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Welcome to Rokkenjima! Im sure u4ea will be here soon with links, but we have threads for Umineko (spoiler and non spoiler) if you want to try to figure things out with everyone, or if you want to read other peoples thoughts on each episode!

Ahh, yay. It’s always fun to see people who are still reading through it. Especially EP 5 and 6, those arcs are great. And your writing is fine~. Welcome!

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U4ea is taking a break from the forum, currently. It’s not really my place to talk about it, though.

@Yata Welcome to Rokkenjima! I hope you like it here. Spain, huh? We have a few members such as @SleepingPliskin who are fluent in Spanish, and I’m in my third year of studying it! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, even if you did spoil yourself. I was a victim of internet spoilers, as well.

I recommend checking out the spoiler free threads for Umineko. They’re separated per episode, but the search feature makes it easy to find them. You can also check out our other Umineko-centric stuff like your favorite adults, the Umineko 10th Anniversary, your favorite scenes, your favorite characters, describing Umineko in 50 words or less, the moments that made you cry, our local Umineko let’s play, even a whole topic dedicated to Golden Fantasia (I’m going to challenge everyone here once it’s on Steam, so prepare yourself)! Rokkenjima is also home to some rather… crazy theories that you may find interesting!

And you should check out the other 07th Expansion stuff, too! A great way to get involved around here that I’m really enjoying is our latest Book Club! These are Rokkenjima wide events where we all read a 07th Expansion work together! It’s a really fun adventure, and it’s always more fun to read something with others to experience by your side. Right now we’re reading Higanbana! It’s a short story, with each chapter only taking a few hours each (nowhere near the length of Umineko), so it’s easy to jump in and catch up! You can participate by reading Higanbana and talking about it in the threads, or by creating some awesome fanart! It’s a Rokkenjima wide event, so I encourage you join in too~

Of course, you’re also more than welcome to check out our previous Book Clubs! I highly recommend them. It’ll allow you to become familiar with our thoughts, our voices, and our nonsensical theories! So far we’ve covered Umineko 1-4, Higurashi 1-5, and the newly translated Higurashi arc, Someutsushi! You can read up on them by checking out the spoiler free threads, or by listening to our lovely podcasts! Between the two I recommend the podcasts, that way you have a voice to put to a names you see on the forum! You can also listen to our Higanbana podcast once it’s out! I hope you do, because I’m gonna be in it :wink:

As for other stuff you may enjoy we have a whole topic dedicated to gaming. Quite a few people are into rhythm games and JRPGs here! Of course you can also talk all about other visual novels, share your VNDB list, talk about your MBTI type, movies, books, music, hobbies, your detective theme, pets, ideal crossovers, your wishlist, even tips to get over boredom! We get off topic a lot here.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

(Also did I do a good job impersonating U4ea everyone)


You did ;;

Hello everyone! So, I’ve been lurking around here for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to join this adorable community! To introduce myself properly, I’m a french guy who discovered the WTC series two years ago. I’ve first started with Umineko and since I completely fell in love with it, I then read the french translation of Higurashi and I can now safely say (unsurprisingly) that the WTC series is the best thing that ever happened to me! By now, I’ve also read Higanbana and Rose Guns Days and I’m very excited for WTC5! Oh, and I’m currently trying to read the Spanish translation of Umineko as well to improve my skills (even though I know it’s going to be hard! ^^).

Some may remember me from Umineko Online, since I posted there for a couple of days last year I think. I can’t even recall how I found out about this site, but certainly it wasn’t a bad thing it happened! As for my personal interests outside of 07th Expansion, well, my main hobby is without a doubt music. I’ve been learning the piano for almost 3 years by now and even though I study science and am very interested in it as well, I can’t hide that maybe I’d like to live out of music one day. So, my musical tastes mostly range from progressive/power/symphonic/melodic/whateveryouwant metal to simply good music, whether that means 07th Expansion BGM or Beethoven…

I don’t know if I’m going to be very active, but anyway, I’m glad to know that such a passionate community exists to discuss the best series in the world and I’m happy to be part of it today. Also, I hope I won’t make too many mistakes, since… well… * cough * I am French after all… * cough *

Now, I’d better warn you, I you’d wanna know what my username means, ~I won’t tell you~


Welcome! Glad you decided to post on this thread, as it is how we get to know the members. As of now, Rokkenjima is having a book club for Higanbana, so join the discussion if you so would like!

They call me Pliskin or Pli for short. You can message me as well if you want to talk about stuff or anything regarding the forum.

Seems like you’re interested in improving your Spanish, which is something I can maybe help with, as I also speak Spanish. There are many threads from Spoiler analysis of characters, off topic things like Favorite Pizzas, or our own bgm! (I would post hyperlinks but I’m awful at using the forum, hehe). And although I am not a music major, I do enjoy Metal a lot. I listen from DIO, Sonata Arctica, Delain, Nightwish, Metalica, Pantera, and much more. So I guess in terms of Metal Genres, I like Power, Speed, Gothic, Symphonic, and Thrash the most. Though I like a lot more different music genres as well. In the forum, we also have Gameboards, in which the members get bored and play games with each other. Some are puzzles, some are riddle based, narrative based. Then we have mafia, which is by far our most popular gameboard.

Hope we get to know you more! :smile:

Edit: ok flare, jeez


Wrong form of there, Pliskin.

Welcome! I’m Flare, and as you can see, I correct people’s grammar often. Hope you enjoy it here on our cozy little forum!

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Hello everyone!

I’m 17 years old and live in the UK.

My fall into the amazing rabbithole that is the 07th expansion fandom has been quite an odd one to say the least.

My first run in like many people was through the Higurashi anime give or take 3 years ago (even I am confused about how I managed to survive the violence of that anime at 14) however I only found out about umineko’s existence very late last year when I was listening to the higurashi anime soundtrack on youtube when worldendominator was on my suggestions box.

2 weeks later I found it on my recommended games on steam due to my playtime of danganronpa and then decided “fuck it lets try this as it seems like it has a good soundtrack” and I did not anticipate the greatness that I was about to witness…

So far I have read all of umineko and rose guns days and am taking a break from VNs before starting higanbana.

EDIT: I also found this website from a link on r/umineko discussing updates WtC5.


Welcome! Since you are both a Higurashi and Umineko veteran, there are spoiler threads you can shares your thoughts in or read other peoples thoughts! There are general threads and episode specific threads.
When you start Higanbana, we have some threads up for the First and Second night chapters, and a podcast for some of the First Night chapters.
Of course, if you want to talk about random stuff like pizza and music preferences, we have threads for those too! I hope you enjoy your stay here!


Heyyyy it’s another person with an abstract, three-letter username! Welcome.

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Hello there RKW, welcome welcome! You seem well-read on 07th Expansion and since you’re new to it and have recently finished it, too, I assume you must have a lot of interesting and fresh perspectives to give on it. You can start by posting on some of the newer, Higanbana threads, since most here are reading it as a whole right now, and discussing it with one another, which is something we do too, for every new Umineko episode/Higurashi chapter/07th Expansion work coming out, so you can look forward to expressing your thoughts on future threads like that to come, too. Or you can ignore all of this, since it is probably shameless self-promotion for the forum. :upside_down_face:Anyhow, I suppose I do somewhat share your passion for music, though I am not into metal at all and rather dislike it, but say, are you maybe into alternative or electronic music?

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Hi everyone! Its nice to meet you all!
Ive been a huge fan of Higurashi and Umineko for 12 years now! Im currently 24, but Ive loved the series (Higurashi first in 2005, then Umineko from 2008) since I was 12.

I really liked the overall theme and writing, and characters…theres so much to say about the When They Cry series that is so beautiful. They remain my top favourite

I like Ryukishi’s other works too , but Higurashi and Umineko hold a special place for so long.

I related to them both in deep ways. Im a Shinto priestess, (just have been ordained for 1 year and 11 months though! I was a miko for 6 years before ordainment) so Higurashi spoke to that side of me and my connection with Shinto. For Umineko, its from my heritage and my Italian side (I am mixed) being connected with Stegheria, (Italian witchcraft) and being interested in magic myself (anti fantasy jokes aside lol) Uminekos premise really spoke to me in that way as well. Of course, Rika and Bernkastel I heavily relate to and have been my favourite characters ever since.

I was born and raised in Toronto, ON Canada - but currently and permanently plan to reside in Yokosuka, Kanagawa pref., Japan. Not too far from Tokyo!
Im planning to go to the Umineko concert Oct 6 thanks to the community organizing about events! Im very grateful ☆

Nice to meet you all!


Welcome to Rokkenjima!
If you want to, you can join our discussions on Higurashi and Umineko! We have spoiler and spoiler free discussions, both general and for specific chapters. If you’ve read Higanbana, we currently are reading it as a community and discussing it! We have released a podcast for the first three chapters in the First Night vn, and are still discussing the last 4 chapters.
Of course, if you want to talk about things other than 07th expansion, we have discussions on books, music, food, pizza, and more!!
Finally, we also have gameboards set up sometimes, so feel free to join in, or watch those. You won’t be disappointed. Enjoy your stay on Rokkenjima!


Thank you so much!!

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Thanks :smiley: I can’t wait discuss whether pinapple should go on pizza or not. (and also umineko).


Thank you all for the warm welcome! :wink:

@SleepingPliskin I see we have some band in common! (Sonata Arctica, Nightwish). Thanks for proposing your help for Spanish, I’ll remember that!

@AMF You’re no longer alone, don’t worry!

@Sapphire Well, I mosty listen to metal as I’ve already said, but I’d like to discover and discuss other genres in the proper thread. ^^


You seem to have a very interesting background~. Welcome.


Ayyyy, nice! Totally message me anytime if you’re interested in talking!

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Bit of a late introduction, but I’m Edit Anon, a 23-year-old aspiring graphics designer. I’ve been a fan of Higurashi and Umineko for about 8 years now, and while I adore both series, Umineko is the one that I’m really passionate about. Over time I’ve collected pretty much all of the game’s graphic assets, and during my spare time I enjoy working with them to create various kinds of edits. Lately I’ve also taken up scanning and cleaning various Umineko doujinshi. I look forward to getting to know you all in the future.


Thank you! Yes its been quite the journey! ; nice to meet you!