so you’ve chosen the right place to meet those that have, good job on getting a fellow student to though! And you play an instrument? Almost everyone in my own family plays instruments (Brothers play sax/trombone, etc)… except me. I’m sure you sound fine, trust me, hearing my brothers play their damn instruments all day gets… irritating as hell.

Sorry for the late welcome, Australian time tends to make it a little… difficult at times, and we share your currency dropping woes as well. Needless to say, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay at our little tea party.


Hi guys, I’m a 24 year old from New South Wales in Australia. I made my first post on Kazamatsuri a few days ago and that’s why I’m here now.

I am a complete 07th Expansion newbie. I have not seen any of the anime’s or read any of the VNs, and I have remained relatively spoiler free. I hope to enjoy the experience as much as many other people seem to. I came here on the recommendation of @VyseGolbez (I hope I tagged the same person, if not I’m sorry).

My interests outside of 07th Expansion aren’t very unique and mainly consist of other anime and games. With anime, I mainly enjoy comedies, mysteries, thought provoking series and series with a lot of feels. I also have a bit of a soft spot for KyoAni works, as well as being a big fan of Makoto Shinkai’s films (with 5 cm Per Second being my absolute favourite). My favourite game franchise of all time is the Ratchet & Clank series, although I love a lot of the older Assassin’s Creed games as well (haven’t played anything past Black Flag).

Once again, thanks guys for allowing me to join such a friendly community! :joyful:


Hey there Hammy! I’m happy to see an Australian join Rokkenjima, we have too few here, so welcome! It’s fine if you’re a complete newbie, you’re fully welcome here, and we’ll be eager to see any thoughts you have on any 07th Expansion works you end up reading, or on anything you see on the forum. I’m sure you’ll certainly enjoy the experience!

It’s fine to talk about your interests outside 07th Expansion, it’s not like it’s everything to life. Ratchet and Clank was an awesome series, I remember playing it years ago… I wish they’d release some for the PC, but eh, what can we do? Assassin’s Creed is also lots of fun. Many people on Rokkenjima are gamers, so you won’t find a lack of them to play or talk about either, especially if you join the discord!

No need for thanks, we’re very glad to have you here! Feel free to post in any thread (that isn’t spoiler-y of course), even if it hasn’t been posted in for a long time, it’s fine! We’re eager to see what you have to say. After you’ve been active for a little while here, you’ll earn Witch rank, and make posts yourself if you so desire. Enjoy your stay at our tea party~


@Hammy45 What he means to say is “create new threads”. Replying to already existing threads is possible from the moment you signed up here. Also, yes, I’m the same VyseGolbez, glad that you also came here~


Hello everyone!

I’m going by Dreamheart because that’s the character I play as in FFXIV. I’m also a VN/game developer. I live in Ontario, Canada.

I love the Higurashi series but really loved the Umineko VNs. So good. Although playing the Umineko fighting game I love playing as Rosa due to her reload mechanic. I’m bad at the fighting game though.

I found Rokkenjima because I bought a board game called Tragedy Looper and was looking for people to play that game with.

I also play Final Fantasy XIV so if you need a healer in the Primal data center let me know!


Hello and welcome to Rokkenjima! Sorry for the late welcome but work got in the way, I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here on Rokkenjima!

Feel free to join in on our discussions about WTC and whatever else we come up with. Also feel free and join us in our Discord if you use it. Just take a look at the discord thread and it should instruct you how to join.

I have never played the fighting game myself but I want to so I’m looking forward to MangaGamers release. But I also suck at them so you’re not the only one there…

I also have Tragedy Looper but sadly I haven’t found anyone to play it with yet but I hope that I’ll manage to trick some of my friends into it one day :sneaky:

Do note that currently you can’t create new topics yourself until you’ve reached the rank of witch. That usually don’t take long though and you should find many already created threads to post in until then. Otherwise, just make sure to read the rules and be mindful about tagging spoilers if they are neccessary. But other than that we just wish that you’ll enjoy your stay with us!

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Hiya, Real here.

I’m an 18-year-old from Northeastern America, and I basically have nothing better to do with my time than read VNs, watch anime, play games, ect.

I love the When They Cry series, and am halfway through Umineko currently. I was introduced to it when it appeared on my Steam homepage, and I bought it on a whim. And safe to say, I loved every second of it. I’m someone whose super passionate about solving mysteries, I even had a fantasy growing up where I was a detective… Basically, since I was a kid I’ve thought that logic was the coolest thing ever, and I guess I never let go of those ideals.

I suppose my favorite character would be Bernkastel… Or maybe Lambda. Or Beatrice. …Really, I just want to hug them all;;

Well, after reading Higurashi all the way through, I found this site and decided to join. I’m sort of new to forums, so let me know if I mess up. It’s safe to say that the WTC series is one of my favorite works of fiction, so I hope we can all celebrate it together.


It’s been a while since I’ve popped into this topic, so I won’t be able to welcome everybody individually, but nonetheless, welcome all to our community! I’m your host Aspirety, I hope the tea is to your liking. We’re working hard to make Rokkenjima the kind of community everyone can enjoy, so we hope you all enjoy your time here! Be sure to drop by the Discord Chat if you’re really eager to integrate yourself into the community.

And also, do take note of our Tea Parties! They are big community-wide events which see everyone join together to read and discuss 07th Expansion works. They are an excellent opportunity for newcomers to collaborate and share theories with others, and for older fans to take the time to look over the works once more with a fresh mind. They’re also a nice way we like to celebrate 07th Expansion, so if you’re a creative type, you can submit Fanart for the Tea Parties and even win prizes! We are currently reading through Higurashi Tatarigoroshi, so if you’re new to Higurashi please be sure to hop on board the discussions there!

@Real It’s very exciting to hear that you’re reading along with the steam releases of Umineko! With Chiru coming to Steam hopefully soon, we’re really hoping to provide new readers a space to read through the chapters together and collaborate on theories and interpretations as they read. You’re also welcome to apply to join our Podcast if that’s something you might be interested in!

And to everyone, please give us your honest feedback! Tell us what we can do to make Rokkenjima into the kind of place you’d love to call home. We hope to meet your expectations!


Hello there. I’m Vayalite, although you can shorten it to Vayu if you’d prefer.

I’m a 17 year old from India, and I got introduced to the WTC series in a way I’m sure at least a few have: from people praising it on other forums. When I read further into Higurashi (which was being recommended at the time), I found the sorry intriguing, and due to the present unavailability of the VN’s through the platforms I already had, I actually ended up reading most of Higurashi from the Wikia’s pages and piecing together the story from there. Naturally, the ending was spoiled for me. I then went on to read Umineko, which is by far the best thing I have read so far.

My favourite character? It’s a struggle between Beatrice and Bernkastel. I love both of them equally because they’re so beautifully twisted characters, the latter more than the former.

Being new here, I’m pretty sure I’ll slip up somewhere, it’s pretty much the only certainty I know of with regards to myself, so do correct me if you catch that.

Introductions aside, I’m really glad that something like this exists, to quench the thirst I’ve long had for a discussion of a really amazing series.


Glad you could join us @Vayalite! Learning of the plot of Higurashi through wiki pages is certainly an interesting way to experience it, haha!

I hope you enjoy the forums we’ve prepared for you. Feel free to jump into any old topics you take a liking to!