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Hello fair people of Rokkenjima!

I am Hovlane, residing in the south western portion of the United States. So far I have only experianced two of 07th Expansions works being Higurashi and Umine though of those I have watched the entirety of Higurashi’s anime twice the manga once and read Onikushi-hen Visual Novel while with Umineko I have read the entire manga, watched the anime and went through episodes 1-4 of the visual novel.

I watched Higurashi first but I enjoy Umineko to a greater extent. I discovered Rokkenjima after finishing reading the manga back in January but I am more of a lurker so I never really felt like making an account until now.

Besides 07th Expansion my interests include Anime, Gaming, Programming and computers plus a genreal attration to amazing story telling in general.

Hope I can get over my lurker instinct so I can interact with this community more!


Welcome to Rokkenjima!
If you want to talk about Umineko and Higurashi, we have threads for those about the series in general, and every chapter. Of course, you can also read the opinions and views of others as well.
If you want to get into more When They Cry stuff, I recommend reading Higanbana No Saku Yoru Ni! We just finished reading the First Night as a community, but you can try and catch up and join us for the Second Night!
We have other threads besides 07th expansion stuff like food, books, and music!
I hope you enjoy your stay

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I have thought about reading Higanbana but I don’t really know where I could get it to read. Is there a thread somewhere where it tells me where I could find it?

First of all, welcome @Hovlane and @Echo06!

I really advise you Higanabana, it’s pretty good, you can buy it in english on this website:
There is a demo if you are interested but since the world is so dark I didn’t like it at first, but you learn to like it after a few chapters (that’s what happened to me, at least). And if you want to download it illegally, well, I can’t help you, this forum invites everyone here to buy the stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello, my name is Kennidy. I’m 22 years old and I’m from the United States.

My first 07th Expansion series was the first half of the Higurashi anime. I was apart of a community of fan dubbers, and I guess because of Higurashi’s gruesome nature they were really fun for people to fan dub, so I watched the first half of the anime before I dropped it.

However, Umineko began to rise in popularity soon after I stumbled across Higurashi. At first, I really didn’t see the appeal in reading the visual novel–it just looked so silly–so I made the mistake of watching the anime instead. If I have any regret, it’s watching the anime and not reading the visual novel when more people were talking about it. Eventually, I got into the VN when I was in college, and it truly is one of my favorite stories.

Since then, I’ve gotten into Higanbana. It really is reminiscent of Umineko, without the mystery. I’m in love with it and I’m really looking forward to the new WTC, whenever it releases.

I like to make friends (but I’m super shy and really bad at it), so I joined this community in the hopes of building some bonds. In my free time, I watch anime, play video games (mostly Overwatch), and sleep. o/

It’s very nice to meet you all.


Glad you could make it Kennidy! Awesome that you’ve gotten into Higanbana. We are currently in the process of hosting a Higanbana Bookclub, and it would be awesome if you could contribute by sharing your thoughts on the different chapters in our various forum topics!

Hope you enjoy your time here and make some friends! :joyful:

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Hi there, my name is Alex and I’m 19.

I only know about the When they cry series, and I’m really looking forward to the next game!!

I like discussing theories, anime, programming, cute loli girls, Oyashiro-sama’s curse, intellectual rape, Umineko BGM, and sweets. And I hope to make LOTS of friends here!

I hope you can all welcome me, even if I’m an uninvited guest.


Welcome to Rokkenjima!
We have threads to talk about all of the wonderful things about the When They Cry games, including Higurashi and Umineko general threads, character specific threads, and arc threads. We even have a thread to try and guess what we can about When They Cry 5! And, if you want to try to get into other 07th Expansion works, we are currently as a community reading Higanbana No Saku Yoru Ni, if you want to obtain your own copy and try to catch up.
Enjoy your stay

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There’s no such thing as an “uninvited guest” here on Rokkenjima! :happy:


Hey everybody, I’m Luadog (You can also call me Lua or Dog, doesn’t matter to me). I’m a 19 year old student studying Biomedical and Electrical Engineering. I live around Detroit.

I read Umineko a couple years ago, and loved it. One of my greatest joys is to reread certain scenes from the VN. I’ve also read part of Rose Gun Days, but I dropped it. Don’t know why, considering I enjoyed reading it. I guess it was just during a busy time and I had to prioritise school. Definitely gonna pick it up sometime soon.

I found this place from the podcasts that were posted on r/vns. I enjoyed the hell out of them, and lurked around for a while. Recently I’ve been drafting Umineko style mysteries or logic puzzles for one of the club’s I’m involved in, so stumbling across the Gameboards, mainly those belonging to pictoshark and ghalger, inspired me to sign up and probably post some of the ones I’ve been working on. Don’t expect too much out of them though.

Hmm, I used to read a lot of VN’s, but that’s tapered off a lot. I mainly read anything I can get my hands on. Fantasy novels, mystery novels, biographies, webnovels, fanfiction, and whatever else that catches my fancy. I used to be a big gamer, certain FPS games and Lol (I do still follow competitive) but even that has really stopped. I still do play Skyrim, and my guilty pleasure, Wizard101, so if anyone wants to hit me up, I’m down (there’s a good multiplayer mod for Skyrim coming soon). I’d love to get into some new games, so if you want someone to join you, I’m your guy.


Hello everyone, I’m BirdWords, or just Bird or Birdy. I’m a 20 year old theatre student.

I watched the Higurashi anime when I was younger, and loved it. I’ve so far read some of the Steam release of the VN (on Tatarigoroshi now), but what’s really catching my interest and what brought me here is Umineko. I’ve been reading it in something of a “book club” style format with my friends, and one thing that I’ve been doing to scratch my Umineko itch between episodes is to check out the Rokkenjima tea parties. What pushed me into finally making an account was so that I could post my thoughts on Umineko Episode 3, and I’ll probably be sticking around here to continue to discuss Umineko, though it may be a while before I can engage in topics that involve series spoilers.


Hello. My name is Heliodor. I am 31. I watched the Higurashi anime when it came out (if you can believe it I downloaded torrented fansubs back then to get it). I was obsessed with it immediately and binged the series. When it finally got re-licensed and released on BD I got it and binged it again. I only recently bought the first 5 chapters of the VN on Steam. I’m only in the second chapter now but I love it. I’m also autistic and Higurashi is my special interest. I’m actually going to be getting a full-sleeve tattoo this year with the main characters in it. I can’t wait. I haven’t gotten to play Umineko yet. I play games very very slowly so I’m still early in the Higurashi chapters. I found this page via the VN Reddit. I wish I had found this site earlier but better late than never.


Wow we’re getting a lot of new members today! Welcome to @TsukiyoAlex, @Luadog, @BirdWords and @heliodorh!

@Luadog You sound like a fun person, glad you’re enjoying our mystery gameboards! Feel free to post one of your own up here. And regarding Rose Guns Days, we have a plan to host a Bookclub and podcast about it in the future, so you might wanna wait for that to be your first time reading it!

@BirdWords Glad you’re enjoying our podcasts! Awesome that you’re reading Umineko for the first time, I wonder what theories you have. I’d be very happy if you could join the discussions when Chiru releases, hopefully soon!

@heliodorh That’s awesome, such a longtime Higurashi fan! I’m really excited to hear what you think of the VN, and when you get around to Ryukishi’s other works, I’d love your thoughts on those too. I hope you enjoy the community we’ve built up here!

And thanks of course to @TsukiyoAlex for joining the Higanbana Bookclub discussions. Higanbana is turning out to be a wonderful work, and I would love if you guys could join us in discussing it as a community!

So take your time to look around, enjoy the sights, post a bit, and in no time you should have the Witch rank, which will give you access to our Discord channel. I hope to see some of you join us there!


Hello, my name is Zosonte. I am twenty four years old and live in the United States. I am a runoff from Kazamatsuri, having been introduced to the collective while reading Rewrite. Ryukishi wrote one of the routes in that novel, and I enjoyed it so much I decided to check out 07th Expansion’s works. I thank Key for introducing me to 07th Expansion, and thus Rokkenjima. Anyway, after finishing Rewrite, I decided to check out Higurashi, and that changed my life. Higurashi is not only the greatest visual novel I’ve ever read, but it’s the greatest story I’ve ever been told in my life; through books, movies, television, video games, through any medium of entertainment, Higurashi tops them all. 07th Expansion quickly shot up to Key’s place in my heart, and I’m honored to be here. I’m currently reading Higanbana to keep up with the bookclub. Afterwards I plan to either read Umineko or whatever the next bookclub will be.


Welcome, @Zosonte. I totally know the feeling you have with Higurashi. I haven’t read it yet, but Umineko filled that role in my heart, and I doubt anything can replace it. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of Umineko as I did when you get to reading it!


Whoa, hey there @Zosonte! Didn’t expect to see you here. I’m very excited to have you join us for the Bookclubs and Tea Parties here!


Hello, I’m Kues. I am an 18 years old student from Ireland. I can’t remember exactly how I found the series but back in 2011 I watched the Higurashi anime and read the managa, and was obsessed with Higurashi for a while.
Despite this, I never read the VN or became interested in Umineko, and gradually lost interest until a year ago I was feeling nostalgic and decided to read the Higurashi VN. After doing so and enjoying it I decided to read Umineko as well.

I found this site when I stumbled upon one of the tea party videos on YouTube.

Outside of 07th Expansion my main interests are gaming and history.


Welcome Kues! I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to Rokkenjima!
As a veteran of Higurashi maybe you’ll want to talk to others about Higurashi in our spoiler threads? Or you can talk about Umineko in Umineko’s threads, of course. Other than talking we have plently of things to do here! Some people will make games to play with each other, others will start topics on things outside of 07th Expansion, and sometimes we read stories together. We just finished reading The First Night of Higanbana No Saku Yoro Ni if you want to try and catch up before we talk about The Second Night together.
I hope you enjoy your stay here

Nice, I hope you read Umineko because it’s very good as well! Welcome

Welcome to you too @Kues

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