Introduce Yourself!

And same to you! I came for the mystery and stayed for the Ushiromiya family soap opera. Ive always found it interesting how those two aspects played out.


And I thought I was the only one with a Golden Eagle tattoo! I bet it’ll look awesome

Eyyyy! I bet it looks awesome : D
My friend Jessica and I are getting ours on the 5th,
I’m getting mine in Beatrice’s thigh tattoo placement.

A mass welcoming to @Bofu, @italktowalls, @StarTurner, @EnDy_S, @Isae, @Aulin, and @Beatrice! Old habits die hard, I guess… :sweat_smile:

[quote=“StarTurner, post:33, topic:64”]
my personality type is INTP
[/quote]Last I checked, I’m INFP, so I guess our personalities are somewhat similar. :slightly_smiling:

[quote=“EnDy_S, post:35, topic:64”]
Oh yeah and Kazamatsuri, I might seem like a new guy here but I’m actually following that site since it’s first day, It’s just that I usually don’t have time to take part in the conversations.
[/quote]We’ve got many such lurkers in Kazamatsuri, but that doesn’t mean anything here. We’re glad to have you regardless. :slightly_smiling:

[quote=“Aulin, post:38, topic:64”]
I really like TYPE-MOON
[/quote]Ay, me too. Fate/Stay Night, Melty Blood and Carnival Phantasm are cool. I’m currently reading Fate/Apocrypha, and I’m still waiting for that Tsukihime remake. :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Beatrice, post:39, topic:64”]
My other interests include Star Wars
[/quote]Did you like The Force Awakens? I know I did. :smile:


@EisenKoubu Yeah, INFP is the tactician, and INTP is the logician! (I think)

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Same! I love it, because I really was raised in a Star Wars household.

I can’t say I’m not obsessed-- my kitten’s name is Kylo Ren :smile:
And I’m also super obsessed with Phasma.

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Hello everyone I’m Erika Furudo :laughing:

I was brought here by @tanasinn and 07th Expansion is what made me start my Visual Novel spree, but before that I was introduced to this lovely circle by the Higurashi anime in 2007 and once Kai aired it instantly became one of my favorites. It wasn’t until years later that I would finish the Visual Novel alongside with finishing Umineko.

After the Higurashi Kai anime ended I started reading Umineko curious with Ryukishi’s other works and oh man was I hooked from the start. Reading Umineko as my first Visual Novel in 2008 was so life-blowing for me it made me start reading novels again. Though Higurashi still holds a special place in my heart.

I can’t wait to read Iwaihime/Hotarubi whenever they do come out. I loved reading Higanbana, Rose Guns Days, and Rewrite.

Last July I went to Anime Expo with @Bofu and fangirled so hard when I saw Ryukishi. I was so happy when I gave him a drawing of Beato and he commented that he was going to show it to the staff. He even answered two of my questions at the panel, one in which I was hesitant in asking but did it anyway because YOLO.

My other interests include POKEMON, Steins;Gate, TYPE-MOON, KEY, Infinity Series (Never7/Ever17/Remember11+I/O), Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, and Sword Art Online.

Ever17 was my first interactive VN. I really can’t wait for Root Double to come out sometime this month since that’s by one of the creators of the Infinity Series. I even asked Takumi Nakazawa who his favorite character in Umineko was and he replied that it was Beatrice.

It’s nice to meet you all! :smile_cat:


I was introduced to Umineko by being hooked on the VN. From there I became pretty obsessed, especially with Ougon Musou Kyoku. I was upset that so few seemed to care about the fighter, since it looked gorgeous and was a lot of fun. (Not to mention the plot.)

Since no one seemed interested in doing a translation, I opted to do it myself.

Looking forward to Umineko’s official release, and maybe one of Ougon too. :wink:


Hi there!

@cj_iwakura Oh nice, you were responsible for OMK’s translation? Very glad to have you join us! Looks like we’ve already gotten quite a few of the translators among our ranks already!

And welcome also to @Aulin, @Beatrice and @epika! Our numbers are growing quite quickly! Be sure to check out our Discord chat too!

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Hey there! My name’s Mr. Dent, I’m an 18 year old kid from North America, and I was first introduced to 07th Expansion through a piece of Umineko fanart. One summer, I decided I was going to get into Visual Novels, and I saw fanart by hanokage, who drew the Madoka Magica manga, and after reading through some brief synopsis and stuff about Umineko, I thought “Wow, this looks just like Ace Attorney, but with magic!”

…I was told that it was actually a sequel to another Visual Novel, Higurashi, and as soon as I hopped into MangaGamer’s original TL, I found that my impressions were totally and completely off-base! Haha, but it was probably for the best that way. I fell in love with the characters, the universe, and, my god, the wonderful atmosphere and immersive environments. Fantastic stuff, really!

My favorite 07th Expansion game is Umineko, but I have played Higurashi, Higanbana, and Rose Guns Days. I found Rokkenjima from Tumblr, actually, a friend of mine reblogged a post about it and I hopped right in. (My Tumblr’s here, if you wanna follow me.)

Anyway, my other interests include: Zero Escape, Satomi Tadashi’s Persona, and Fullmetal Alchemist 2003. Currently, I’m been trying to develop my own Visual Novel! It’s coming along… Rather Slowly. Anyway, I came here… Because I love 07th Expansion, and I want to meet more friends who do!


@cj_iwakura Woah! I want to say thanks, Iwakura Productions have been involved in the translation of a bunch of cool stuff.

And hi there @epika!! It’s nice to see more people I know outside of here.


Hello everyone!

I’m 20 years old and I’m American but I’m currently studying in Italy. My real name is kinda weird so you can call me Nastu!

My very first experience with 07th Expansion was with Higurashi back in 2007! I found the anime and was like holy shit, what is this. Then, of course, I found Umineko. I’ve watched both and read the manga for both, but I’ve only played the first Higurashi game cause my laptop sucks tbh. I’ve also read Higanbana, which is great as well! I remember thinking Higurashi was the greatest thing, and when I started with Umineko all I could think was “Wow, Ryukishi07 took the concept and made it EVEN BETTER”. I think I love them both equally, though.

I found Rokkenjima through a post on tumblr. This is so great! I’ve never been able to find a 07th Expansion active community before! When I was younger and starting off I would follow theory blogs for Umineko but nothing on this scale!

Outside of this realm, I’m interested in horror and psychological anime and manga (I’ve recently gotten really into Junji Ito) and some of the stuff I like of varying genres is Ergo Proxy, Serial Experiments: Lain, Mawaru Penguindrum, Gantz, Bloody Monday, Madoka, Genshiken and so on. I also just like horror stories, urban legends and novels, but at the same time I’m way too much of a scaredy cat to ever play a horror game. I also like art (drawing and appreciation) but I’m not so good at it myself.

And something curious about this blog is that apparently it opened up on my birthday! Great birthday present if I say so myself, even if I’m finding it just now.

I’m looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hi, everyone!
I’m Zumo and I’m from Spain. My hobbies are programming and playing games. I also watch anime, read manga and that kind of stuff.

I first heard about When They Cry about three years ago, when a friend told me about Higurashi. I decided to watch the anime and I liked it, but I forgot about it very quickly.
Last summer I decided to rewatch it for a second time and I loved it!
Then I found out about Umineko and began reading the VNs. (I had read that the anime adaptation wasn’t so good…)
I have already read them all, but I will probably read them again in the future.

I love both Umineko and Higurashi, but if I had to decide which one is my favorite, I would probably choose Higurashi.
However, I’m still waiting for all the VNs to re-release on Steam so I can read them…
Also my favorite characters in When They Cry are Rika, Bernkastel, Erika and Lambdadelta. (By the way, I love Bernkastel and Rika’s backstory!)

Outside of 07th Expansion works… I usually like stories that have the time travel/parallel worlds/time loop element. Some of my interests include Steins;Gate, Noragami, Mirai Nikki, Dark Souls, etc.

Something interesting about me? I use Arch Linux as my everyday OS. I’m an ISTP. And… Oh. I can’t think of anything else right now!

Nice to meet you all. I hope I can get to know everyone around here!


I feel like this could be an interesting topic to discuss on Bernkastel’s character thread. Nice to meet you @Zumo!

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Yeah! I’ve always wanted to discuss it with someone, so maybe I could reply to Bernkastel’s thread with my theories about her.
Nice to meet you too @RedEspeon!

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Yep. It was entirely a labor of love, Seacat fans from everywhere(including reddit) came together to help it happen. 4chan’s hackers made the tool possible, reddit fans helped with graphics, and two guys I know who never even played Umineko did the programming and opening movie subs. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a blast from the past, this thread is the reason I started the project: The backgrounds made my jaw drop.

Heh, images like this remind me of how much love went into OMK.

It’s sheer fan service on every level.


Hello! I am Strain!
I am 19 years old and I am from USA! I was into 07th Expansion stuff when I was way back in 6th grade starting with Higurashi Naku Koro ni and Umineko right now Rose Guns Days I did play other games that Ryu chan was part of the game.

I love all the character’s from 07th Expansion I don’t have any thing I do not like when it comes to 07th. Right now I am all about Rose Guns Days trying to get some more people into it working hard! :smile:

I use Korean Japanese and English. I use Twitter a lot!

My favorite characters are
Umineko : Berunkastel and Lambdadelta
Higurashi: Rika Rena
Rose Guns Days:US Army,Stella

Sometime I draw but not that much. I hear the new news more faster that is related to Rose Guns Days and 07th Expansion. because I do have some friends who actually have some connection with staffs from 07th Expansion or they live in Japan… so I just hear stuff. :joy: this is my first time trying to get into community in eastern side so I am very excited.

Outside of 07th Expansion works I like a lot of other stuff… Even I don’t remember everything.

And I am a boring person. :grin: I hope I could meet new people who like Rose Guns Days and others too! and Nice too meet you all!


I was thinking a ‘Higurashi in Umineko’ thread might be a good idea, where spoilers would be allowed for both series. Because I think in the Bernkastel thread you would have to tag Higurashi spoilers.

What a cute picture! I need to read Rose Guns Days soon! Also, welcome! :smiley:


Ah, geez, I’m not used to forums. Triple-checked if I was doing this right, and I’m sure I am, but it never hurts to be sure.

Hey, I’m Naomi, and I haven’t read any 07th Expansion works other than Higurashi. Please forgive me.

I live in the good ol’ U S of A, where every citizen keeps a bald eagle on their shoulder at all times. I promise this is true.

If I am to be totally honest with myself, I should read Umineko, but I won’t until either someone forces me to or I have eight hours straight to burn. Higurashi is my first, my only, and my favorite all in one. Though I can’t stand some of the characters (er, just one, maybe) I feel like the depth of most of the main cast makes up for what drives me up a wall in the series. I first watched the anime a long while ago, and figured I’d read the visual novels very recently. The source material was an excellent experience, and while, reading it as I am now, I sometimes feel it was a little heavy-handed on exposition and dragged its feet in places, I did really enjoy it.

I found this forum off of a tumblr post from a blog I followed, and figured I’d check it out. It’s always nice to have a place to discuss things I’m interested in, and places like these are an excellent place to encounter new people with a shared interest.

I enjoy group video game sessions with friends, and I take self-defense lessons once a week. I enjoy working with animals when and where I can, as well, though without much professional experience I’m limited to volunteering at shelters, which is still always good.

Fun Fact: I have been to an all-girls boarding school, and while mine was not as fancy, religious, and secluded as Shion’s, it was definitely still an absolute nightmare! I can’t even say the food was good, like she can about St. Lucia. Would not recommend the experience to anyone looking to enjoy day to day life. I don’t blame the girl for being a little out of it during Utsutsukowashi-hen, places like that --if you weren’t there completely of your own volition – will mess you up.